Cricket Titanium Tourmaline 450 Styling Iron

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Cricket Titanium Tourmaline 450 Styling Iron features rounded plate edges and variable temperature control up to 450 degrees for a variety of hair types and multiple styling options.


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Dec 16, 2012
5 Star Rating
Professional Use, Amazing Results! The Other Pros Just Dont Know...
Granted I have only had this flat iron for about 2 months, but it is the best I have ever used!

I am talking smooooth glide, one quick pass and you have smooth silky, shiny, straight undamaged hair!!! On all hair types!

I tried it first on my natural blonde hair, fairly easily damaged, and I was impressed at its performance! NO snagging or sticking, smooth glide, quick 1 pass, with great curls and beautiful results, where every other flat iron I have used, no matter how expensive, has not come close.

So I took it to work, even more amazing! Its performance is outstanding on all hair types, including very tight ethnic hair, without any damage.

Temp adjusts up to 450, although I have not had it above 420, even on very tight ethnic hair,. It has a 30 second heat up which also means it keeps a much more consistent temperature throughout service. It has rounded edge plates so it curls and flips with a twist of the wrist!

For now it is my best unknown secret!

It feels solid, so if it holds up to time and use,...which I have a feeling it will...

I has my vote over chi, babyliss, solia, ghd, salon tech, croc........
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Oct 24, 2012
5 Star Rating
Super Fast Flat Iron
I used to take 30 minuted to straighten my naturally curly hair but since I got this new iron it only takes less than 20 minutes.
This iron gets hot instantly and takes me less time than the CHI I used to use.
I was reluctant to buy it because of the lower price but am so glad I did, I won't use anything else!
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Cherbens A.
United States
Apr 28, 2012
5 Star Rating
:)love It!
This flat iron gets the job done and fast! One pass is enough on my relaxed hair. It goes up to 450 degrees which is great for straightening or curling a weave!I don't use 450 on my real hair...I do not really like the smell that comes from it but I manage and i am sure most or all flat irons do that. The lower the degree the least significant the smell! It heats up in only 21 seconds instead the 30 that is stated.

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Southern Maine
Apr 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
I owned another Cricket flat iron before the ceramic chipped. When I used this one for the first time I was amazed. It heats in seconds. Plus with my long hair it was straight in five minutes tops! Love this.
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