Sedu Pro Ionic Flat Set 1.5 inch

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The Sedu Pro Ionic 1.5 inch flat iron set includes the highly rated Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline flat iron plus accessories to help style your hair and a tote to keep everything organized.


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4 days ago
5 Star Rating
Amazing...i Can't Say Enough About This Flat Iron!
I couldn't be happier with my flat iron purchase! I ordered this item back in September of 2012. My flat iron recently stopped working, there was a connection problem with the cord and the iron. I contacted customer support regarding the 2 year warranty, I sent them my iron back and they sent me a BRAND NEW one to replace it! I loved this iron from the first moment I used it and I love it even more knowing that the customer service from this company is so wonderful! It really means a lot when you purchase an item that the company stands behind and includes such a wonderful warranty! I would definitely recommend buying this item just because of how wonderful the item itself is, but then I would EXTRA recommend it because of the wonderful customer service this company gives its customers! THANK YOU for a wonderful product!
United States
This week
5 Star Rating
Love My Sedu Hair Straightner
I have really curly and frizzy hair that is a total mess in the Indiana humidity. In the past I used kiyoseki. Unfortunately, I cannot find anybody who sells this straightener anymore. I have tried other brands but never found anything to match the kiyoseki until now. I bought my Sedu straightener in June and it works great. Heats up fast, leaves my hair straight, soft and shiny. I hope it lasts because this is the first one I found that works as well as the kiyoseki did. I highly recommend it.
Teresa G.
Last week
1 Star Rating
Does Not Last Too Long!!!
This is my second one in less then 2 years, very disappointed.
Shannon J.
Ontario, Canada
Last week
5 Star Rating
Love It!
I have really fine, frizzy hair. This hair straightener was my first purchase of anything sedu brand.

I purchased this flat iron in 2009... 5 years later, it still works AMAZING. I've used it almost every day since I received it in the mail. It's survived me moving into 4 different places, being dropped, being left on (for god knows how long..)... After spending years and countless dollars on cheaper flat irons, I'll never regret buying this straightener. Absolutely LOVE it.
Last week
5 Star Rating
This Flat Iron Is My Soul Mate
I bought mine in August of 2010, so it's going on 4 years that i've own it. works beautifully. I have very thick, curly hair. I blow out my hair at night, then use the flat iron in the morning. I use it as needed throughout the week. what more can i say. It is reliable, does a great job at making my hair silky smooth and shiny. Every once in a while (like today) I make sure it is still available for purchase, just in case mine dies, because I don't know what I would do if I couldn't replace it with another one just like it.
H. Jay
Jun 27, 2014
3 Star Rating
I Just Can't Anymore ...
This is a fantastic flat iron if you are willing to spend $100+ on a new one every 1-2 years. Honestly, it is the best flat iron I have ever used, and that is why I kept going back. But the quality of this thing is TERRIBLE. I have replaced it 4 times in the last 5 years. If you're lucky, it will go out before the 2 year warranty expires and they will "replace" it with a refurbished one AND you have to pay a $9.95 warranty fee, plus pay to have the thing shipped back. Now, this thing is living on a prayer brand new, imagine how long your refurbishment is going to last... Sedu used to make really good products that lasted. It's almost as if they are now purposefully making them to last only until the warranty is up, so you have to keep buying replacements. Come on now, that's shady business. Read the reviews on this thing. Every other one has the same issues, and the rest probably just haven't had theirs long enough. You can't expect to keep customers that way. At least not this one. I won't be buying another Sedu unless they decide to correct, what is to me, an obviously intentional defect.
Jette B.
Jun 25, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Best !
I have had mine for about 9 years and it has been amazing. i am buying a new one because the cord finally broke but i'd say i have gotten my money's worth !! this is the only brand i will ever use !!
Jun 15, 2014
2 Star Rating
Awesome For As Long As It Works!
I have now owned three of these. My first died less than 2 weeks after the 1 year warranty expired (2.5 years ago).

But, it worked, so when Folica extended the warranty to 2 years, I bought two more (silly me) so my daughter and I wouldn't fight over one in the morning. The 1.5
plate is perfect for our very long, wavy, very very thick and course hair. It made reasonable work of getting to beautiful hair. Unfortunately, the new ones died within weeks of each other just after a year. I also like that hair didn't catch on the edges and get ripped out!

It's too bad because it is one of the few straighteners that I've tried that really works without taking forever. I just wish they could solve the quick death problem and this would really be the perfect straightener.

Am sending two back for replacement and hoping to have a better experience with whatever comes next. :)
Kenosha, Wi
Jun 15, 2014
5 Star Rating
I Cannot Stop Raving About This Flat Iron!
This is my first purchase from sedu, I have to say I fell in love with it! I love the fact that it's a 1.5 inch (just what I needed!) I noticed a real significant difference right when I did the first little section of my hair! It felt so smooth and silky . I have a lot of hair, in fact a few salons that I go to, the stylists would always say I have a lot of hair,,like almost enough for 2 people's hair put together, this iron really took some of the puffiness out of my hair, which was what I wanted! The entire day I couldn't stop feeling my hair, I've never had my hair that silky n smooth from my 1inch GHD straightener before! And the fact that this is 1.5 inch, it took me half the time to get the silky smooth straight hair ! I'm loving this!
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Jun 10, 2014
4 Star Rating
Loved It, But Didn't Last Long!
I've had this straightener for over a year now and it's broken 3 times. I've had to send it back and they send me a replacement. They were very quick about replacing it, but the refurbished one they sent me would only last a few months. I finally decided to buckle down and buy the Sedu Revolution because this one wasn't doing the job for me anymore. Don't get me wrong, the straightener is a good straightener and does the job well, but it just kept on dying on me in the middle of straightening my hair and it's not very dependable. I love Sedu products and I will forever be a Sedu fan no matter what!
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