Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Ion Smooth 1.25" Flat Iron

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Smooth, tame and polish even the most unruly locks in not time flat with the Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth 1.25" Flat Iron.


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Mar 23, 2009
5 Star Rating
This Is A Pro Tool
As a pro tool this is a great smoothing iron. It takes seconds to heat up and I use it on the highest temperature. Now if you want this iron for everyday personal use Id recommend a lower temp, some gloss drops and heat glide as styling aids. Works wonderfully.
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Mar 9, 2009
5 Star Rating
Simply Amazing!!
I had the chi digital nano. I loved my chi, but then after a year one of the plates got loose and started to fall out. I did soooo much research on different flat irons. I wanted another chi, since i have always had one. I went out on a limb and spent the extra money on this Paul Mitchell Pro Tools. I have to say, it is actually BETTER than a chi.!! It heats up in seconds, I dont have to use as much heat and I still get the same, if not better, results than the chi. My hair doesnt feel soo dry, its smoother, silker, softer...ect..! I have had this flat iron for about a month and it is going strong. I think this is a great flat iron, and with folicas return policy you have nothing to loose, so i would def. order this flat iron and try it out. !!!
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Ginger S.
Feb 26, 2009
5 Star Rating
Great Results
Very smooth plates, doesnt snag or catch the hair. It heats up quickly and I like that I can adjust the temperature. I have very thick wavy hair and it straightens it amazingly well with only one or two passes.
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Hulbert, Oklahoma
Jan 16, 2009
5 Star Rating
Omg I Love This
holy crap this flat iron is amazing!! i straighten my hair everyday and it makes my hair look better and better! i got it for christmas and im so happy i did! there is no way that im ever gona buy a CHI or GVP. paul mitchell products are waayyy better!it doesnt damage your hair like any other flat iron does1 :D
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