Hot Tools K.I.S. Straightener

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Hot Tools K.I.S. Straightener has been designed for use for keratin treatments. This new straightening iron from Hot Tools heats up to 450 degrees and features plates that, unlike other irons, will not flake, chip, or peel at high temperatures. The first flat iron approved for use with keratin treatment systems.


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Jan 24, 2012
3 Star Rating
Catches On Your Hair
I've owned lots of straighteners from conairs to chi and t3s .. I have wavy to curly medium hair and I find that the straightener catches on my hair and doesnt straighten it completely. I have to go over the same section a few times or take very little hair at a time which makes setting my hair more time consuming.. I also found that it takes a long time to heat up and you have to wait to let it reheat between sections. My advice would be to invest in a better straightener...
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Jan 3, 2012
4 Star Rating
Flat Irons
using this at first was a little tough because i have curly hair and i have never really used one before. but after using this great flat iron it has changed my life! it was great and really allows you to do anything with your hair! i think you should give this hot flat iron a shot and you will look as good as i am and feel great like i do! so thank you, for reading my reveiw and please give this great flat iron a shot!

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