HairArt H3000 Mini Flat Iron (1/2")

We're sorry, this product is no longer available.
The HairArt H3000 Mini Flat Iron allows you to straighten or create waves on long or short hair, and is convenient for travel or a quick fix!


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Nov 4, 2012
1 Star Rating
No Heat And Doesnt Last
i got this straightener hoping it would be good but really it doesnt work at all. all its good for is working with your bangs. my hair is fine and thin and it would take me an hour to straighten all my hair. (just think how long it would take for thick hair) and then once it was done it would become un-straight in the matter of a few minutes. and my hair stays straight pretty easily. it would leave my hair super frizzy. Plus it definitely doesnt go up to 410 degrees. it heats up at the most 300 degrees. Over all its a horrible straightener and not worth the price even though it doesnt cost much. I recommend the conair infiniti. it heats up in 15 seconds it has different heat settings and it takes me 5 minutes to straighten all my hair which is great if your on the go. plus they have a wide variety of colors (blue purple ect) and its super cheap. its only about $25 so yea. i hope this helps :)
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Alissa V.
Dec 26, 2011
5 Star Rating
I Love It! Its Great!
my hair is reallythin and fine i recommed it to anyone with thin or/and fine hair its too small for thick hair it would take to long to straighten for thick hair but for someone with thin hair its perfect. and when it says its mini it really does mean MINI but its perfect still:)
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Alissa V.
Dec 26, 2011
5 Star Rating
Its Great!
my hairr is very thin and fine and it never stays straight when i straighten it untill i got this! my friend who has thick curly hair used it too and it worked on her too! i recommed this to anyone
Dec 1, 2011
1 Star Rating
Where's The Heat?
Sorry to be negative, but this iron is lukewarm at best and my hair is heavy duty. Fortunately, Folica is terrific about exchanges and returns.
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Jessica D.
United Staes
Aug 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
Wow Hair Art H3000
Wow I have not bought yet but I have used on my cousins hair and also on youtube it worked vey well!
I recommened that you buy the Hair Art h3000 it will work so good for thick,thin,curly hair. My cousin has very nappy hair and I thought that the price for this is so cheap it wont work, I had thought wrong,the flat Iron stayed in her hair for up to (1)2-3 weeks about. The only thing is that if you do not touch your hair often it will last you longer!
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Jul 28, 2009
5 Star Rating
Is The Best
well the color is pink and i love pink and it will leave your hair so straight,because my hair is so curly and i will recommend it to anyone that wants to have their hair pin straight and people that have thin hair and want to curl it.I t is the best.
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