Solia Diamond Digital Flat Iron Value Set

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The Solia Diamond Digital Flat Iron has 1 inch ceramic tourmaline plates infused with diamond dust which leave hair its smoothest and diamond dust adds to the durability of the plates. In addition, digital temperature and auto shut-off makes straightening your easy and convenient. The set also includes 3 Folica sectioning clips to help section hair for perfect styling every time plus a heat meat to protect surfaces.


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Jess P.
May 23, 2015
1 Star Rating
Died Too Soon.
I have been a loyal customer of Folica and particularly of the Solia brand for years. My hair is extremely thick and has a broken wave to it. The Solia is magical and makes my rough unruly hair lushes and straight. I had bought my first Solia years ago and after the 6th year it died. It was one of the best investments, so I decided to buy another recently. I had it for a few months and never got a chance to use it, but today in the morning I desperately needed to tame this hair and so I went to plug it in and click the on button and nothing. No light to indicate on, it wasn't getting hot, it was simply dead. This did not and does not make sense to me. It is frustrating since I can not return it ( I bought it in November). Perhaps this one was defected,but it really is a nuance! The digital one seems to have more problems, the other one I had purchased had the on off button and heating dial on the side.
Dec 8, 2014
5 Star Rating
Excellent Flat Iron For The Price.
This flat iron is unbelievable for the price. I have had two CHI flat irons over the last 10 years. This flat iron is WAY better. I was torn between this and the regular solia. I went with the digital temp control. This model is perfect for someone with thin hair, as you can control the temperature and play around with it until you find one right for you. It does not snag your hair and glides very smoothly. Overall, my thin/curly hair straightens in just 5 minutes and look sand feels far healthier than it did using a CHI.

Aug 28, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Straightener I've Ever Had!
Ive gone through 3 straighteners previously and this is the best one I've had so far. It actually straightens my hair, and in 5 minutes instead of 20! Its better and cheaper than a Chi! the only complaint is that it isn't great at protecting your hair from humidity, but you can't have everything.
Aug 1, 2014
1 Star Rating
Error 1
Worked great until err 1 on digital display. Less than a year old and can't find the receipt. Very disappointing!!!
Jul 16, 2014
1 Star Rating
I tried to like this flat iron, seeing how it got so many rave reviews. I don't get it...are these all first time flat iron users? Did I get a lemon?!??! I was missing the smooth glide movement through my hair, and even with the aide of a heat protecting serum, it seemed to make my hair look worse. I just couldn't. I returned it, and other buyers should be aware that their return policy is not entirely clear on returns. I only received a partial refund of my full purchase price because I received "store credit" because my item was opened/used as a return. No thanks, won't be using the store credit or purchasing from this website again.
Jun 20, 2014
1 Star Rating
Same As Others - Worked Great Until Stopped
Have had this for less than a year - used only about 20x and got the same error message as others - er1 - they should fix this or stop selling the product.
Jun 11, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever!
I bought the Solia Digital Diamond Flat Iron when my other flat iron was dying out. I didn't realize how bad my other one was until I got this new Solia. This heats up really quickly and you can adjust the temperature easily. It smoothes my hair in half the time. I would recommend this to everyone. Great flat iron.
Apr 24, 2014
2 Star Rating
Wonderful Until It Died
My experience is similar to some of the other reviews. I was very happy with the results while it worked, but it showed that ER1 message after less than a year of use. I take good care of my flat irons, and this message showed up randomly without anything having happened to it.
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Mar 29, 2014
1 Star Rating
Don't Buy This Product!
My prior Solia flat iron was great, lasted many years (still works), but wanted an upgrade. Asked for this digital version for Christmas. Three months later, on 3/28/14, it stopped working and displayed "Er 1" as the error code. Just like what others have experienced. There's nothing you can do with it. It just stops working. Solia should stop selling this product. Also, I found it odd that this product does not have the safety plug-in like most products have today. Worked fabulous, though, during the short time I had it. Very disappointed.
Elaine B.
Feb 7, 2014
4 Star Rating
Great Product
I am really happy with Solia Digital Diamond Flat Iron 1 inch. At first I was not sure to keep it or not since the instruction booklet said the light would stop flashing when the temperature was reached and stay solid this did not happen it still flashed but held the desired temperature. I called customer service and the woman was so helpful and listened to my concern she said I could send it back no problem and they would send another one or give me my money back. That calmed me and since my hair was curly and I didn't have time to wash my hair again I decided to use the flat iron, it is light in weight, easy to handle, slides through my hair easily no hot tips so I do not burn my fingers. Stayed the same desired temperature right through use. And best of all my hair looked great in no time flat. So I decided not to send it back just for the flashing light.I highly recommend this product.
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