FHI Platform Flat Iron

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FHI Heat has set the benchmark once again with their Platform Series styling irons.


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Alesha P.
Sep 15, 2016
1 Star Rating
Fhi 11/4 Iron As Well As All Of The Irons Fhi Makes
I am a Natural Hair Stylist and for over 20 plus years and all I have ever used were FHI flat irons. All I can say is the irons don't last even up to a year. And it's really ridiculous that you have to keep sending $35 to replace the irons. Back in the day they were the best on the market but in the last 10yrs they have gotten really cheap and don't last at all.
Atlanta, GA
Jul 31, 2013
5 Star Rating
Recommend 1000%
My FHI is the best and I wouldnt trade it for the world I am a black girl 20 years old with crazy thick hair that reaches the middle of my back I do not have a relaxer or anything and as soon as I step outside into even 1% humidity my hair would turn into dang near an afro..until I got my FHI heat platform. Not only does this flat iron straighten my hair so good to the point where it looks like I have a relaxer, but it really does repel humidity as advertised. I love it!!! This flat iron definitely beats its competitors (Chi and Ghd). Chi straightens well but once you hit that humidity you can forget about it its as if you never even straightened, then Ghd is trash I don't even know why people consider it. I researched and read plenty of reviews before I made my decision of which flat iron to buy, but ended up trying all 3 and I can definitely say I am completely satisfied with my purchase of the FHI heat platform. Hope this review helps. :)
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Pamela B.
Feb 26, 2012
5 Star Rating
Fhi Is Dah Best...
This is the only Flat Iron that my hairstylist uses on my hair and myself, hubby, in-laws, friends, co-workers, EVeryone has been raving over the appearance of my hair since she has been styling it for the last year. My hubby says, "NO hairstylist has ever made my hair looks like it does now." My stylist attributes the results to the FHI flat iron and so do I. THANKS FHI for giving me a new lease on life with my hair, because it is gorgeous!!!
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Jessica T.
Philadelphia, PA
Jan 17, 2012
3 Star Rating
Very Average, Don't Get High Hopes
Honestly, i did a ton of back and forth research on all the professional Irons because i wanted the best, money aside. I finally decided on The FHI Platform because the Runway doesnt have the degree variables. I have really really think long wavy hair, so any 1" CHI or Croc Solia etc just wouldnt cut it. It was a hassle ordering from Folica who sent me a BAbyliss then didnt want to send a return label then charged me full price for the FHI when they finally got it right, when i had a 25% promo code. I probably wont order anything from this site again.
Bottom line the platform works just as well as a cheap iron I've had for 2 years called a HeatMaster. They both make my hair look and feel the same, the cheap one i have is actually an easier hold and has been through daily 5 foot falls onto tile haha.
If i were you i would stick with what you know or call the closest top of the line salon and ask them what straighteners they use.
Don't expect a great difference, talk is cheap, and people just tell you what you want to hear. Do your own research!!!

Another thing is try morroccan oil with any straightener, then you'll feel the smooth, silky healthy hair
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Dec 7, 2011
4 Star Rating
R.i.p. My Fhi
I have had 3 of these straighteners and each one within a year quit working due to the wiring. It cuts on and off. I would be straightening my hair and then I would notice that it was no longer hot. The flat on works well on my hair that's why I kept buying them. I am mixed with really curly hair and I used this tool everyday and really liked it. I am not going to buy another one just for the simple fact that I know that after 1 year I can pretty much count on it dying :( R.I.P. my FHI
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Columbus, OH
Nov 21, 2011
5 Star Rating
Exactly What I Was Looking For
I purchased my first FHI flat iron two years ago and it worked fantastically well - my hair had never been so straight (I have curly/wavy dry hair that's resistant to flat ironing) or so smooth. I only had to pass the iron once over my hair and it would be perfect! Unfortunately, I kept my flat iron next to the sink and apparently, an errant drop of water somehow managed to get inside the iron and fry the board inside (my father in law is an electrician and took it apart to troubleshoot). Because of this, we were unable to fix it. For the next four months, I had to suffer through being flat ironless...and once you've had an FHI, a lesser brand wont do!

After suffering through those four months, I spent several days researching and debating my options. I really didn't want to spend even more money on something that worked exactly the same as what I'd already had. I decided once again to purchase an FHI and was so glad I went with folica.com! I visited a couple of retailers in town and none of them were offering the price that folica was. I was incredibly happy with the speed of shipment and I absolutely love the product. I hope I have no issues with my iron, but, from the reviews I've read, I shouldn't have any issue on returning it if there's any problem. Plus, I received a FREE handy Sedu travel iron that I can use as a back up if anything were to happen to my FHI! Very satisfied :)

Nov 19, 2011
5 Star Rating
Like everyone else I went through quite a few flat irons, the last one was the Sedu, I loved it, but the plates protrude so much I kept burning my hands and catching my hair. Enter the 4/10 FHI, perfect size with heat controls unlike other irons this size. I noticed that it does not smoke much even at high heat and I only run my hair through the plates once to get it straight, shiny and soft. I really love this flat iron and I hope it holds up for a long time, but even if it does'nt, with Folicas prices and discounts, I'll just buy another one.
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Oct 14, 2011
5 Star Rating
This flat iron i´ts a miracle maker, leaves my hear super smooth and flat, I love it, I have a Sedu Pro Ionic and a Compact Revolution too and the Platform is my favorite!
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Sep 23, 2011
5 Star Rating
My Little Secret :)
I have had this flat iron for over 4 years and I use it pretty much every day. It works wonders! Make sure you get the platform, its better than the technique (and has temperature controls).

I keep wanting to order another one just to try something new (I'm obsessed with hair products and tools), but I just keep going back to ol' faithful because it still works and is the PERFECT flat iron.

You won't regret buying it.
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Sep 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
Cool Looks, Cool Tricks
I originally had a Chi flat iron but had to put it down as it was literally frying off my ends and breaking my hair :( So I went on a SERIOUS search to find out what would be a better, but not ridiculously expensive flat iron. Enter Folica.com I chose the FHI Platform because of it's exceptional materials (ceramic AND tourmaline) and because it had temperature controls (yay!) and with my discount code was only about $100.

I have EXTREMELY thick but fine naturally VERY curly hair (super thick but fine hair, 3c type). Generally it is a nightmare to straighten. but this flat iron did a phenomenal job. It glides easily down my hair, no snagging or pulling. Gets hot fast and STAYS that way. Using the comb chad method it completely straightens my hair. So much so that I have been able to cut out blow drying (when I have the time to wait for my hair to air dry) and just flat iron saving my hair the added heat. And also because when I blow dry my hair it just turns into a huge fro. I have the 1 inch because I like the versatility of a smaller iron (can curl my hair as well) and it can get close to my edges. Also I have highlights in the front and this iron did not strip or fade the color of them. It gets my hair completely straight on 370F (and ~330 in the front where my curls are looser)

I would recommend this product 1000%
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