Metropolis Tourmaline Dual Voltage Travel Flat Iron

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The Metropolis Tourmaline Ionic Travel Iron has plates that retract into the handle for maximum portability. Included is a convenient thermal travel pouch means no more waiting for yor iron to cool. Just straighten, pack it up and go!


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Feb 10, 2011
4 Star Rating
Good Product
Bought this a couple of months ago. Works well.
You do not use a converter on dual voltage products! You just use an attachment. Just wanted to write to clarify other reviewers difficulties.
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Sep 4, 2009
2 Star Rating
Not Dual Voltage
I bought this flat iron since it was advertised as dual voltage. I travel abroad quite a bit and have found most straighteners don't work. This one doesn't work as burned out on me the very first time I plugged it in despite using a converter. If you are getting it for it's oversea's potential, don't get it. Not worth your money.
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Joy Lau
Yorba Linda California
Apr 27, 2009
1 Star Rating
Don't Buy This!
I too thought this would be a great investment for travel.It is a piece of JUNK! Does not heat hot enough. Have to tap on the counter to get one side to heat! Really disappointed!I paid a premium for this thing too. I should have bought the one they were selling at the mall kiosk. At the time I thought it was too expensive, now looking back, I wish I would have bought it.
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Apr 29, 2008
1 Star Rating
Bad Investment!
I purchased my Metropolis flat iron 2 years ago and it has been the worst purchase I have ever made! The reason they have a 10 year warranty is because the hot iron cant make it through 1 year without problems. I have alreday had to send back this product 3 times. And dont count on great customer service when you call to get a new iron. You will end up paying an additonal $15.00 every time you need to get it fixed so the company will ship it back to you. So when all is said and done, I have paid over $250 for this iron. Really not worth it! Do not purchase any of the Metropolis hot irons!
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Toronto, Canada.
Mar 10, 2008
1 Star Rating
Piece Of Crap... Don't Buy This.
I bought this and the salesperson at Trade Secrets said it was dual voltage. I bought a converter and brought it to Italy. I only got to use it once, and it smelled like burning. It burned out and I had to buy a new straightener in Italy because this one burned out on the FIRST USE! What a piece of junk. Later on, I realized the booklet that came with it said do not use voltage converters with it. So the lady at Trade Secrets lied. Either that or she doesnt know what the hell shes talking about. When I came back from my trip I exchanged it for a Rusk one. Metropolis is trash. Dont bother with it. Save your money.
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Los Angeles, CA
Sep 13, 2007
5 Star Rating
Metropolis Flat Iron
This product is the best straightener Ive used so far. The only problem I had with it is that it is not dual-voltage as the text claims. The flattening irons are so slim, making it very easy to use - makes all others feel bulky and awkward to use. Very well-designed. Sooo light weight and portable. Highly recommended for use in any 120volt country.
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New Jersey
Sep 7, 2007
1 Star Rating
Worst Iron!!!
This is the worst iron i ever used. Its similar to the ones dat u buy for 20-30 dollars. It doesnt get hot properly and since its retractable, its very tough to open and close the plates.. Funny part is theres no button to operate them!!! There is no temperature control, u have to turn it on and start using guessing the temperature! I bought it because its dual voltage, but its mentioned on the iron its only 110 volts and in the manual not to use an adapter! And dont ask about the great 10 yrs warranty, it says u will have to take care of the shipping charges as well as enclose $15 when u return it!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PLEASE
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New York, NY
Jul 11, 2007
3 Star Rating
A Definitive Answer To The Voltage Question/heat Issues
Wanted this iron for travel (both small size and dual voltage). Was concerned by some other reports here about it not really being dual voltage. When it arrived there is in fact no "switch" to change the voltage. So I called the company and they assured me the voltage conversion was automatic. I used the iron a few times at home in the US, and found it just didnt get very hot, but liked the light weight. It is a bit clunky to push the plates back in, but overally it was in fact compact and I thought it was a clever design.When I used the iron abroad, the conversion did in fact happen automatically and there were no problems.However, I only ended up using it a few times (and ultimately returned it to Folica) because it simply does not get hot enough. I have medium-thick hair and have never had a heat problem with my GHD or HAI irons before. This would be fine for touch ups or bangs, but trying to do my entire head of long hair was an hour-long effort with marginal results.So if you want a lightweight iron for touch-ups on a blowout for a wuick trip or have thin, short hair, this could be ok. But for anything else, Id skip it.
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Foster City, CA
Apr 18, 2007
3 Star Rating
Jury Is Still Out
bought it for travel, liked the ease of making small and lightweight and the travel pouch. BUT when using at home, it does not get very hot and i need heat to straighten my hair. concerns are when used on overseas voltage which lessens heat generation anyway, it will be no where hot enough to do the job.
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Kansas City
Apr 5, 2007
2 Star Rating
I bought this flat iron as I travel a lot and needed a dual voltage iron. The product never heated up enough even after 9 hours of being plugged in. I have thick hair and it never did a good enough job as my hair stylists CHI.This is my second attempt at a review and I hope this one gets posted.
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