Remington Wet 2 Straight Limited Edition

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Remington Wet 2 Straight Limited Edition Tropical Flower Pink Flat Iron is designed for transforming wet hair into sleek dry hair, eliminating the need for a blow dryer!


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Mar 17, 2013
1 Star Rating
This Does Not Work
I bought this straightener at shopko a few days I ago and was really excited to try it! The straightener I got doesn't work when I turn it on and get it set up its fine but after it was been ready for about 30 seconds it shuts off, I think there might be something wrong with the wiring but this was a huge disappointment.
Sep 20, 2012
5 Star Rating
My Hair
This straightner has worked better thank my 100.00 straightener so very pleased. [:
Jan 12, 2012
2 Star Rating
my aunt got me this for christmas and she said it was great but i don't really like it. its helpful that i don't have to blow dry but it easily burns my hair AND leaves some frizz. i going to go back to my old iron.
Nov 27, 2011
2 Star Rating
Not That Great...
I bought this straightner because I had seen it in 17 magazine and it mentioned ho it would save you time straightning your hair and what not. So I went out and got it at Target. I really don't like this flat iron. Everytime I used it on wet hair my hair wouldn't get as straight as I wanted and it would turn frizzy and feel very dry. When used on dry hair is works a little better but still didn't get it as stright and added frizz. I probably used this maybe ten times total. I bought a CHI while I had this which I liked a lot better but it is now dieing so time to move on from CHI. Anyway this flat iron I used mostly on vacation becuase I would be spending all day at the pool or beach and need to come back to the hotel, take a shower and then have to go out to diner so I would never hav time to both blow dry and straighten my hair. Othr than that I used it about 3 times to actally use it at home and then another time after getting my CHI to see why I didn't like it. I finally realzed last month it had been sitting in my bathroom, untouched, for about 6 months so I gave it to one of my friends who said she loves it. I have wavy, blonde highlighted hair that is kind of thick while she has straighter Indian hair that is also shorter than mine. Overall I would not reccomend this flat iron.
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Apr 2, 2011
3 Star Rating
I Bought This Twice!!!!! Please Read Rreview Important!!
Okay So I Had This Flat Iron For 1 Year And It Started To Burn My Hair Just One Stroke You Fry My Hair!!!! You Can Smell How Burnt It Is From About 3-4 Feet Away! So I Thought It Was Just A Defect So I Bought Another Because It Straightens Hair SO WELL!! But Once Agian After A Year It Was Like It Wasn't Ceramic Anymore!!! It Stopped My Hair From Growing Too!D: I Definately Don't Reccomend This...... I Used Heat Protectant Too And It Still BURNS MY HAIR!

Flat Irons Hair
Doesnt Pull Nor Snag
Kinda Curls Hair But Frizzy:/
Swivel Cord
Works To Go Wet To Straight!
Heats Up With 30sec. - 1 minute

Not A Super Long Cord...
Makes Hair Look VERY Unhealthy There's No Silky Or Smooth Texture...

I Am Not Buying It Again I HAVE Stopped Using It For 1-2 Months And My Hair Looks Good Again(: I Have Saved Up To Get The Solia It Should Be Here Today(((:

Just All Around Disappointed About This Flat Iron......
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Ivory M.
Feb 22, 2011
5 Star Rating
This Straighter Is The Best
Yes I did I love this straighter Its The best I ever had I wish could have it back Because mine broke. I loved this wet 2 straight straighter. When you guys get the straighter back on stock can you please contact me because i would love ro have another one and i would buy it. What I loved about this product was that it didnt make my hair flat it straighten it like it was suppose to. And It was my first time using it I feel in love with it.
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Kelly P.
Jan 6, 2011
5 Star Rating
Absolutely Amazing!!
I never thought I could love any flat iron this much<3 It literally heats up under 30 fast! And the digital screen is just so modern! The heat settings are good too, not too hot, but not too cool either. I, myself, have naturally straight hair so I can straighten my hair in 10 minutes with this flat iron. It totally gets rid of the frizz and leaves my hair so super shiny!:)
Sooo, in the end, to wrap this all up, this flat iron is an A++++++
Good price for great quality!!
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Jan 6, 2011
5 Star Rating
Simply Amazing
My hair is tightly curled and just pressing this down my hair once all of my kinks came out. If this can work great on my hair it can excel on anybodys hair. And it kills me because there are 100 dollar flat irons out there tht I've tried but this 27.99 flat iron has truly worked the best. Its truly amazing and it's pink:). Can't go wrong , right?
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Nadia C.
Oct 11, 2010
5 Star Rating
Who Knew I Could Do It!
Very nice and easy to use. I was intimidated for a long time with straightening irons, but my granddaughter taught me how to use this very one that I had purchased for her for Christmas; I took the plunge and got me one! I am very happy with the performance of the unit and find it very user-friendly. The results are great - my hair is smooth, silky and shiny - it stands up well and trouch ups are a snap! You will love it too and it is very reasonably priced.
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