Hai Titanium Convertible Flat Iron 1 1/4"

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Hai Titanium Convertible Flat Iron delivers professional styling by providing effortless glide for the ultimate styling experience. The 1 1/4 inch titanium plates are incredibly smooth and reach a temperature of 410F.


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Erika B.
Dec 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
This Is The Only Brand I Buy!
I love Hai straighteners and this is my second. The last one shorted out after about 2 1/2 years of daily usage This makes my hair soft and straight or thick and voluminous when I want. It's the best curling iron too! I would definitely recommend Hai to anyone I meet. I love the travel case with this one!
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Lisa S.
Toronto, Ontario
Nov 4, 2010
5 Star Rating
Excellent Product!
I love this this flat iron! It is exactly what I had aniticpated! It straightens my hair with little effort and last all day with no frizz!
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Mireille L.
Oct 24, 2010
4 Star Rating
Curl It, Wave It, Or Straighten It - Versatile Flat Iron
As a VIP Reviewer, once in a while we receive a very special product to examine, test and share with Folica's customers. I spent the last week "playing" with the Hai Titanium Convertible Flat Iron, a special edition hair straightener that offers a LOT of versatility. With a dial-it-in temperature range from 170° to 410°F, ionizing straightening plates, very fast heat-up, plus a few handy accessories included, I'm certain you'll be very satisifed with the performance of this flat iron.

My hair is usually very hard to curl, especially with non-adjustable curling irons, so I started using this one at its highest temperature. A few moments in, thanks to the steam rising from my already dried hair, I dialed it down to about 360°F, and for my fine but dense hair strands, this turned out to be a perfect setting. If you've never used a flat iron -- and this was my first time -- rest assured that the commercials you've seen have the right idea. Just start at the roots and slowly slide the iron down to the tips of your hair, giving a little twist at the very ends if you want to finish the look with a small, gentle curl, or keeping the iron straight if you want a more dramatic look. The Hai Titanium iron slid right through smoothly and easily, never catching, even when I tried more creative effects.

You can, very easily in fact, create soft waves or large curls with this flat iron, and the finish is amazingly natural, unlike standard curling irons which tend to leave intense banana curls. I'm not sure if it was the adjustable temperature or the ionizing effect, but whatever I did to my hair -- straightening or curling -- the effect remained with plenty of time to finish styling without going back over earlier sections... and for several minutes after that, too. You also may have heard that the ionizing makes your hair feel softer and intensifies your hair's shine or glow. To put it simply (though I'm still surprised) it's absolutely true. My hair was shiny right to the ends -- not oily-looking, just lustrous and healthy.

The Hai Titanium flat iron includes two large stylist's hair clips which flex according to how much hair you section off, plus a "tail comb" or styling comb with wide teeth to prevent snagging. The zip-around travel case is a very nice addition, slightly lexible for easy packing into larger luggage but reinforced to protect the iron.I do wish the iron cooled down faster, but since it reaches such high temperatures so quickly, this is typical of the product type.

So, why just 4 stars, since I obviously love this iron? The price feels too high for the product, even though it is definitely a high-quality iron. Take this as a subjective thing -- what I find expensive, you might not. If the Hai Titanium Convertible Flat Iron topped out at about $60 to $75 (or less, of course), I'd rate it with 5 stars, and it would certainly deserve it!
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Bakersfield, CA
Sep 24, 2010
3 Star Rating
Not What I Expected
This was my firs Hai iron & first titanium. I have fine bleached hair, and was previously using the Solia until it shorted out (after 5 years)... so I was excited to try the new titanium. Didn't leave my hair soft at all & didn't help frizz. I was seemingly able to get closer to my scalp with the thinner plates & was easier to get the little unruly hairs. But as for the condition of my hair after, I was really disappointed. I ordered the Pure Heat Earthstik afterwards which was even worse.
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Maria M.
New York, NY
Sep 9, 2010
4 Star Rating
Great Love It!
This is amazing, I really have curly hair and it makes my hair soo straight and smooth as if I had it relaxed and when you use it with the Chi Silk Infusion it's even better.
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