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The Sedu Revolution compact styler is a revolution in smalller sized flat irons. This styler has a compact body but plates that are much larger than other travel irons. This makes the Sedu compact styler a great flat iron plus perfect to take with you anywhere! Also, it has the convenience of dual voltage for international travel.


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Oct 5, 2011
5 Star Rating
Great Travel Flat Iron
Much better than the Sedu "shortie", the extra width makes all the difference. Lightweight, heats up quickly and is plenty hot for me. I have very thick curly/wavy hair and it works great. I do only straighten my bangs and sides - not the whole head.

I use the full-size Sedu Revolution at home - which I also love.
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Aug 13, 2011
5 Star Rating
Awesome For A Product So Small
I have long thick waist length hair. I need a small mini iron for the front of my hair so I don't have to use my big iron everyday. I have finally found the perfect mini iron.
Pros: very easy to use, just turn it on
heats up super fast.
very convenient, has a pouch to put the iron in so you can take for touch-ups
actually straightens unlike other mini irons
has a swivel cord
Cons: for me I can't use it on all my hair but since that isn't what I intend to use it for
it's not that big of a con. I'm only mentioning it because if you have long thick
you can use it but it would take you awhile to straighten it because the plates are
3/4 inch thick.
I really liked this product because I don't have to take out my bigger flat iron everyday for the front of my hair. This does the job and it takes me 5 minutes and does the same thing as my bigger sedu.
I would recommend this to a friend but i would tell her not to expect to use it on all her hair unless it is really fine and thin. Obviously if you have thick hair you wouldn't buy a 3/4 inch thick iron and expect to use it everywhere. But this is really good for touch-ups between washes and if you are going out somewhere. I am very happy with this iron. Thanks sedu for finally making a mini iron that works.

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