Croc 1 Wet-to-Dry Titanium Flat Iron (1 1/2")

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Save time and skip a styling step by straightening with the Croc 1 Titanium Wet-To-Dry Flat Iron. Use on damp hair to flatten and dry at the same time.


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Lewisberry, PA
Aug 24, 2010
5 Star Rating
Why Did I Wait So Long?
I wish I had heard of CROC a long time ago! This iron is fab! Despite the good reviews, I was a bit skeptical. It did take me longer than straightening normally does, but normally I spend 1/2 hour or so blow-drying with a round brush, and that gets my hair fairly straight, it's just poofy as all get-out. Per the suggestion, I put no product in my hair, just washed and conditioned, and it came out great! I didn't even feel like I had to put serum in after. I was hanging out on my neighbors' deck last night, and it stayed straight, no frizzies, despite the humid, rainy weather (granted, we were under a gazebo-type canopy). I'm hooked! Going to keep my Chi as a back-up, just in case, but I'm hoping that the CROC lasts a LONG, LONG time!
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Elizabeth C.
Seattle, WA
Aug 23, 2010
1 Star Rating
Worst Iron Ever!!!!
DON'T EVER BUY THIS IRON!! I see that this iron has received positive reviews by many which is why I decided to purchase it. First time I used it, it malfunctioned halfway through, temperature shot to 450 degrees after I had just set it to 320 and it literally BURNED MY HAIR OUT OF MY HAIR. 5 1/2 attached to the iron and no longer my head. I should probably also state that I am African American so my hair is no stranger to heat and nothing like this has EVER happened before. Obviously I was mortified and livid all at once. Called the company who offered to send me another iron rather than a refund. Clearly I do not want another iron!!! With that said this iron gets 0 stars from me but unfortunately I have to give it at least one on this website. Maybe if they had been more accomodating with the refund I deserve I would have been more kind hearted but seeing as I'm waiting I would give this product/company negative stars if I could.
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May 1, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Iron There Is
This iron gets no headline advertising but is the best there is. I have thick very frizzy kinky coarse hair. This iron QUICKLY turns my hair into shiney bouncy beautiful thick hair. I still touch it all the time (and I've owned it for over a year) because I can't believe this is my hair. I will spend any amount to have better looking and conditioned hair. I had a HAI which is an excellent iron but this one is a gift. Just wish I had one of these growing up....
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Apr 9, 2010
4 Star Rating
Best Wet To Dry But Still Has Some Issues...
I have been using a professional wet to dry iron for years (it could me almost an hour to dry and straighten my hair) and when it stopped giving me great results I tried the Croc Wet to Dry. I used it on damp towel dried hair with my favorite Phytodefrisant(best stuff ever) and I was shocked when I first slide the iron through my hair it made an EXTREMELY LOUD popping sound, almost like a small explosion that literally made me jump a foot. After that it glided through the hair with the usual sizzling to be expected with a wet to dry iron. It did made my curly hair very smooth. I tried the iron again and when I first started it did the same very loud popping sound. I thought maybe my hair was a bit too wet, but it was just damp and towel dried, not dripping wet and this is a wet to dry iron...I thought maybe this was a defect? However, when I received another iron it did the same exact thing at the very start of straightening. The product guide in the box said not to use with any product in the hair, maybe that has something to do with the popping noise only at the start of using it? I don't want to try to straighten my hair without a small amount of product in it when it is wet so I am not willing to see if that is the problem. Also, the first 2 times I used it the digital display started beeping and said "error" and turned off. This was very strange, the first Croc I received didn't do that and it certainly was a pain. Folica did say they have not heard of anything like this happening so maybe mine was just a fluke defect. They also have not had any issues with it making a loud popping noise at the beginning of use so maybe it does have to do with using some product on damp hair before using? This iron also made my hair curly hair a bit more flat then I like and took me 25 minutes to dry and straighten my medium length hair when it was damp. I think this iron is best for very coarse, very thick and hard to straighten hair because it does take all of the volume out of the hair. I have found that wet to dry irons really dont save me any time as opposed to blow drying and flat ironing. It may work better for some hair but not for mine. I absolutely love the Sedu Green 3600 hair dryer and Sedu flat iron and I can dry and flat iron my hair to perfection in under 15 minutes which is amazing! This might be a great find for some but it didn't work for me.
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Apr 6, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Evar!!
this is seriously an amazing straightener. i love it. its way better than the top 10 straighteners. this goes to show you that popular is not always better. i never have any problems with this. i have super thick and like super springy curls. they look like when beyonce has curly hair. and this straightener has never given me any fuss. it takes me honestly 20 minutes to straighten my hair whereas before it was taken me literally 2 hours to due it. it is amazing. i recommend this to all curly haired people. seriously add to cart right now.
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Mar 7, 2010
5 Star Rating
I can't say enough fabulous things about my Croc! It dries my hair quickly, and leaves it beautiful and silky! I was skeptical about the wet-dry aspect at first, but my skepticism is over!
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Romeoville, IL
Jan 17, 2010
5 Star Rating
Amazing Flat Ir0n!
it is def. worth the $. This is by far the best flat iron I've had. My hair is frizzy so before I bought this flat iron I would always have to use a shine serum with my other flat irons. But luckily not with this one. It leaves my hair feeling smooth & looking great. This flat iron is A MUST!
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San Francisco, CA, USA
Dec 23, 2009
5 Star Rating
Amazing Flat Iron!!
so i have gone through what i consider a hefty amount of flat irons. i've had the cheap versions like revlon and even wigo where they really did not do much for me being that i have very thick and frizzy asian type of hair. i used the hai flat iron for a while but i noticed with that flat iron that my hair felt coarse to touch even though it did a fair job at straightening my hair. i then went to the to 2" sedu which is a very very good flat iron. the sedu left my hair soft and able to run my fingers through it with ease, though it did not have a swivel cord like the hai for when i curled my hair with my flat iron. i decided to give croc a try one day since i wanted something i could use to flat iron my hair while my hair was damp. i read a review about another girl using the sedu and switching the croc and i have to say that i am happy that i switched to croc!!!! the croc is by far the best iron i have used and at a fairly decent price for a really nice flat iron! i can straighten my hair as soon as i get out the shower or even when my hair is slightly damp and i come out with better results compared to my sedu! i swear that my hair is softer and has more volume when using the croc! i hardly even use biosilk in my hair before or after styling my hair and i still get great results! if you have thick, coarse, unruly hair i really suggest trying this flat iron. you've got to see it for yourself!
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Jul 30, 2009
5 Star Rating
ive used a lot of flat irons in my time walmart brands to designer brands and i have to say the croc is the best! Have you ever bought a flat iron and at first you look fab but by the end of the day a mess? i have so when i looked for a new flat iron after my designer brand with a life time warrentee broke i was iffy! i read reviews and they were great and it had exactly what i needed. i bought that night and it arived 2 days later. that night i straightened my hair and it was wonderful completly straightened in 15 minutes and i have thick hair. my hair was lightand glossy! it looked great but i still wasnt sure. when i woke up the next day my hair was STILL straight it was wonderful. THE CROC, IT LASTS, IT WORKS, AND U LOOK GREAT! WHAT MORE CAN U WANT?!?!?! its the best it saves time and it works!! now i know i made the right choice!one daya friend cameover and she has wavy hair and i straightened and she was like wow! and it lasted on her to now she is looking into buying one! so click add to cart NOW!
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Jul 1, 2009
5 Star Rating
Croc is AMAZING. And proof that not every product with little review is bad. I owned a sedu for years but croc takes the cake. Your hair will be so shiny and smooth after using it. But when choosing a flat iron I think it depends alot on your hair type. My hair happens to be coarse, frizzy, and wavy. They say flat ironing ruins your hair but my hair feels SO healthy after using a croc. I HIGHLY reccommend it. My hair dresser also switched from sedu to croc :D
4 out of 4 shoppers thought this review was helpful.
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