Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1")

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Rated the Best Hair Straightener on the market and preferred by top hair stylists around the world, Sedu flat iron straightens, smoothes and tames frizzy or rebellious hair for long-lasting results. Sedu's patented ultra-smooth ceramic/tourmaline plates guarantee smooth straightening motion without pulling or breaking of hair. 1 inch plate size gives added control, ideal for short to medium hair.


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Central California
Apr 28, 2009
3 Star Rating
If It Weren't For The Cord...
All in all, I love my Sedu. It heats up quickly, I can vary the heat level if I need to and my hair doesnt get caught in the plates. Sounds ideal, right? Wrong.I am now experiencing the same cord issues as other people mentioned - if the cord isnt twisted in the proper direction, the flat iron wont turn on. I believe that if youre going to spend $108 for a flat iron it should last. Sedu knows they have a faulty cord which is why they dont cover it in the warranty. I have had much cheaper flat irons last much longer. Theres no doubt that the Sedu performs beautifully, but it lacks longevity. If you decide to buy a Sedu, make sure you keep everything you need for the warranty because youll definitely need it.
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Houston, TX
Apr 26, 2009
5 Star Rating
Sedu Is A Better Product
I have used the Chi, Sedu, and I recently purchased the Solia. My sister has the Sedu. I was not willing to spend as much money on a Straitener so i got the Solia, and i did not want to get the same thing because we live together. However if you want quality i really recommend the Sedu. Its a really good product. I have thick hair almost to my t and its wavy/curly. It gets the job done. I live in Texas, and it is super humid. The Solia is a good product for the money, but it leaves my ends super dry and i have to go over a cpl of times. The Sedu you do not. So if you want to spend the money get the Sedu if not get the Solia
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San Diego
Apr 25, 2009
5 Star Rating
Chi And Hai Vs Sedu......sedu Wins!!!!!!!!!
I have been using flat irons for about 10 years now. Ive used everyone and every brand of CHI, HAI. I even used HOT TOOLS. I think that the HAI and CHI are good and I really dont have anything bad to say about them besides that they stop working after about a year, but I used it everyday so I felt like I got good use out of them. I have always been a big advocate with them and I had always told my girlfriends to buy one because it is totally worth it. I was a little weird about buying a flat iron that wasn�t a CHI or HAI because I had never used SEDU before, but I ended up buying it and let me tell you CHI and HAI are good but SEDU is amazing my hair feels so silky, light and smooth. SEDU is also very light so my arm doesnt get tired from holding it up, and it straighten FASTER. I dont even have to use as much product in my hair either because it dosent damage your hair like the others do. I like CHI and HAI but seriously SEDU is sooo much better in everyway it can be. I love this product and will NEVER use anything but a SEDU flat iron. Wow, my review sounds like a commerical... but seriouly I have really have thick curly hair, and SEDU Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron is the best thing I have ever used on my hair.
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Apr 24, 2009
5 Star Rating
Ohemgee(omg) Oh My Goodness!
I have thick, unruly hair. This iron is the truth. I researched this iron for months. At first I was sceptical but since it came with a 30 day money back guarantee; I decided to give it a try. Ladies let me tell you; go get the Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1"). . IT WORKS!!
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Fort Worth
Apr 18, 2009
4 Star Rating
It's Okay.
Ive had this Sedu flat iron for about 4 months. And like a month after I got it, the plates werent closing correctly.I just now called and asked it to be replaced and I think they are going to replace it.But other than that, I think this is a reallyyy good straightner. My sister has frizzy curly curly hair and alot of it too. And this flat iron leaves her hair sooo straight and smooth!I would recommend it to anyone.:)
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San Jose, CA
Apr 8, 2009
5 Star Rating
Sedu = The Perfect Match
My hair is naturally curly (I hate it like most of us curly heads) and usually it takes me 30 min using a flat iron AFTER I have already spent 20 minutes blow drying first. I timed my start time with the Sedu and it was only 11 minutes to completely straighten my hair (which I do have fine hair and it is medium length by the way)!!!! My first pass through the hair was almost euphoric like "did I just use this thing"?! It does not pull or snag your hair. I am completely and utterly in love and I dont think I will be purchasing another flat iron until I have broken this one somehow. *knocks on wood* I got the 1" and its ideal for travel too because its smaller than traditional flat irons. Almost like a mini compared lengthwise. Its also very light weight so you dont have your wrist or arms get tired. Thank you Sedu!
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Apex, North Carolina
Apr 5, 2009
4 Star Rating
I Love This Straightener:)
So, I got my Sedu in the mail fairly quickly, especially for standard shipping. I tried it the day I got it, and I must say, my hair is STILL straight 6 hours after I did my hair! My time wasnt "cut in half" like the box said, but my hair is REALLY soft and REALLY shiny after using my Sedu.It heats up in 20-30 seconds, and you only have to pass it through your hair once or twice to get it perfectly straight.There is no frizz, and my hair is smooth and lightweight to the touch, because I dont have to slather my hair with product in order to keep it from poofing out on me.The only con is that it gave my hair this odd smell, but it went away within 30 minutes.
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Vine Grove Kentucky
Mar 31, 2009
5 Star Rating
I purchased this flat Iron recently, I absolutely love it, took me half the time as the other one I owned that is a plus as far as your hair being damaged, Looks much smoother then when I used my old one, and the price was really great. plus the free shipping was awesome...I highly recommend this flat iron
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Orlando, Fl
Mar 27, 2009
4 Star Rating
Great But Not Long Lasting...
I loved my Sedu so much when I got it, and it is the best straightener I have tried. My only issue it that it doesnt have a long enough lifespan in my opinion. After about a year, it started to short out when the cord swiveled. So, I sent it in because I still had a warranty on it. I didnt have the straightener for a few weeks, which was devastating for my short, puffy hair. I got it back, however, a few months later, even though the cord no longer swiveled, it started shorting out whenever I clamped the straightener on my hair. So, although i think it is super effective at creating great straight hair, it keeps breaking for no reason and now I have to buy a new one.
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Orange County, California
Mar 24, 2009
5 Star Rating
Wow! I'm Impressed!
Let me start off by saying there really is no downside to this straightener. I owned a HairArt Ceramic straightener for 4 years, and when it died on me recently, I went in search of the highest quality iron. It took me a little bit to get used to how LIGHT the Sedu iron old iron was pretty heavy, so at first it felt like the Sedu was not grabbing my hair very well...but I was wrong! I am a 23 year old, white female, with very THICK, semi-wavy and very much unruly brown hair. It used to take me about 30 minutes to straighten my hair, and Id have to go over it again each day until I washed my hair. With the Sedu it takes me no more than 10-15 max, and I dont have to straighten again until I wash my hair 2 days later. Not only that, but it glides through my hair so smoothly, and it NEVER pulls or rips my hair out.I purchased it on sale from for $108 and it came with free shipping, a flat iron mat and an extended warranty. You cant beat that price!I cant comment on longevity, because Ive only had it for just under 2 weeks, but Ive loved it so far.OH! And it curls beautifully. From gorgeous ringlets, to softer waves, it takes WAY less time to curl your hair using the Sedu than with a regular curling iron. In my opinion the curls look better too. :) If you DO plan on using the Sedu to curl your hair, make sure you purchase the 1" model, not the 1.5" model. Easier to curl with the smaller one.Hope this helps any skeptical buyers! You wont regret buying this one!
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