Sedu Revolution Professional Salon Set

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The Sedu Revolution Professional Salon Styling Set includes the highly rated Sedu Revolution 6000i hair dryer and Styling Iron. Both tools will result in salon perfect style and finish. The set also includes Sedu Styling set and heat mat.


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Bruna L.
Last week
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever!
I've had this flat iron for about 3 and a half years and now it sadly stopped working :( I ordered a new one because I just can't live without it anymore! It straightens any kind of hair. I've tried it on my mom's hair (very thick) and my friend's super curly hair, and it holds. It also gives a beautiful shiny and healthy look to the hair. It looks super natural.
I've started curling my hair with it the last couple of months and I love the result. It's possible to style hair in any way. The swivel cord is awesome too! Super long and never gets in the of styling.
I just hoped it would last a bit longer!
Last week
5 Star Rating
Terrific Flat Iron
Really love this product—used a friend's and had to buy my own! Works even on my unruly curly hair (after I have blown it out) and leaves it glossy and voluminous.
Melissa Z.
United States
Sep 1, 2014
2 Star Rating
Poor Quality And So-so Results
Claims that this product has the "latest in motor technology" producing "unrivaled power, air flow and heat" are nothing more than creative advertising. Performance and dry time are average, similar to a Blackbird. After a few months, the motor had a strange whistle when first turned on. I dropped it once and the plastic covering the filter broke. Don't waste your money.
Stacey M.
Buffalo, Ny
Aug 19, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Investment Ever
To give you an idea of my hair type, I have enough hair for the people it is so thick and I would've had the easiest hairstyle in the 80s! I have coarse, thick, frizzy, curly hair that a Brazilian blowout can't always tame it!
I had a chi for years thinking it was the greatest thing ever until I bought this. This straightener not only allows me to only go over my many sections of hair one once but it helps maintain my hair healthy and straight even in humid buffalo days during the summer. Paying just a little more than a chi that I had to go over my hair several times to get the same results was worth not only the end result but a time saver. Best straightener I have used to date and I've been on the search for something worth worthwhile since I learned to tame my hair more than a decade ago!
Aug 17, 2014
5 Star Rating
Finally Found A Winner!!!
After purchasing many other hairdryers that were even more expensive, I found the one. Tames my dry, frizzy, curly, very long hair. No need to use a flat iron anymore. Drying time cut by 1/3. Didn't expect any more than that given the length of my hair. Very happy with this purchase, and my new shiny, bouncy doo!
Kings Mountain, NC
Aug 10, 2014
2 Star Rating
Would Continue To Use It If It Wasn't Defective
I was obsessed with this flat iron, loved it so much and took really good care of it! One of the best flat irons I have yet to use, but after about 2 and a half years, only one side heats up and now flat ironing my hair is twice as difficult (and my hair is naturally curly). Unfortunately, I am out of warranty. Had the flat iron continued to work I would still be using it. It's really disappointing because it was a great flat iron while it lasted. For the money you will spend on it though, I would go for a more reliable option.
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 2, 2014
3 Star Rating
Wanted To Love It
Wanted to love this flat iron, but I just don't.

I originally wanted to re-purchase the Sedu Pro 1 inch, but it is no longer offered here on Folica or Sedu's website. Complete bummer!
I absolutely love my Sedu so I wanted to stick with them. I read reviews and purchased this flat iron instead.
I really like the way it feels in your hand while using it. It's light weight, smooth, and doesn't burn your fingers if you touch it. It also heats up extremely quick and cools down fast. One my favorite features is the swiveling cord. Genius! But the major flaw in this iron is the hair damage. Unlike the Sedu Pro, the Sedu Revoltion causes a lot of damage which is very surprising coming from Sedu! Not only did it create a lot of hair damage (even when on the lowest temp) it also left my ends frizzy. So back to the warehouse it goes. I'll be purchasing the Sedu Pro even if it only comes in the 1 1/2 inch now.
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Kiki B.
Los Angeles
Jul 2, 2014
5 Star Rating
Best Thing Ever
I'm obsessed with this straightening iron. I don't even have to set it all that hot. In one pass it makes my wavy hair completely straight! I see now how much difference it makes when you buy a top-quality product like this one; my old straightener was about $50 and it worked okayyyyy but now that I've tried the Sedu I can see why it costs more. It makes my hair shiny and smooth and doesn't damage it - probably because I don't have to go over and over the same pieces of hair multiple times. One swipe and it's silky and straight. Even my husband noticed how nice my hair looks now, and that's really saying something. :)
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Rachel R.
United States
Jun 28, 2014
3 Star Rating
Good But No Wao!
I tried this Dryr is very gentle to the hair and it leave the hair very smooth however it does take the frizz away if you have thick hair it doesnt dry it very well , leave the hair still curly on the roots. If your hair is thin and you looking for a nice dryer that do the job this one will work but if you have resistant hair better take the 4000 i model, is the best.

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South Carolina
Jun 18, 2014
2 Star Rating
Great While It Last.
My daughter and I both bought this flat iron as well as a coworker. We all got to talking and found out that all of our flat irons only heat up on one side. When we first got them they worked great but not so great anymore. We are all outside of the warranty.

This is a defect in the flat iron apparently. I wonder how many others have the same problem.

If they were willing to make it right with us I would purchase additional items but if not I will never buy another Sedu product or anything else from this company.
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