HAI Convertable Ceramic Flat Iron - 1 1/4"

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HAI Convertable Professional Ceramic Flat Iron is plated with specially-coated ceramic heat panels which protect hair using infra-red heat.


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Mar 9, 2014
5 Star Rating
7 Years And Counting
For those of you wondering about the longevity of this straightener, don't worry, it lasts! I bought mine from folica 7 years ago and I still use it daily. It has lasted through multiple flights per year, including trips Mexico (safe with the outlets there). And I definitely don't recommend this...but I've mistakenly left it on, sitting on a wooden dresser all day and it didn't even damage the dresser. So if you're thinking about getting it, do! I've had friends with Chi's get this straightener instead after using mine. Just recently the switch or cord has started to act up. About every 10th time I use it it takes a few tries for it to turn on. After 7 years though I'm not complaining, and when I do eventually replace it I'm definitely getting a HAI.
Desiree T.
Feb 15, 2014
5 Star Rating
Favorite Flat Iron
The Hai convertible flat Iron was the first flat iron I ever bought and loved, I have crazy Chaka Khan hair and this tool makes my hair soft, silky and straight, just be careful cause it gets really hot! When I found them on this website at this price, I couldn't resist and bought 2, I would recommend this Flat Iron to everyone.
Jan 24, 2014
5 Star Rating
Tried Other Flat Irons And Came Back To My Hai!!
I used this HAI flat iron for about 12 years on my thick, coarse, wavy half asian hair. and decided to try a new higher end flat iron because I was tired of having to replace my HAI every 18 months or so do to faulty connection (flickering red light) boy was that a mistake. I will never stray from the HAI again. I just ordered a new HAI, and am selling/returning the other 2 I tried which were Babyliss and Sedu. I tried the Babyliss Nano Pro Titanium, and it absolutely FRIED my hair. I had to cut about 3" off my hair to my shoulders after using that flat iron for 6-8 weeks because the ends of my hair were so dry, frazzled and damaged looking :/ I then tried the Sedu (due to the amazing reviews) and I dont know what the deal is but it took many, many passes to straighten my hair, didnt feel like it got hot enough, and I couldnt open the flat iron wide enough. There also seemed to be a slight gap in between the Sedu plates, so it didnt feel like I could "press" my hair straight with the Sedu? I couldn't re-order my beloved HAI flat iron fast enough- it has never fried my hair like the Babyliss in 12 years!! I will never try another flat iron again. Holy Grail.
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Fan S.
Pasadena, CA
Jan 15, 2014
5 Star Rating
I Abosulutely Love This Flat Iron
I have curly unmanageable hair and on days when I feel like taming my curls this HAI flat iron makes it possible. Leaves my hair looking shiny and healthy not dry and damaged like other flat irons did. Highly recommend this product!
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Cindy H.
Dec 30, 2013
5 Star Rating
product was great, ordering was easy and shipping was great also. will use this site again!
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Los Angeles, CA
Nov 27, 2013
2 Star Rating
Okay, Not Great And Dangerous Design Flaw
I had a Chi for 10 years and felt it was time to replace it. It still worked but took longer to heat up and took more passes through the hair to get desired results. My stylist recommended this iron. With discounts, I ended up paying $60.00; so, I thought it was a pretty good deal. Boy was I wrong! My 10-year-old Chi still heats up faster and yields better results (even though it doesn't get to 400 like this one supposedly does). The Hai leaves my hair a bit frizzy.

In addition, the way the cord on the Hai is weighted is very dangerous. The only outlet in my bathroom is on my left, and I am right-handed. The iron has a swivel cord with a wide part where it meets the iron. Every time I put the iron down -- even a foot from the counter's edge -- the weight of the cord would cause it to move and nearly fall off the end of the counter. It would have a couple of times if I hadn't caught it! Yeah, that's what I like -- playing Russian Roulette by trying to catch a 400-degree piece of metal falling off of my bathroom counter before it hits my foot!

A friend of mine was in town this weekend, and I tried her 2-year-old Sedu Revolution. THAT iron is amazing! I just packed up my Hai to return to Folica tomorrow. I will then purchase the Sedu Revolution -- a lot more expensive than the discounted Hai but DEFINITELY worth the price.
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Nov 14, 2013
5 Star Rating
Worth My Money!
Orange County, CA
Nov 14, 2013
2 Star Rating
I Am Done Re-replacing This Iron..
I used this same HAI flat iron for the past 10 years, and while it worked great on my thick, coarse, wavy Asian hair.. each one died after 12-18 months. Every time, there was electrical issues and the red light would be blinking and shutting off on it own, and I would have to position the cord a certain way to keep it on. Frustrating and expensive! I was always nervous to try a different flat iron, as this one truly works great but I am finally done shelling out $85+ every 12-18 months. I switched over to the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium flat iron after reading other reviews and so far it is even better than the HAI. Something that is $85+ should last a lot longer than 12-18 months. Bye Bye HAI.
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Janelle R.
Anaheim, CA
Oct 28, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love This Flat Iron!
I originally purchased this flat iron 8 years ago and used it daily. A couple weeks ago it shorted out and I wanted to get the same exact one since I loved the original one and it lasted so long. I looked on amazon and other sites and found it on the folica site and the price was more than half off. It was delivered in less than a week from the day I purchased it. I hope this one lasts as long as my original one did!
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Phoenix AZ
Sep 13, 2013
5 Star Rating
I Love My Hai!
so I recieved this flat iron as a gift for my 15th birthday. That was 5 years ago in 2008 and my hai still works like new. I haven't taken the best care of it like I should have, I have dropped it atleast 20 times on my tile floor, I clean it once a year but that's because I don't use anything but heat protectant on my hair before using it and I don't have a cover for it when I travel or put it away. I have naturally straight thick hair hair that comes down to my lower back but since I have layers, the ends move in weird not attractive ways after I shower and my hair is just naturaly frizzy and gets all over my face if I don't straighten it so for the past five years I have been using this iron DAILY at 380 degrees. sometimes 2 times a day if I decide to bring my hair back down from a ponytail. It works like it did the first time I used it ndd I don't see it breaking or shorting in the next 5 years. I Don't wrap the cord around the iron like other people do. I put the end of the cord( outlet end) to the end of the flat iron where the ceramic plates are at and start to very very very loosely wrap the cord along the length of the iron and when I bring it back out and unwrap the cord it is straight and does not look creased in any area of the cord which is probably why this iron has lasted me such a long time. I hope this helps. Great iron!
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