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Sedu has created the most technologically advanced styling iron for smooth, lustrous hair every time.


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Mar 6, 2015
5 Star Rating
No More Ghd For Me!!!
Ive gone through 4 broken GHD eclipse irons that all had electrical issues! I feel if you are spending more than $200 this is definitely the best choice. Today I blew my hair out with the Sedu pink revolution and pressed it with this amazing iron. My normally frizzy hair is strait, frizz free, and full of body!!! I'm totally a believer now! making the transition from GHD products was very hard for me but im really glad I did. i have very curly hair and this is the first iron Ive used that is truly a one pass iron. I see a lot of reviews on here comparing Sedu irons and GHD irons but in my opinion there is no comparison.

I know the price is steep but honestly its worth the money!
Jan 8, 2015
4 Star Rating
Still Love My Sedu!
I needed a new straightener after my Sedu Pro finally began to die on me (after a solid 5 years of use). After checking out a bunch of reviews and reading up on the products, I decided to go with the Sedu Icon, and although I find it to be different from the Pro, I'm pretty happy.

The Pro was wider (1.5") than the Icon (1"), so I was able to finish straightening my hair with the Pro a lot quicker, but the Icon seems to leave my hair a bit more shiny and 'settled' than the Pro did. I'm able to straighten and flip the ends because the Icon has a smaller and lighter head.

I find leaving the Icon on for several minutes before using it gives you a better finish and retains the desired temperature whereas the Pro heated up to the set temperature within about 30 seconds but sometimes got too hot and had to be turned down .

Overall, I'm happy with my Icon and my choice to stick with Sedu - I've tried a number of different brands before, but Sedu is by far my favorite.
Sharon S.
Lecanto FL
Dec 30, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Best
Well worth the $$ -- this is the smoothest and most effective straightener I've ever used. I used one previously and it quit working after a year so I tried the Hana which I had also used prior to my first Sedu Icon. The Hana worked great but was fragile and didn't seem to be as smooth on my hair or have the same ease of styling. This flat iron feels like it is made very well and I'm very happy with it. I wish it were more affordable so I could get my daughter one. I do have the Sedu hair dryer and I would recommend both Sedu products. Thank you.
Nov 1, 2014
5 Star Rating
So In Love With This Iron!!!
I had a Sedu Revolution for years until it just quit heating up. I did tons of research, but couldn't make a decision on a new one. I purchased an Evolution? from a place in the mall and I just couldn't get it to do my hair correctly. Finally looked back into Sedu and found the Icon and the Revolution again. Decided on the Icon because of the description about smooth, silky hair. Finally have the results I've been missing!!!
Delisa T.
Daytona Beach, Florida
Jun 28, 2013
5 Star Rating
Hands Down The Best!!!!
i'm a licensed stylist and this is the best PROFESSIONAL STYLING iron i've used!!! it heats up to 450 and FAST!!!! it straightens and curls like a dream. it works on ALL hair types!!!! from "FROGS HAIR" to "COARSE KINKY 4B NATURAL HAIR" it will do the trick. i think that some of the complaints that others have had is because that they are NOT licensed cosmetologists', and don't know how to best use this tool and it's heat settings, which are digital (yay for accuracy) and the tricks of the trade...also i'm black with relaxed and color treated hair, MOST of my clientele is white with thin - think hair IT WORKS!!!! REMEMBER YOU FRY CHICKEN AT 400+
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Delisa T.
Jun 28, 2013
5 Star Rating
Hands Down The Best!!!!
i'm a licensed stylist, and this is my weapon of choice!!!! i LOVE that it goes up to 450, and FAST!!!! i have the sedu revolution styling iron and i upgraded to this, and boy am i happy. this is the best flat iron i've used!!! it works on ALL hair types!!!! from "frogs hair" to "coarse kinky natural 4b" this will work best for a professional, i think the the problems complain about (heat settings, curling, styling,pin straight) are because they are NOT professionals! and havent had the training or know the trick of the trade when at home don't go above 385. REMEMBER you fry food at 450!!!! think about your hair...
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Soso A.
Mar 7, 2013
5 Star Rating
I Am So Happy And Cut On My Trips To The Salon Every Week !!
Hi I am lady with 24" long black hair wavy and I had to go to the salon and pay 65$ week for stilling my hair , but sense I but the sedu iron never ever went again I do my hair by my self it's easy and perfect to use. I am so happy with it and the keratin complex treatment and infusion !!!! I love it
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Aimee S.
Jan 22, 2013
4 Star Rating
Works Good, But Wish There Were More Features.
I really like this iron, and prefer this over all the other sedu flat irons out there. The iron always makes my hair silky, shiny, and much better than the other sedus. My revolution does not get as hot as it used to, and the original ceramic tourmaline did not curl my hair nicely. Go figure. Anyways. This really does have the smart sound, and auto shut off features. Some flat irons on this site claim to offer the same thing, but they do not ahem ahem salontech 450. The only reason why i am not giving this 5 stars is because there are only 6 temperature settings, I rather there be variable settings like their other irons. What would have been perfect if there was an LCD display that alllowed you to get your temperature at any setting. Similar to what the croc, and the chi turbo does.

I love how light the iron is, which really spoils me because when I hold another flat iron they just seem tooo heavy. I only use this iron for special occasions since I do not want it to burn out.

Curls, and waves well, but I rather use a curling iron to do this, I find flat iron curls to look too stiff.
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Tommy S.
Germanton, NC
May 12, 2012
2 Star Rating
Not A Ghd Iron
The Sedu Icon Styling Iron did not perform as well as my GHD Styling Iron. The Sedu iron is not as smooth as other irons and in a salon setting, the Sedu iron was slow to heat and did not glide through the hair like GHD irons.
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Washington, DC
Apr 26, 2012
3 Star Rating
Not Better Than My Croc 1 Infrared Flat Iron (1 1/2")
This flat iron is decent but I like my Croc 1 Infrared Flat Iron (1 1/2") better. I needed a smaller iron that was comparable or better than my Croc. I like my Croc for so many reasons but I can't curl with it. I chose this iron because of the brand and digital technology. Sedu seems to be a really popular and successful brand and all the rave reviews from the Sedu Revolution had me HYPED! I read a post that stated that this iron was an upgrade from the Sedu Revloution as it has the digital (vs analog) technology. Since my Croc is digital, I didn't want to down grade and get an analog iron. So, choosing this Sedu Icon made perfect sense.

Before I go into my experience, let me disclose that I am African American with 3c (Curly/Coily) hair texture. I am 8 months into my transition from relaxed to natural hair. I have about 3 inches of new growth. Blown out, my hair is below my ears but above my shoulders in the front and it slightly reaches my nape in the back. It's grown into this unappealing "shag" style that is not my favorite so I needed a flat iron that could "bend" more.

I used the iron about 4-5 times to make sure I gave it a fair chance. I'll list out the pros and cons to make it a little easier to read.
1. Pretty color (more orange than yellow)
2. Very sleek and light weight
3. Easy grip (comparable to my Croc)
4. Makes hair very soft (may have done a better job than my Croc but honestly my Croc is too large of an iron for my hair length so it could be that I can't completely flat iron my hair well with the Croc. I bought the Croc mostly for when I wear my extensions. I would categorize this as 60 (Sedu)/40 (Croc). Not that much difference here.
5. Can use for curling (Can't curl or bend with my Croc at all which is one of the reasons why I needed a new iron in the first place)
6. Glides through the hair nicely (So does my Croc)
7. REAL Floating Plates (My Croc says the plates float but it doesn't really have loose floating plates. The Sedu plates actually move pretty well when you touch them meaning you can visually see the float.)
8. Auto shut off (So does my Croc). I didn't get the opportunity to see if this option really worked. I know it works well with my Croc.
9. Three year warranty (Wow, Sedu really stands behind this one!)

Cons: Doesn't stand up to my my Croc 1 Infrared Flat Iron (1 1/2") technology.
1. There are only 6 temperature settings. I usually flat iron my hair on 380. This setting was not an option on the Sedu. I believe the settings are 450, 400, 340, 280, 230 and 170. I can put my Croc on any setting of my choice between 280 and 450 in increments of 10. Also, with my Croc, you can actually see it heating up. The temperature increases right on the digital display as it is heating up. You can see it going from 280, 290, 300, 310, etc.
2. Doesn't really heat up or feel as if it gets as hot as my Croc. I used my Croc and the Sedu simultaneously the second time around. Placed on the same temperature setting (400), my Croc seemed to produce more heat. When the Sedu was at 450, it still didn't seem as hot. I had to go over my new growth too many times just to get it straight. This is not a once or twice over straightener.
3. Leaves no shine. My hair is a dirty brown so it naturally has no shine; however, after ironing my hair alternating the Croc and Sedu Icon to compare I felt as if the Croc gave me a better shine.
4. Didn't really give me a "professional" look. I don't think this made me look like I just walked out of the salon.
5. I believe my Croc generates more negative ions. There's no way to really test this. I say this for two reasons: (a) my hair looks better when flat ironed with the Croc and (b) my Croc has dual plate technology. My Croc has a solid Titanium plate on top and a split Ceramic and Tourmaline plate on the bottom with infrared heat dispensing wholes that divide them. Titanium is know to produce more negative ions than ceramic alone. The Sedu is a ceramic iron only.

Overall the iron is cool but I wasn't super impressed. If you're buying a new iron and not replacing an iron, this may work for you. If you are looking for a top notch iron, this one is NOT it. I honestly don't think this should be classified as a "professional" iron at any rate. To me, it's for home use only. A stylist would probably not retain many clients using this iron as their primary one. I don't think it really does MUCH for the look of the hair. I returned mine because it didn't blow me away, especially at this price point and I purchased it for a large amount less than the listed price. I was expecting more.
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