CROC Classic 1" Infrared Flat Iron

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The CROC 1" Infrared Flat Iron is internationally patented to combine ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and infrared technology. The tri-plate design provides 3x the smoothing power than other irons. This is the perfect tool for all hair types and is especially great for coarse or color treated hair.


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Brooklyn, NY
Oct 14, 2009
5 Star Rating
This flat iron is absolutely amazing. I am an African American woman and my hair is completely natural (no chemicals). I have had this flat iron for 5 months and every time I use it, I am amazed (every 1-2 weeks). I thought the CHI was the best thing ever, until I bought this flat iron, but the CHI has some major catching up to do. This croc makes my hair look like it has been relaxed. It looks healthy, shiny, and it has so much movement. I also feel like my hair has been growing faster since I started using it (maybe there really is something to that infrared). I get so many compliments, and people always think I went to the salon when they see me after using this on my hair, little do they know I never left my home. Furthermore, I have used this iron on two of my friends who were also amazed at the results. One was like oh my god what did you do to my hair, it looks amazing. I wish I could take the credit but I can't, because this flat iron is responsible. I would definitely buy this flat iron a million times over.
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Cayce M
Easley, SC
Jun 28, 2009
5 Star Rating
Superb !!!
I have purchased several flat irons and the Croc infrared far exceeds any that I have ever used. This is the only tool to ever leave my hair shiny and healthly looking after straightening. I have thick, course hair and it was easy to use. It left no leftover bumps from the curls I normally have when straightening. I love it. Its the best and I will tell everyone that this is superior to any Ive tried.
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Simi Valley, CA
Jun 24, 2009
5 Star Rating
The Best I've Ever Had
I have used it three times since I received it (within a week) and I LOVE it. It gives me the salon finish which was nearly impossible for me to achieve on my own with other flat irons. I have naturally curly and frizzy hair and it tames it like there is no tomorrow! I cant say enough great things; its light weight, easy to operate, gives great results each time, and I get compliments on my hair every time I straighten it. I love it!
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Bensenville, Illinois
Jun 17, 2009
5 Star Rating
I love this flat iron!! It makes my hair healthier, stimulates hair growth, and helps get rid of my dandruff. I just got my hair trimmed the other day, and my hair stylist commented on my hair has grown more than usual. The only downside is the design of it. This flat iron is not for curling hair. It does not have floating plates like the Solia flat iron, so it makes it hard to curl. But still a great flat iron.
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Virginia Beach
Apr 20, 2009
5 Star Rating
Best Straightener I've Ever Tried!
I have very curly/frizzy hair, so Ive tried all the flat irons out there. The last time I went to my stylist, she had a croc and I was amazed at how straight and shiny my hair was. I bought one and I am able to get the same results doing it myself. Im not sure what the difference is, maybe the infrared? But this is way better than all my other straighteners (chi, sedu, etc.). I think its new, so thats why I hadnt heard of it before last month, but its definitely worth a try if you have really curly or frizzy hair. I thought the chi and sedu were both pretty good until I tried the croc, and now I see just how great I can get my hair to look.Another good thing is that it keeps my hair from getting dented from rubber bands and stuff. It just falls straight when I take it down. People use to be able to tell that I had curly hair that I straightened, but now I just look like I have normal straight hair. Hands down, best flat iron ever!
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Stephanie Rice
Long Beach, California
Mar 18, 2009
5 Star Rating
The Most Advanced Iron Ever! Money Well Spent.
I previously used the FHI Ceramic plate iron which costs almost 3x as much but the Croc Infra Red is by far the best Iron on the market. Never have I used an iron that was so gentle on my bleached blonde hair yet strong enough to straighten my natural curl.It even stays flat in humidity. I flat iron everyday and this iron keeps my hair soft and extremely shiny. Croc claims that the Infra Red helps to recondition the hair and make it healthier, and I believe it.I also use the infra red iron to curl my hair. Its like having 2 tools in 1. It is the best investment I have made for myself and my salon clients.
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Mar 13, 2009
5 Star Rating
Love My Croc!!
A few years ago, I had bought the Sedu flat iron and thought nothing would supersede the quality I was receiving from using it. I was definitely wrong! It lasted a few years and although it does still work, I dont get the same results as I do with the Croc. My hairstylist turned me onto this one . . he said with my hair type, I would need at least 450 of heat. I was hesitant of trying anything new, but I eventually did buy it and it is so AWESOME!!. Its soooo silky and straight and feels even healthier. Did I mention it took me half the amount of time compared to my Sedu? OMG .. why didnt anyone tell me about the CROC??? Thanks so much for making such an outstanding product!
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Cheryl Raspolich
Feb 28, 2009
5 Star Rating
Great Flat Iron
I just love this flat iron. It does not damage my hair and I think it actually has stimulated hair growth as my hairdresser tells me how much longer my hair is everytime I go to the salon. I would highly recommend this product
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Ms. Croc Infrared
Feb 9, 2009
5 Star Rating
Im In Love
I love this flat iron! I’m in the process of buying my second one. You ask why two because it’s the best. I can take dry natural hair and make it silky and smooth (one min. you can have a fro the next you can have straight as if it was relaxed). It’s hot in seconds! With Caucasian hair it gives and added shine with out any product. I’m in love and it’s better then a CHI.
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Jan 3, 2009
5 Star Rating
Silver Croc
Hi, This has to be the best flat iron on earth!!!I have very very thick and corse hair and its get pin straight with it!!!!! love itThank you!!!M
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