Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Iron Flat Iron (1")

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The Solia 1 inch flat iron has ceramic tourmaline plates which create a smooth, shiny finish. This iron can straighten, curl, bend, flip, and spiral your hair. One iron, endless possibilities.


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Dec 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Hair Straightener For Busy Mom
With two kids, a (more than) full time job and plenty of other things I'd "like" to be doing with my time, wasting precious time straightening my naturally frizzy hair is the last thing I want to do. But looking presentable is important to me, so I have (finally) delved into the world of truly high-end hair straighteners... And I think I may have fallen in love. After wasting my time and money with cheaper brands from local retailers, I finally spent a little time researching various top quality brands on the internet, which led me to Solia. I was leery of the thin iron (1") because while my hair is thin, I have a lot of it, but the thin iron hasn't slowed me down. The 1" iron gets plenty hot enough that one swipe is all I need, and it's thin enough that I can flip the ends if I'm so inclined, without wasting any additional precious time. All in all, I've been pleased with my latest hair care purchase. Money well spent, especially considering it wasn't remotely the most expensive flat iron on the market. Also note worthy: using basic shipping, I had my new flat iron in hand in less than a week. I would definitely recommend this to my fellow time-crunching moms... and anyone else for that matter.
Nov 29, 2012
3 Star Rating
It's Okay...
I received this straightener 3 days ago. I'm already returning it. I was so excited to get a new nice flat iron instead of my $25 target one. I used this straightener on my sisters hair and it didn't have a good grip. It was smooth gliding. It just didn't get the job done for this thick haired girl!
Carolyn M.
Radcliff, KY
Nov 27, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Iron Ever!
I love everything about this flat iron. It straightens my hair pin straight and it stays straight all day. It also curls my hair very well and gives me great waves. My hair never stays curled with a curling iron so that is saying a lot. I got the 1" and I have very long hair and it works great. It heats very quickly and has the swivel cord which I love. I use it 2-3 times a week, sometimes more, and I have had it for 6 months. I really don't think I will be getting a new one or a different brand any time in the near future.
Nov 14, 2012
3 Star Rating
My Everyday Flat Iron
I mostly use this flat iron while my hair is still damp. It dried and straightens at the same time. I use a heat protectant l on my wet/damp hair before I section off my hair for the ironing. This is my second favorite iron. I love my Sedu but that doesn't work well with wet/damn hair. The Solia cut down my hair prep time because I don't have to blow dry first. Great for mornings when I have to rush to work. What I don't like: The floating plates, it snags my hair. I didn't realize this had floating plates. Otherwise I would have opted for another iron that does wet/dry hair. Now curling with this is easy too...but I haven't gotten the hang of it yet. Practice makes perfect. Have to practice more.
Oct 30, 2012
5 Star Rating
Solia Gloria!
I was straightening my hair way back in the 1980's before flat irons existed (with a crimper!) and have since tried every iron I could get my hands on. Ceramic irons were pretty good, but when the Solia came out with the tourmaline technology, I was finally satisfied! It's hands down the best iron I've tried because it leaves my hair smooth, not frizzy and I can get it straight in under 15 mins. Also, I don't feel that my hair is damaged even though I use the iron almost daily. I would recommend the 1 inch over the wider irons because it's easier to handle and it can be used to curl your hair as well as straighten it!
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Mara G.
United States
Oct 19, 2012
5 Star Rating
Amazing Product! So Worth It!
I've had this straightener for going on 6 years now and it has always done a great job. I use it daily and I will most definitely buy this brand again whenever this one wears itself out!
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Oct 8, 2012
5 Star Rating
Hardcore Iron, And Great Hair!
I just bought a new Solia flat iron about 2 weeks ago. That was after 5 years of my old Solia. I was so pleased that it lasted so long. I never even had trouble with it! The only downfall was that my old one squeaked, but my new one is quiet! I also never feel like this straightener is burning my hair off, and it always looks nice and shiney when I am done! You should totally get it!
East Coast
Oct 7, 2012
1 Star Rating
Quality Decreased
I bought the 1 3/4 inch version of this Solia flat iron in Fall 2009 and it STILL works beautifully, making my hair really smooth and straight. I just wanted to trade my 1 3/4 inch for the 1 inch so I could do curls with it. Unfortunately, Solia's quality must have gone down in the past few years because I compared both of them on the same heat setting (370 degrees) and the new 1 inch made my hair puffy (as if it wasn't hot enough) and did not straighten smoothly. Whereas my 1 3/4 inch, which is 3 years old, performed much better. I'll be keeping my 1 3/4 inch and returning this 1 inch. I'm disappointed. Won't be purchasing Solia again, once my current one actually breaks.
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Ejama B.
Chicago, IL
Sep 18, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron I Ever Had
I bought these flat irons about 2 months ago. I have really thick bushy hair that has a perm in it. I tried these flat irons and i absolutely love them. They get really HOT and I only have to go over my hair with the flat iron once. I used to spend hours flat iorning my hair before I had these, going over and over the same piece of hair. They really give your hair a smooth, shiny, polished salon look. Now when I do my hair everyone thinks I've been to the salon. I definately recomend this product to anyone. They are dafinately NOT a waste of $$.
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New Brunswick, Canada
Sep 8, 2012
1 Star Rating
Crappy Schrappy
I purchased one of these in January 2007 and worked beautifully for three and half years. I absolutely LOVED this flat iron, the quality was top notch. Anyone who I ever used mine also love it. After it died... i used a couple other brands and was always disappointed. A year ago (July 2011) I decided to order another one and although I didn't love it as much as my first one, I still felt it was a great iron. I decided to go ahead and order my mom and sister one for Christmas. Mine quit working shortly after the holidays and both my mom and sister's irons have since died. I don't think any of them have worked longer than 8 months. VERY disappointing in the diminishing quality of something I very much loved before.
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