Croc Baby Croc Mini Flat Iron Light Pink

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The Light Pink Baby Croc Mini Flat Iron provides professional quality styling all the while giving 10% of the proceeds from sales during the month of October to fund Breast Cancer Research.


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Sandra V.
United States
Apr 5, 2013
1 Star Rating
Mini Croc
never got hot enough to penetrate my hair. no adjustments on heat , not worth the price.
Patricia S.
Spring, TX
Jan 31, 2013
5 Star Rating
This works better than the larger Croc that I have bought and returned. Will keep this one and I love the price.
Mar 18, 2012
3 Star Rating
Great For Travel, But Only 3 Stars
Great that it comes with a heat resistant pouch for travel, only one temperature setting.. Takes a few minutes to reach its maximum heat. I mainly use it for my edges. Just an okay product in my opinion
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Feb 22, 2012
2 Star Rating
Just Okay
I was looking for a replacement for the Sedu mini, which I had for 3 years and loved until I left it at the gym and someone took it.

Interested in spending slightly less money and thinking that maybe technology had decreased prices in the 3 years since I bought the Sedu, I went with the slightly less expensive Mini Croc. It more or less did the job (straightening the very frizzy hairs along my hairline) but wasn't nearly as effective as the Sedu. It took longer to heat up and didn't straighten as well. Plus, it was a bit bigger so more cumbersome. Lastly, while I appreciated the heat pad, it didn't roll up very well. And I drag this thing around with me all day so size and packaging is important to me.

Anyway, someone stole the mini Croc as well, so this time I'm going back to the Sedu (and making sure I don't leave it at the gym!).
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April M.
United States
Oct 4, 2011
5 Star Rating
Perfect For Super Short Hair!!
I recently cut off 8" and the hair in the back is extremely short. I have a 2" flat iron but it's quite difficult to flatten those tiny unruly hairs with it. I thought about purchasing the same brand as my other flat iron but after reading good reviews I decided for the price, this was a good choice. Boy am I glad I decided on this one! The size is perfect, it heats quickly and gets super hot. I wouldn't recommend this as your full time straightener unless you have very short hair. I'll use this in combination with my other flat iron. This is perfect for very short hairs or touch ups!
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Jul 14, 2011
4 Star Rating
Must Have Item!!
I loved the Croc Classic so much I had to have the Mini! Love it for the smaller areas you can't get the larger flat iron in.
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Jun 10, 2011
4 Star Rating
Baby Croc Review
I got the results I was looking for. I have short hair, so the baby croc allows me to get the hair that's close to my face that I wasn't able to get with my full size iron. I'm very satisfied with this product and this website. I would definitely use this website again, as well as recommend it to my friends.
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Hair Twirler
Los Angeles
Feb 28, 2011
5 Star Rating
Great Iron Works On Long, Thick Asian Hair
I originally bought this mini-iron thinking that I could only use it on my bangs and the shorter fringe that frames my face but I have been using this for my entire head of long hair that goes past the bra-line! I am really amazed that my thick Asian hair holds curls for 2 days. I love this little iron and hope it lasts... if not, it's definitely worth the price to buy a new one every few months as I have been using it every other day for the past week and a half. It is so difficult to curl my hair and even hair spray won't keep curls in, however, this flat iron can be used to create gorgeous ringlets that last! I used to spend upwards of $350 every 3 months to have my hair set with a digital hot perm or $80 each time I wanted it styled for an event, but now I can do it on my own and it turns out exactly the way I want it. If I could make any improvements to it, I would add a temperature control (this only has an on/off switch and no temp indicator) and I would change the ink of the logo... the first time I used it, the black ink melted and I had to wipe off the logo paint. It's not a big deal, but it was messy looking and strange to have black ink smeared all over the exterior of the flat iron. Other than that, this is a fabulous tool and I am really happy with the purchase! I highly recommend this and always use it with Crack Leave-in Cream. What a great duo!
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