Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron (1-1/4")

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The Solia 1-1/4 flat iron has features to ensure true silky straight hair. 


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Jul 26, 2010
5 Star Rating
I have a black Solia flat iron and it works soo well!
It makes my hair feel and look very shiny,soft,& silky.
I purchased this flat iron about a month ago.
I have very thick hair, and it does a heck of a job.
It DOESN'T burn,tug,pull,rip,or damage my hair!
I recommend this to anybody!
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Jul 22, 2010
3 Star Rating
Not So Good For Me
This iron worked well at first. Then it started to pull hair as plates shifted. It pulls my hair out each time, damaging my ends. I don't use it now, because it rips out hair and pulls too much. It doesn't straighten as well now that I've had it for a few months.
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Jul 15, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Delivery
The Solia 1 1/4" iron is amazing....if you like the Chi, you'll love the Solia...the Solia straightens as well as the Chi but if you also want shine & silkiness, get the daughter has the Chi Turbo & I just got the, I've tried both...she wants the Solia now :) the tourmaline makes a HUGE difference...and I like that it's less damaging to my highlighted hair...good bye frizz. too!

And is amazingly fast! I had the iron within 72 hours!! Yes, I ordered it on Monday by 3:00 and it was on my front porch on Thursday by 3:00PM...and I tracked it all the way from New Jersey to St. Louis with UPS which is also an effective company. And,the extended warranty with a reputable company is out what you buy on ebay...there are some counterfeit Chi's that look real.

Just do it...I'mm soooo glad I did...I had a $20.00 Conair that I had to pass over each strand 4 times & didn't even get the results with my Solia in one pass!
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Bay Area CA
Jul 14, 2010
5 Star Rating
Sooo Worth It.
I have had this flat iron for YEARS! My mom bought a chi a year after I got the solia and heres died, mine...still going strong! I have long curly hair and can iron it straight in 1/2 hr. Worth the $$ AND it's on sale now! And my hair isn't overly damaged by using it tho I like curly too so only straighten once a week.
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Jul 10, 2010
5 Star Rating
Favorite Flat Iron!
I got this flat iron last christmas and LOVED it immediately. I use this iron almost all week during the school year, and one to two times during the week in summer. It works so well and even though I have a lot of hair, it straightens in 10-15 minutes. I may only have wavy hair, but my friends have used my flat iron too who have very curly hair, and their hair always comes out pin straight too. This is a FANTASTIC flat iron!!
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Jul 4, 2010
2 Star Rating
Didn't Work
This was my first flat iron. The reviews are what convinced me to get this iron. I tried it both with and without hair product. My hair is very thick and course so I had the iron on the hottest setting (max). I'm sorry to say that this iron didn't live up to the reviews. My hair would not get straight or even smooth; I still had waves. It made my hair dry and unhealthy looking. The iron is supposed to have a Dynamic Alignment System where the plates "self-adjust to provide perfect contact between your hair and plates" however I didn't notice any adjustment; the plates seemed static to me. And at times it pulled my hair. Also, the iron is supposed to have "contoured easy grip handles" but this handle was so slippery, it was hard to grip. I don't know why they don't have a rubber grip on these irons. To protect from burns, they should come with a protective glove to wear too. Overall, this is a nice looking iron that seems to be well made however it didn't work for my hair. Back to the drawing board for a new iron. On a happier note: Folica has amazingly fast delivery! I will definitely order from them again.
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Jul 3, 2010
5 Star Rating
Heaven For My Hair
It used to take 2 hours of straightening to get my hair straight only to last about a half day....Solia changed my hair life! AMAZING! 20 mins start to finish. I have long hair almost to my rear, it is naturally very curly, it's thick and usually a curly mess. My hair was so silky smooth when I was finished I couldn't keep a clip in it to pull back while brushing my teeth! So 20 mins and the best stayed straight all day, and the next day til I washed my hair! Honestly the best money I have spent on myself. I love it. I was very much a skeptic but the deal was too good to pass up and I'm so happy that the product WASN'T too good to be true. Thank you Solia!
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Jun 28, 2010
5 Star Rating
In Love With The Iron!
Great product! I got salon results at home. After using the tool, my mane looks like silk. I used the iron with Morrocan Oil serum in my hair. I will try it next with a heat protectant spray since I have been using the iron on almost 400 degree setting and wonder if it will damage my hair.
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Jun 27, 2010
5 Star Rating
Hands Down The Best!! Amazing!
This flat iron is amazing. It makes the hair so smooth. With this flat iron all of my hair is straight and looks healthy. This flat iron also gets hot really fast. It does not snag my hair. And the plates are so smooth it just slides right through the hair. It makes the hair look shiny also. And I only have to run the flat iron maybe 2 times at the most through my hair to make it straight.I also ordered it in the pink.
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Jun 27, 2010
3 Star Rating
Good For Some... Just Not Me
First off, my hair: fairly fine (which surprised me when I discovered that fact!), but DENSE. I have a ton of it. It also kinks/waves/curls when I let it air-dry. Not worst-case-scenario natural hair by any means, but... sleek is usually better. I owned a (2-inch, I think) Conair wet-dry iron that gave out after 11 months, and I continued using the replacement from the warranty. Took me about 20 minutes. How I managed to avoid ruining my hair I will never understand, but after over two years of frustration with inferior results, I began to research the hardcore flat irons. I saved up my money & bought this iron last August, and it did quite a nice job at first, though it takes at least 30 minutes due to the narrower plates. But after a while, my hair would start to bend in around my face and form little whorls where it would lie against my shoulders (if I weren't photographically challenged, I'd have pics to illustrate this phenomenon) and it just seems to have gotten worse. Now, when I straighten, my hair bounces back into the curve immediately, and the curve becomes even more pronounced in as little as an hour. Yes, my hair turns out shiny and soft and swingy as long as I don't sleep on it first, but no matter what I do, even with the help of Kenra hot spray, I can never get my hair needle-straight to the ends like my hairdresser's iron does (she has the Babyliss Nano Pro Titanium). I'm NOT tilting or flipping the iron-- no matter how straight I pulled the iron. I think it's the Dynamic Alignment System that's to blame because of how the plates 'give' when you close them. As an experiment, I just recently used my old Conair iron, and though my hair did start doing its own thing in the humidity, the initial results were straighter than the Solia ever got me. I'm NOT condemning or hating on this iron by any means--all these reviews are more than enough evidence that it's a great iron and that it works for many people. Just not me :( We're all different: different hair types, tendencies and idiosyncracies. It's just a matter of experimenting until you find the iron that works for you (I'm setting my sights on the Sedu). But if you are looking for a quality flat iron, this is certainly a fine place to start. Just don't get too discouraged if your results turn out like mine did :)
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