Cricket Centrix Ceramic Flat Iron 1"

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Cricket Centrix Ceramic Flat Iron 1" will smooth and shine your hair in seconds.


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Christina S.
Dec 29, 2013
3 Star Rating
Didn't Love
I wanted to love this flat iron, but it continually snagged my fine, color-treated hair. Go with Sedu Revolution instead.
Nov 16, 2013
5 Star Rating
Wonderful Flat Iron
I bought this iron early in 2010 because my Solia gave up on life after only a year and a half. I bought this one because it was on sale at the time and seemed to work well from other reviews. Well this is by far the best flat iron I have ever used. I'm going on 4 years with this one and it has never let me down. It not only straightens my hair beautifully and easily, it also works well to curl my hair. Best iron hands down.
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Oct 8, 2011
5 Star Rating
this is the perfect straightener for anyone. no matter what your hair type is, long, short, thick, thin, curly, straight, this will make your hair soft, smooth, shiny, and straight. i have recommended it to everyone. so now i recommend it to you guys. this is the only straightener that will do the job right! believe me i have tried everything, and this by far is my favorite! there is no comparison. i love this straightener.
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Lindsay S.
Aug 22, 2011
5 Star Rating
Amazing! Buy It!
i got this for my birthday in November (2010) and i love it! it makes you're hair soo shiny! i have long medium thickness hair that is very wavy and it makes it very straight! all my friends have used this too and they love it! it works with short thick coarse hair, and fine colored hair. it's just amazing! it's totally worth the money! i highly recommend this. i have tried so many other ones like chi's and ghd's and babyliss and so many others and this is my favorite! i love it!
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May 23, 2011
2 Star Rating
Didn't Live Up To Standards...but Customer Service Was Great!
i spent lots of time on my computer researching different flat irons and this one looked great to me...though when it arrived (promptly, i might add) it certainly did not deliver. my hair was shiny, but not flat. it had a weird blue and red light switching on and off and no directions--the whole thing was a mess! very confusing for such a simple thing. i did like the aesthic appeal and how the plates easily glided along my hair, but i was not in love with this iron. i did return it and had my money fully refunded just a few days after i shipped it though, which was good. i do not reccommend this iron, but i do reccommend!
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Apr 10, 2011
5 Star Rating
Absolutely love this straightener/curler!
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Nov 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
Fantastic Product!
Awesome straightener would recommend to anyone. Trusty straightener blew up after many years and this is a great replacement. heats up in about 2 seconds, perfectly straight hair, great for curling. one of the best products around.

Great service also :)
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Alli H.
Nov 25, 2010
5 Star Rating
i have thick coarse hair, and before this straighter, i didn't think straightening my hair was worth it, but this flat iron is AMAZING. no damage, just perfect flat hair. best ever, definitely worth the $$
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Feb 20, 2010
5 Star Rating
Best Ever!
i have tried many staighteners...even CHI and this one worked the best. a woman at the beauty shop recomended it works wonders. i have very thick long curly hair and after im done styling it my hair is smooth soft and shinny. i would recomend it for ALL types of hair!
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Aug 4, 2009
5 Star Rating
I just got the Centrix for my hair and i was thinking of getting the ghd. But i did some research and the Centrix is way cheaper and gives the best results. I have mild/thick hair and it makes it dead straight. The same as ghd but cheaper.
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