Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-3/4")

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Solia's 1-3/4" model is designed for customers with thick, long hair (longer than shoulder length).


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E. Palestine, OH USA
Feb 16, 2010
5 Star Rating
I Love This Flat Iron!
i am older and just decided to start wearing my hair straight occasionally after I had it done at a salon and loved it. I was a little afraid of using something that got this hot on my hair because it is so long and did not want to damage it. I had no experience at all in straightening, but I was able to do a great job the first time with this flat iron. Everything they say about it not pulling because of the floating plates is true. I think it does a great job. It was worth the money! The heat pouch that was included is also a nice plus for storage and I also use it to protect my counter while styling my hair.
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Feb 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Love It
this straightens so smooth and so fast! i have curly hair, and it gets my hair poker straight!
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Washington, DC
Feb 12, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Investment
I love this particular flat iron. It heats like a dream, does not dry out my hair, and the wide plates make it quick and easy to get the hair straight. This is my second purchase. I think after about 18 months, all of the cords to these flat irons give out and you have to get another one. Still, it's a great investment.
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Feb 12, 2010
5 Star Rating
Liked It Better Than The Sedu
Best straightener I have ever used. My hair is very curly and very long (almost to my elbows) and it only takes me about 20-25 minutes to do my hair now :) It used to take me like 45 minutes. I was debating on this or the sedu (my friend has one) and I like mine better. They both straighten quickly but the sedu just seemed cheap when I held it... Solia brings out the shine in your hair and you barely ever have to repeat stokes in your hair. Best flat iron ever and its only $90. WELL WORTH IT!
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United States
Feb 10, 2010
5 Star Rating
Love Itttt
I have tried 5 different flat irons until my last one broke 2 weeks ago i purchased this one. This is by far the best flat iron i have ever bought. I have dry, frizzy,kind of thick hair and its a little bit longer then shoulder length and this new flat iron made my hair SOFT and even kept it from getting staticy. I have been trough 3 chi flat irons an ION and two i bought at target also one pink one i tried at the mall i think it is a corliss or something but none of them have worked as well as this one!!!! attached are pictures taken today the day i receieved my new flat iron in the mail. Also my little sister loves the mini one i got for free with my order. this is not a fake review i am a real person. BUY IT i LOVE IT. also it cuts doing my hair time in half now it takes me like 5 minutes to do my hair!!!
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Burtonsville, MD
Feb 3, 2010
2 Star Rating
I Sent It Back
After my CHI died (after 7 years of use!) I thought I'd try the Solia because it seemed like a better iron. I went with the larger plates because of my long length (mid back). Once I received it, sorry but I was totally dissatisfied. For one thing, it feels really heavy. Now maybe that's just because it's got the larger plates, but it was unwieldy. Additionally, you can't get anywhere near your roots because it's so bulky. I don't know about anyone else, but my hair kinks a lot close to the roots, so having an iron that can't accommodate that is a waste. Lastly, I didn't feel the "slip" was very good. It didn't glide through the hair smoothly, I definitely felt tugging as I used it. I gave it a full week and used it about 4 times, but I just liked it less and less. Sent it back.
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Jan 24, 2010
4 Star Rating
Good Stuff
This is good iron for thick hair. I liked it very much. Only problem I have is, it is bit heavy.
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Jamie Lynn
Puerto Rico
Jan 24, 2010
5 Star Rating
Buy It!!! It's The Best!!!
This is the best flat iron I have used in my life. Before I purchase this amazing product, I was struggling with my hair because of the frizz, thick, long hair and It it took me like an hour to style my hair and it didn't last it would get really wavy in about 1 or 2 hours. But know it's when I use SOLIA FLAT IRON, my hair last all day flat and easy to handle, it's soft, silky and beautiful. And I get comments in school like What did you do to your hair?, You hair looks amazing!!!and I was like I bought a new flat iron, the SOLIA FLAT IRON. This flat iron is worth it, I really recomend it, It's the BEST!!!!
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Jan 17, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best straightener I have ever had - hands down. It straightens my hair in less than 20 minutes, and it looks shiny and great! I would definitely suggest the Solia to my friends!
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S. Padre Island, TX United States
Jan 17, 2010
5 Star Rating
Solia From Now On
Before I purchsed my solia I was using the chi flat iron and it would take me a little over an hour to straighten my hair. With the Solia, it took me about 25-30 minutes, VERY BIG time difference. Also, I noticed when I went outside my hair didn't frizz up at all. It usually frizzes up within an hour after straightening with the chi. I've tested my hair after straightening it with the Solia in humdity and even a little drizzling hair did NOT frizz up at all. I am truley amazed by the Solia. I will definately stick to the Solia from now on.
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