Sedu Revolution Pro Ionic Travel Set

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Sedu Revolution Pro Ionic Travel Set comes complete with Sedu Revolution Pro Ionic Travel foldable hair dryer and Sedu Revolution Mini Styler Iron with heat protective glove and travel pouch. Both come in an elegant Sedu travel case which can also store other essential travel styling accessories. Sedu makes it easy to look your best while travelling!


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Apr 14, 2012
5 Star Rating
Just Like Big Sister Revolution
Bought this in hopes that it was dual voltage (IT IS NOT!). However, I kept it since I travel quite a bit in the states and was tired of taking up all my carry on room with the Sedu Revolution dryer that I have had for a couple years and could not live without. I get the same results with the travel size except it is so much lighter and takes up less space. It came in a set with a mini flat iron which works perfectly when traveling as well. It is small, but I'm not going to take a full size flat iron on any trip, so this gives me a chance to have a straightener that will help those pesky bangs stay in place or a kink that just won't disappear. Neither will take the place of my home set BUT I love how they work. I have long (past shoulders) thick curly/wavy hair and I wear it styled straight every day. I've learned to let my hair air dry while I either eat breakfast or get partially read for the day, then use a styling brush and the Sedu to work its magic. If you try to go from sopping wet to dry it is going to take you forever and you might overheat any dryer doing that, large or small. The round brush tames my dry curly hair and with the aid of the Sedu travel dryer I can be ready to go with straight silky hair in 10-12 minutes max. This set is the best I have ever used which includes the Brookstone ionic travel dryer which I used at home as well as on the road for years until it literally burned before my eyes. That was when I invested in the Sedu and have never looked back.
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Ruey S.
United States
Feb 3, 2012
5 Star Rating
My Gym Life Saver
I bought this to keep in my gym bag instead of lugging my full size dryer around everyday. I was really excited to see how small the bag was and yet how well the dryer and the flat iron works! The flat iron gets very hot and comes with a heat resistant bag so you don't have to wait to put it away. So don't hesitate and go ahead and buy it you won't be disappointed!
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Sarah H.
Jan 23, 2012
4 Star Rating
Great For Its Purpose
I own the regular wattage Sedu Revolution, but did not want to haul that heavy thing back and forth to the gym everyday, or for one-nighters up to NY. I previously had the X5 Lite ceramic travel dryer but my husband broke the nozzle on it. I still like that dryer, but do think the Sedu travel is great for its purpose.

I have very thick, somewhat coarse and wavy hair, so it takes time to dry. The travel dryer certainly does not put out the speed of air you need for a quick blow-out, but you cannot expect a travel dryer to do that, particularly if you plan international travel (wattage). As long as I use a round ceramic coated brush, I am able to get a blow out with this dryer in approx. 20 minutes that looks nearly as nice as with my regular Sedu. Overall it is about as good as it gets for a travel dryer.

As for the flat iron, it is really tiny. Do not expect to use it for a full flat iron job. It is for touch ups or short hair. Look at it like a bonus and do not buy this just because it has the flat iron. Buy it for the dryer and consider the iron a bonus.
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Kristen W.
Brandon, MB, Canada
Dec 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
My Go To Travel/vacation Hair Tool Set!!
I love this little set, it actually looks more fancy and impressive than the picture shows. The case can be used for make-up too! :) Overall its a 5/5 for best travel set out there. Pstttt.... folica is cheaper than other websites, pretty much the cheapest for the products they have. What amazing deals and you get so much for your money.
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San Francisco
Jul 13, 2011
4 Star Rating
Works Better Than Most Travel Sets.
works well enough. i needed a small travel dryer and straightener for travel and this seems to do the trick. although, keep in mind, no travel dryer / iron is going to work as well as the real thing. the smaller they are, the less strength. but this set is better than most. and i love the small flatiron for my bangs. works better than my full size because you can actually get in the hair of your bangs much more easily. glad i purchased.
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Kathryn H.
May 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
Great Products
the products are great i purchased the travel sedu hairdryer and mini curling iron they both work great i will be ordering again to have a spare set for traveling
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Apr 14, 2011
1 Star Rating
Completely Useless
Ok, the hairdryer does indeed blow hot hair. And the flat iron does indeed become hot to the touch. And neither instrument broke before I returned them. This concludes my summary of any/all positive aspects of these tools.

As far as I'm concerned, the benefits of using a professional travel dryer are supposed to be that 1. it works faster than the hotel dryer, and 2. makes one's hair shiny and/or less frizzy than the hotel dryer. The Sedu Ionic Travel Dryer offered neither benefit and actually, I think the hotel dryer might have worked faster. It took forever to dry my hair and I found my locks frizzy and unmanageable afterwards.

I read a review on the flat iron that indicated it was tiny and thus takes much longer to straighten. Because I already have straight hair and don't really require the same flat iron power that other girls might, I ignored the review. I shouldn't have. The Sedu Shortie failed to meet my relatively limited needs. It's tiny (no, seriously, like really small). It's not that hot. And it doesn't straighten.

I'm returning to the T3 travel tools.
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Jan 31, 2010
3 Star Rating
Beware Of Tiny Straightner!
Positive Qualities: -> this product looks very attractive, is very compact, and offers two appliances (blow dryer and straightner). Negative Qualities: -> the Mini Sedu straightner is awful for anyone who has curly hair. The temperature cannot be increased and you must settle for the start up temp which is NOT HOT ENOUGH. Also the hair straightner is TINY! So small that it is not useful to straighten the whole head. It is only useful for straightening a few stray strands or for bangs.
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