HairArt H3000 Original Professional Flat Iron

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The HairArt Ceramic Straightening & Curling Iron is a verstile styling tool that is both a curling iron and a flat iron, allowing you to create as many styles as you desire.


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Maria W.
Sep 3, 2014
3 Star Rating
Awesome For The First 4 Years After A Fire Hazard Extremely Dangerous!
I purchased this product Fall 2010 it was awesome on my hair until four (4) years later. I had plugged it in within 10-20 minutes the plastic started melting. The area that holds the ceramic plates were completely melted and the plates were dangling. In my 50 years of using hair appliances I have never witness anything like this before. It did however work great with my curly hair for four years. Everyone should be aware of the potential dangers it could cause such as starting a fire, burning your hair completely off etc....

I don't know if something like this has ever happen to this product any recalls???
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Jun 15, 2014
5 Star Rating
This iron is awesome! It heats up quick and cools down fast. It straighten to protection. For the price you can't beat it I've had micomne for many years and its still going great
Colette B.
Dec 3, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Ceramic Iron Ever!!!!!!!!!
I am a master hairstylist in Atlanta, and I have used almost every iron it is but they always burn out. this is my second pair and they last forever. I purchased my old ones about 5 years ago but I switched to h2pro trying to keep up with everyone else. I have three h2pro irons that I brought last year that don't work anymore. with that being said , my hairart irons are durable and they leave the hair with a beautiful shine. they are the best I have ever used.
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Shawnte B.
Arlington, TX
Oct 15, 2013
4 Star Rating
The Best Yet
I purchased this flat iron in February 2013 as a birthday gift for myself. I am all natural but like to wear my hair straight, so a really good iron is a must have. And, it did wonders for my hair. But, the real test came when I had to flaten out my little girls hair (thick, thick, thick), this iron did the job! I only have one caution, please use heat protectant. If you do not your hair will smell like its burnt.
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Mandy S.
Jun 16, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron I've Ever Had
I got this straightener a few years ago and loved it. It worked really well on my thick frizzy-ish hair and didn't feel rough on the ends like many straighteners do. When it broke (my friend dropped it on a hard floor) I bought a Chi because I found what I thought was a good one on sale. It didn't work nearly as well and visibly damaged my hair. Then I tried another brand recommended by a hairdresser but that one wasn't great either. I FINALLY ordered a new Hair Art and didn't realize how much I had missed it!
Thao N.
Dec 7, 2012
5 Star Rating
My Best Friend
My mom bought me this after a hair stylist recommended it and I've got to tell you, it's my best friend ever since. My hair is very thick and coarse but using this, it makes it shiny and straight, and not the flat kind of straight but the volumous straight. My mom and sister have the kind of hair that really really curly and it straightens it like it was nothing. I've already had this for 6 years and it has never failed me to the end.
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Juanita C.
Apr 4, 2012
5 Star Rating
Frizzy Hairs Best Friend
This is a fabulous Flat Iron, because not only does it straighten your hair you can use it to curl your hair also.
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Mary M.
United States
Mar 16, 2012
5 Star Rating
Great Flat Iron!
I'm so thrilled my hairdresser told me about this flat iron. It is the only flat iron that I've used that actually straightens my hair! I have very thick and course hair. It works really nicely and doesn't pull on my hair - it glides through very smoothly. Love this product!!
Mariely M.
Cabo San Lucas Bcs Mexico
Mar 14, 2012
4 Star Rating
Buen Consejo
tube esta plancha varios a�±os solo que la placa se desprendio a los 5 a�±os de usarla diario es muy buen producto la verdad me gusta mucho pero como sabemos todo no es eterno nesesita cuidados como no plancharte el cabello mojado o humedo o no maltratarla ni jalar el cable la durabilidad depende del cuidado que le des la verdad me duro solo 5 a�±os por que la usaba asta 3 veses diarias en un salon y tenia clientas que llegaban con el cabello humedo y sin tiempo para un secado aveses aguanto varios golpes ya tengo otra y tengo dos a�±os con eya y esta perfecta es un buen precio una de 50 o menos en 1 o dos a�±os ya no calentara es muy buena inversion esta si es una plancha profesional
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Sep 28, 2011
5 Star Rating
Great Flat Iron
A employee uses this flat iron and I tried it and loved it, it curls also as a curling iron
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