ghd V Jewel Collection Amethyst 1" Professional Styler

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The ghd V Amethyst Set features a ghd gold professional 1" styler in a metallic finish with sparkling black plates that glide effortlessly through your hair.


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Oct 27, 2014
5 Star Rating
I Found "the One".
I've used many flat irons (Chi, BaByliss, Ktx450) and the ghd is by far the best I've used so far. It glides effortlessly through my hair, it never pulls or snags. My hair looks so smooth and shiny each time I straighten it.
It only takes maybe two passes to get it straight, and it lasts all day. Actually, it will last until I wash my hair again (every 2-3 days) without touch-ups.

The one thing I was concerned about is the lack of temperature settings. I have bangs, and I usually use really low heat on them. I've had no problems at all! The heat is a lot lower on my bangs than when I do the rest of my hair. I know a lot of people hate not being able to control the temp, but in my opinion it's a good thing. One less thing I have to worry about since it does it for me!

And the price is unbeatable, right now it's on sale for $149(and this is the professional version!!) plus you get a free brush & free shipping!
I used the recycle program which took an extra $40 off. And shipping my old flat iron to folica costs me only $7.

Completely worth it!
Nino P.
Oct 9, 2014
4 Star Rating
Wow Is All I Can Say
So I ordered the amethyst color jewel professional styler. The price is unbeatable. I got a bit scared when I ordered it because I was scared it might be a fake but to my surprise, it came quickly, and first thing I did was registered it ghd website. Confirmed it was the real deal, I even went far enough to take pictures of it and send it to ghd people. They confirmed it was real. I used it immediately and oh my gosh. Awesome. I have redken steam infusion iron but it's a bit big for my roots. This was the perfect size and my hair looks even better. It's straight frizz free and so so soft. Had to come and give a review. It's been day 3 and my hair is still silky and frizz free.
Oct 6, 2014
5 Star Rating
Finally Able To Come Close To What My Stylist Does
Used to have an ordinary flatiron from Target, probably $30. It was okay but not great, and rarely made my hair look like it does after Nicholas styles it. I asked what flatiron he used, and he recommended GHD. So worth it!
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Lorena R.
United States
Feb 27, 2014
4 Star Rating
Best Styler I've Ever Used!!!
When I received my ghd, first of all I loved its presentation, the box was so pretty that I even kept it to storage stuff in, then when I opened and got it out , I also thought it looked so fashionable, the brush in the other hand It's just a regular brush that says ghd, I didn't think it was a big thing plus I don't even use it. Anyways, I read the manual to make sure I use my ghd in a proper manner, and then I plugged it in and turn the switch to turn it on, it was so easy as that, and literally it was ready to be use in 30 sec, which I think is such a great feature, specially in when you don't have much of a time. Then, I straighten all my hair in about 15-20 because I only had to pass it on twice and my hair end it up so straight and soft as never before. Nevertheless, the real challenge was how long will my hair stay straight, taking in consideration that every time I straightened my hair with previous straighteners (which were too many) it would last for a couple of hours before starting to frizz.......but for my surprise it lasted the whole day the day I did it, and the following day, until I took a shower at night!!! In conclusion, This is the best straightener I would or you would ever own. I highly recommended it .
P.S. The only thing this straightener is missing and it left me some kind of unmet was the fact that it didn't come with a pouch to storage it.
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Rachel Y.
Jun 24, 2013
3 Star Rating
The One That I Receive Just Look Like Some Returned !!
I just received ghd professional 1" gold flat today! when I opened the box the flat was opened ,not fold by any wire or plastic! look cheap! I am worried about is that a real GHD flat iron! but I will keep post when I use tonight !
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Apr 14, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best flat iron EVER.
it heats up in less than 30 seconds which make it quick and easy. I have really fine, stringy hair and normally just use it to smooth out my hair after blow drying or for the morning after a wash to keep it sleek. All my friends with curly thick hair love using it when they come over too. I also love that it automatically turns off if you're not using it, so I never have to worry about accidentally leaving it on.
Definitely would recommend this!
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Melissa A.
Aug 20, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love This Hair Straightener
I have used hot tools in the past and was using an Andis before I bought my GHD. I was using the Andis to curl my hair and noticed that my hair was getting super damaged and actually was burnt and smelled burnt everytime i washed my hair. NOT OKAY. That was when i decided i needed to upgrade. I did a lot of research and decided that I needed to go big or go home. I am so glad I did. This hair straightener is awesome. it is fast and effective and seems to damage my hair much less. It is great for both straightening and curling. Also, this doesn't seem like a big deal but it really is convenient....IT HEATS UP SO FAST. Like its crazy you turn it on and like 30 secs later its fully hot. If you can afford to I would definitely save up, wait until folica has a good deal and buy this one. Worth the money.
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Aug 16, 2012
4 Star Rating
Great Except --no Way To Lower Temp...
This is a great great flat iron except for one thing and I wanted to share this as to warn others and had to return mine >>> It has NO way to lower or adjust the temperature.
It sustains a very consistne heat, but much to hot for my thin, fine hair.
Othwerise I do recommend this if you use a high heat for your hair.

Have a great day girls!
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North Texas
Aug 6, 2012
4 Star Rating
Ghd Makes The Best Irons.
I like this iron. I sometimes have to pass over the hair twice but honestly I don't know ANY iron you don't have to do that with. My hair is fine and VERY wavy/curly. I have to blow it out first using fingers and it will be sorta curly/wavy puffy before I use iron. But after use my hair is straight and smooth.
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Jul 18, 2012
5 Star Rating
Superior To All Other Flat-irons
When turning the iron on for the first time, I automatically noticed that there is no temperature control switch, just an on/off switch. Already I was a bit apprehensive because I usually need very high heat for my thick, curly hair and low heat for my bangs (in order for them not to be stick straight and flat).

When the iron is switched on, it beeps, and the switch will light up and blink to indicate that the iron is heating up. Seconds later, it will fully heat up, and beep three times more and the light will stop blinking to indicate that it's ready for use. This iron heats up in less than 30 seconds, and is definitely faster than any other iron I've used.

I don't normally forget to turn my flat iron off after use, but it's a habit to plug in my flat iron before I'm actually going to use it to give it time to heat up. After 30 minutes of being idle, the iron will go into sleep mode and beep every 10 seconds as a reminder that it's on, and it's still plugged in. I think it's a pretty sweet feature.

My hair type:
Long (down my back), thick, curly - a mixture of loose curls and waves (not kinky), dry and fine. My hair is like a difficult child that does what they want, when they want and won't listen to authority.

With that said, I need a pretty good iron if I want my hair to be perfectly primped.

I always start with the underside of my hair first, and comb out one inch sections. With one pass of my iron my hair is fairly straight, but two passes is needed because my hair is long, and with a thin plate flat iron, little areas can get missed. It takes around 20-25 minutes to get through my hair.

It doesn't pull my hair, snag, and my hair glides smoothly through the plates without causing bends in my hair.

What stands out the most to me about this iron is that it leaves my hair soft and shiny. It doesn't feel dry or fried and brittle like other flat irons I've used. Also, when flat ironing my bangs, I always style them on low heat so they'll fall naturally, rather than looking stick straight and in the way. This iron styles my bangs perfectly!

I have to mention that I never wear my hair straight, but I have to use a flat iron when I wear my signature loose waves. My curls are tighter toward the roots and remain semi-tight a couple inches down my hair, and after that, the curls loosen up. So, I section my hair off and flat iron from my roots to about 1/3 down my hair, leaving the bottom curly. I then use a large barrel curling iron to curl my hair. It may seem like I can use any flat iron for this and get the same results, but I can definitely notice a difference in how healthy my hair appears.

Because I have very long hair, this flat iron wouldn't be the best model for me for wearing my hair straight, as the plates are so small. If I did in fact wear my hair straight, I'd opt for a model with larger plates. For what I need this flat iron for, this model works just fine.

$225 is a huge price to pay for a flat iron, and isn't in many of our budgets. But for those who are willing to pay an arm and a leg for professional hair tools, I'd definitely recommend looking into a GHD. This is my favorite flat iron by far!
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