Maxius SONICglide Styling Iron

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Maxius SONICglide is a multi-patented vibrating straightening and styling iron with Advanced Steamburst Technology, perfect for all hair types.


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Aug 14, 2014
1 Star Rating
Horrible Hair Straightener
I had the original maxiglide a few years ago,it was the best straightener I've ever used.When it finally died I tried some others on the market,but none worked like the maxiglide.I recently purchased the sonic maxiglide and it is horrible. I have very long and thick hair and was excited to start using this product again because the original left my hair super straight and looking and feeling like glass. This straightener leaves my hair just as frizzy as when I started. Alot of work for absolutly no results.The blue light flashes through the whole straightening process and the steam works when it feels like it and also leaks everywhere.When i contacted the company they tried to tell me that the sonic was only meant for thin hair. What a ridiculous statement.why would you need detangling pins , steam and now sonic movement to move through thin hair.They did not tell me to send it back but instead said they were getting a shipment of the regular maxglides in September and that I could purchase that one and they would deduct $30.00 off the price of that one.Why would I buy another one?The first one's cost was $119.00. Are they joking. I would'nt advise anyone to try this product. Save your money.
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Jennifer J.
Jun 6, 2014
3 Star Rating
Agreed Not As Good As The Original
My original recently broke after 12 years! I loved my Maxi Glide. The unit was wider and hotter and came with brush, lotion etc... This NEW one serves the pupose needed BUT miss my ORIGINAL.
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Rebecca R.
Apr 4, 2014
5 Star Rating
The Original The Best
What to do my first one was the best the last two not too good I need another one and don't know what to buy is the best flat iron for my type of hair any suggestions
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Mar 6, 2014
5 Star Rating
The best straightener I have ever used! I have curly hair and it is frustrating to straighten, with this one it takes have the time, and you'd never know my hair was naturally curly!
Nov 12, 2013
5 Star Rating
Super Glide
Does not burn my hair. EXCELLENT PRODUCT
Jul 8, 2013
5 Star Rating
Great Flat Iron!!
I had two of these flat irons before. I have tried other high-end flat irons and they literally leave my hair looking like it was singed. This is my favorite. I hope they never stop making this kind. :)
May 9, 2013
2 Star Rating
Just Ok
I owned two of the original Maxius Maxiglide's that I purchased about 6 years ago and they were the best hair irons I had ever used! However, when the second one started leaking a few month ago, I had to purchase another one. I learned that Maxius was no longer (or least not at this time) making the Maxiglide so I opted for the Sonicglide. Boy was I disappointed. It does not straighten my hair like the old ones. And worse than that it stopped working after two weeks of me receiving it! I was sent a replacement and hoped this one would work better but nope. It doesn't heat as well, the steam doesn't work as well and it doesn't remove the frlzz as well as the old ones. Not impressed at all. I guess if the Sonicglide is the first Maxius iron you have purchased you may be satisfied, but if you have owned the original iron, you will notice the difference. The sonicglide even feels cheap.
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Apr 29, 2013
2 Star Rating
Not As Good As The Other Original Maxiglide
I really like the iron from Maxiglide which I had for years and it worked and did it job right. But this new "Sonicglide" is not what I thought it was going to be. It does not heat up as much. And it turns off while you use it (really ·_-). I am so dissatisfied that I can't believe I just bought something that doesn't deliver what it says it does. Never again will I ever get this or recommend it. I'm embarrassed now because I recommend this to a friend and now I'm going to tell that person not to bother.
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Apr 20, 2013
3 Star Rating
Not What I Hoped But What I Expected
I really like that this flat iron gives heat control and the teeth are amazing. The steam burst is a nice feature but I'm not sure how beneficial or necessary it is. The only drawback is that it did not seem to get hot enough or stay hot for long. Also, the teeth don't vibrate at all. I have thick coily natural hair (can be considered 4a/b) and detangled thoroughly and blow dried before using the iron. I used a heat protectant on each section before flat ironing. My hair was not very straight and was not shiny. I was okay with how it turned out but I was not blown away. I will continue to use the maxiglide because my hair does not feel as damaged as it would with a regular flat iron.
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United States
Apr 10, 2013
3 Star Rating
Good, But Not Great
Vibration speeds up process of straightening hair in general
Detangling pins help even out the heat
Steam makes damaged ends feel softer

Heats up slow
Small water reservoir (if you have long hair like I do)
Curling mechanism does not work all that well because hair gets caught in detangling pins so easily
Detangling pins can slow down process through larger, more kinky sections and roots
Can't get the same texture at roots as ends if you steam (due to burn risk)
If you get impatient you CANNOT pull the iron through your hair because it pulls it out!

How I use it:
Two ways to prep:
(1) I put Chi Silk Infusion in after shower. I spray Chi Iron Guard in, then I blow dry.
(2) I put Chi Silk Infusion in after shower, air dry, then spray Chi Iron Guard in.

Using the iron:
Had I not read the booklet, I would have burned my hands and my scalp and destroyed my hair.

The iron took a long time to heat up. My hair is coarse, thin, and long. It has a kinky wave to it, not a full on curl. I have to use this iron on setting 9 of 10. Using the iron without the steam function, I found myself to be losing hair with every run through. The detangling pins would catch a small tangle and rip my hair out. I found that using smaller sections than the booklet recommends and using a fine tooth comb through them before ironing is better. With that said, using the steam function, I didn't have that problem as much, so I didn't use the fine tooth comb. Attempting to curl my hair with it did not work well. My hair would get stuck in the iron most of the time, and if it did make it out the curl had a crease or two in it from the iron itself. After multiple times of trying this, I have rendered the curl function of this iron pretty useless to me. The overall feel and texture of my hair after using this iron on without steam is no different than using my Babyliss Titanium. However, after using the steam function, my hair is a softer and more manageable texture through the ends. I can run my fingers through my ends and not have them run into tangles. I have also noticed that my split ends seem to be mending up. Not sure if that's from my shower hair products or the iron.

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