H2Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron

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H2Pro Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron contains Nano Hi-Tech technology for a burst of power and ultimate styling control.


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Marissa S.
United States
Jan 10, 2013
3 Star Rating
Nothing Special
I was really excited to see a straightener that works on a lower heat, but I found you need to use a very high temperature to straighten your hair. This negates the reason I purchased it in the first place so I'm returning it.
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Jennifer F.
Aug 24, 2012
4 Star Rating
Wanted A Change....
I got this iron because FOLICA.com said it was good for thin hair. For the past 2 years ive been using my Croc Iron (which I love) but i wanted to try something new. This one arrived and I used it right away. Its not a bad iron, ive had it for about 2 weeks and Ive used it everyday since. It heats up fast and leaves my hair feeling great. Its bulkier than my Croc so its hard to get some of the little stray guys around my hair line that stay curled (my hair is naturally wavy, but NOT in a cute way lol) other than that I have no complaints. My hair is not as thin as others and its short (shoulder length), but I would think if you have really, really thin hair that you would have trouble with this iron because it barely grips the sections of my hair and my sections are probably larger than what people with thicker hair would do. i basically have 4 sections for my whole head when i section my hair. All in all good its a good iron, but be weary if you have thin, thin hair. I would suggest the Croc if you have really thin hair. Ive been treating my hair for the past 3 years and it has started to thicken more over the past year, but I used the croc when my hair was at its thinnest and it worked like a dream!
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Susan M.
Aug 1, 2012
4 Star Rating
Good Results At A Great Price
This is a great little flat iron at a reasonable price, and they delivered on an expedited schedule thank goodness. true to advertisement it heats up and cools down fast which is most helpful, and does a great job on my hair (frizzy, a bit fine)
Monae B.
Mar 20, 2012
3 Star Rating
I've Used Better
This flat iron does heat up fast so I'll give it that, but it didn't make my hair silky smooth or as straight as my last flat iron. I wish I didn't pay $100+ for it. Not really worth it.
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Winston-Salem, NC
Dec 6, 2011
3 Star Rating
Not Great On Fine Hair
I had a solia flat iron with the ceramic pads that are spring loaded when it broke ( cause I dropped it) I bought the H2Pro flat iron withhigh expectations.... it doe sno thave the spring loaded ceramic plates and does not clamp well enough on small sections of my hair to adequately straighten.... I returned this product for a replacement Solia flat iron....
So in short the H2Pro is an okay iron, just could not handle small sections of my fine hair within the clamping space of the plates.
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Pam B.
St Louis
Dec 4, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Ever!!
I purchased this flat iron and the H2pro Blow dryer after going to a salon that used this product. The Stylist flat iron (H2pro) had a short in the cord , so she took longer than usual to do my hair. She had to borrow the other Stylist iron that was supposedly a top flat iron. She complained the whole time she used it and I could tell the difference instantly. So she rigged the H2pro iron until she finished my hair. Now mind you , her H2pro was at least 6 yrs old. I have natural hair and my Moms is a Beautician too , she use the CHI irons on my hair once and had to go over it twice... I absolutely LOVED H2pro Flat Iron and Blow dryer , absolutely the BEST.. I am an ametuer when it comes to blowing drying and straightening my hair with a flat iron and when I went to work the next day , I was asked who did my hear, my Moms or the Stylist at the Salon I had gone to previously. That was such a compliment to me.. Cause I did it... I give total props to H2pro Products!!! Great investment. I strongly suggest you spend the money for this flat iron and the blow dryer.... Signed Happily Ever After..
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Elegent C.
United States
Nov 24, 2011
4 Star Rating
For Healthy Looking Hairs(not Burnt), Its A Must Have
This is very nice iron. i have straight thin long hairs. and i have it for curls(as this product is for flips and curls). i tried it on my hairs and it made very nice curls. i tried it on my friends hair who have natural perming like curls(no too tight). but this iron straightened very well and later it made beautiful loose curls in her hairs.And the hairs were shiny,healthier and not felt burnt at all(at 450 C).I bought this iron because someone on youtube/folica said she had it for like 6 years and it is working the best. I cant comment on it as i have it just few days back.However there are 3 drawbacks. First drawback: its extremely hot from top which can burn your hand(i burnt my thumb and my friend burnt her hand) So you need to be careful. I guess most of flat iron will do that. Second: drawback: curls do not stay even for few minutes unless you put on some curling sprays/ mousse something before having the curls. 3rd drawback : its heavy and because the plates are so soft(your hairs won't stuck in it which is good) that hairs do not stay longer to the plates ,you have to hold it very firmly while using it.

Over all i guess its a good straightener(if it lasts me for years, it would be awesome)
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Oct 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best One Yet
I just bought this flat iron and it is in my opinion the best iron I have ever owned. It heats up quickly and gives my hair the results I've been looking for. My daughter also has been using it because she likes it better than her Amica. If you're looking for an iron at a modest price, give this one a try.
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Deanna D.
United States
Jul 3, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Iron
I had to order a new H2pro the one I had stopped working after 6 1/2 years! Would not order any other kind. I love it!
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Katherine H.
Jun 1, 2011
5 Star Rating
Buy This Product!!! It Works Soooo Well!!!!
When i first used this, knowing my luck, I thought it would be like my old one.......... really cheap and stupid. I almost felt like screaming when i used this straightener because it was so amazing! Thank you H2Pro!!!!
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