Envy by Kenchii Slim Iron Black

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The Envy by Kenchii Slim Iron leaves hair strands soft and sleek utilizing anions to reduce frizz and lock in moisture while minimizing breakage and damage.


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Visalia, CA
Oct 29, 2014
5 Star Rating
I am a pretty hardcore Sedu fanboy, but these Kenchii items....I don't know what it is, but I HAD to try them. Their features are just so cool!

I eagerly awaited my receipt of these items. I even intercepted the Kenchii dryer at the USPS sort facility in our town so I would have it on hair washing day.

Now, let's get down to business. There are very few reviews for these Kenchii items, so I believe it is my duty to help out others.

There are very many options for heat settings. I love the digital display that shows you the temperatures as it heats up, which really only takes a few seconds. Auto shutoff is a fantastic feature. Just kind of an FYI: The Sedu Diamond is fairly limited in heat settings. It goes from very low to very high, BUT jumps from like 280 degrees to 340 degrees. What if I only wanted 320 degrees? This Kenchii iron doesn't have this limitations. If I had to choose between these two irons, I would choose this one over the Sedu Diamond for just this reason.

I had a fear of titanium plates previously because I had read they can be harder on hair than the ceramic/tourmaline plates. I tell very little difference between the two, but time will tell. My hair is no softer/silkier/shinier than it would be had I used my Sedu, but it isn't any less so either. Time will tell though.

This iron is very lightweight and has a very long plate, which I think will be wonderful when my hair gets longer. The plastic housing around this iron is a very nice size and fits the shorter sections in the back of my just past chin length hair very nicely. This means that this iron should work very well for curling shorter hair too, though the long plates might make it just a bit more cumbersome to use for this purpose than a Sedu iron.

Overall, I prefer this Kenchii iron over the Sedu Diamond Edition. I like the width and length of these plates a tiny bit better. That said, I think if curling short hair, straightening very short hair, auto shut off, and digital readout weren't a concern, I would still choose the regular Sedu Revolution over this iron. The plates appear a tiny bit wider on the Revolution and I feel like it is a bit grippier. Also, I still think I will have a slight preference for ceramic/tourmaline plates, not for any reason I can be certain of, but because I read they are easier on finer hair like mine than a titanium plate will be. If you have thicker hair though, this would definitely be my pick. I feel like such a traitor. I still love my Sedu irons though. I love them very, very much.
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Jennifer T.
Woodstock, GA
Dec 12, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Iron I've Ever Used!
This iron is great & I'm so happy that I purchased it. The highest heat setting is reached in just seconds which is perfect for mornings that I am rushing around getting ready! The iron is lightweight & comfortable in my hands. I appreciate that you can control the heat setting on the iron making it super hot or just hot enough to get it straight. No creases or 'straightener' markers are left on your hair either. I've only had the iron a few days but I've already used it every day this week! This iron is worth every penny! I can't wait to try the Envy dryer next!!
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Marietta, GA
Dec 9, 2013
5 Star Rating
This Is The Iron!!!!
At first glance this looks like any other iron until you turn it on! The slim plates get really close to the scalp so I can get really straight hair! Most other irons I have used pull the hair as you glide them through this one doesn't. My hair is shinier and softer than with any other iron i have used and I have used them all, (croc, chi, GHD, hot tools you name it). Straightens in the first pass so I didn't have to go over it more than once. Oh and the finish on the housing is gorgeous (black pearl finish). Once you use this you want to use anything else!!!
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