Croc 2 Wet-to-Dry Titanium Flat Iron (1")

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The Croc 2 Wet-to-Dry Titanium flat iron saves tremendous time as it dries and straightens all at once. Designed as a "right-out-of-the-shower" tool to seal in hair's natural moisture and oil while getting rid of frizz for hair that is shiny and sleek all day long.


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May 7, 2010
5 Star Rating
Makes Hair Healthy And Smooth, Saves Time!
I usually have to blow dry my hair or shower at night and straighten in the morning, but with the croc i can do my makeup while my hair drips dry (after towel drying). I'll towel dry it one more time just before i start straightening and that is dry enough to start. You can set the heat to the perfect temperature for your hair digitally. You can see the steam come out of the steam vent holes in the iron so it dissipates quickly and doesn't damage your hair. It takes a little longer to straighten damp hair, but it saves time overall b/c you don't have to blow dry first. You have to unplug the straightener after use b/c the digital lights remain on if you keep it plugged into the wall. The handle feels very warm if you keep it plugged in so i unplug just in case it shortens the lifespan of this expensive straightener. My sister has a sedu that i've borrowed, it does the job, but it doesn't get hot enough so i have to do smaller pieces and it takes longer. With the croc i can do my hair in half the time but without damage. My hair looks soft and healthy after using it!
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Mar 12, 2010
5 Star Rating
Tried After Chi
My CHI started having electrical problems shortly after I purchased it. My CHI did a great job straightening hair but it always left hair smelling burnt. I fought with the cord for over a year trying to hold it just right to keep it on. It finally shorted out for good last week. I purchased this Croc 2 and I love it. It heats very quickly and has temperature control. The design allows me to get really close to the root of my hair which is good since I am letting my perm grow out. And most of all, it straightens my hair without the burnt smell!
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United States
Sep 15, 2009
4 Star Rating
The best I used so far. It doubles because you can use it if your hair is wet or dry and it doesn't damage your hair at all! :) Heats up quickly in seconds, takes less work and time to straighten my hair compared to my old Conair flat iron. Love the tangle-free swivel cord. You can also change the reading from F to C. I haven't figured it out which buttons you press because I press and hold different buttons and it changes. The price is a bit much but its worth it!
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