Conair Infiniti Pro Oil-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron

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Conair Infiniti Pro Oil-Infused Ceramic Flat Iron combines argan oil fusion and conditioning anti-frizz right into the 1 inch plates. Includes bonus Argan Oil sample!


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Ilene F.
Oct 25, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Straightener Ever
I tried about 6 different straighteners before I purchased this one. All the others were too heavy and only made my ends frizzy. I have course, thick shoulder length hair and the salon foils my hair. This straightener is not only light and easy to use, but made my hair look fantastic! I got so many compliments once I started using it. Not only did it de-frizz my hair, it's light weight allowed me to style the way I wanted to...the heavier, wider straighteners did not let me curl and flip to my liking. The oil infusion kept my hair looking shiny and healthy.

I will NEVVVERRR buy another straightener!!!!!!
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Sep 22, 2013
5 Star Rating
First off, I am a male with long, thick, black hair, naturally curly, with a colic (Gives me trouble no longer). I went to the store to purchase a new flat iron because the Remington Wet-2-Straight flat iron went completely obsolete after 2 weeks of use. I chose this brand and was extremely pleased. One run through the colic completely straightened it out to a point where you would not have noticed that there was a colic in the first place! Additionally, there was a point on the box that said "15 second heat up", and I was skeptical.....foolish me! In 15 seconds or less, the setting I set it to heated up! I have naturally frizzy hair, and this product does the job, not to mention that the fact that my hair is smooth as a new glass surface! I do recommend this product to anyone that has thick, thin, and long hair! Completely satisfying!
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United States
Apr 21, 2013
1 Star Rating
I have very long naturally curly hair. I have used many different straightening irons with various results. The first time I used this straightener I was thrilled! My hair was straight and shiny. However, the second time I used it, it burned my hair! My ends all feel like melted plastic, and the smell was so gross! In all the different times I have straightened my hair I have never had such devastating results! Now, my naturally curly hair won't curl up at all! Instead it is frizzy with gross straight ends that I can't do anything with. I am getting my money back!
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Rachel A.
South Carolina
Nov 24, 2012
4 Star Rating
My Secret Weapon
This straightener is worth the price . AWESOME !
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Kellie C.
Arkansas, USA
Oct 23, 2012
4 Star Rating
Very Nice For The Money
I really like this straightener. It is very lightweight and works very well. I like the floating plate, it helps keep your hair from getting pulled. It is a little narrow, and if you hold it where it is most comfortable to use, the handle is quite hot. But I think it is a great value.
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Oct 16, 2012
1 Star Rating
Ruined My Hair!!!
i had this straightener for less than two months i turned it on to my regular setting, for less then 5 minutes, i went to straighten my hair and it melted everything i hav patches and chunks falling out! my hair is destroyed, I DO NOT recommend this product to any one!
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Sep 23, 2012
3 Star Rating
Does The Job
Heats up faster than my old cheep flat iron, but I'm not used to the long plates that are easier to burn fingers with when trying to wrap hair around it. Leaves crimps if hair is left wrapped in it for for longer than a half second, which worries me that it's frying my hair even after spraying on a heat protectant.
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Ryan R.
Chicago, IL
Sep 16, 2012
4 Star Rating
Good Flat Iron For Natural Hair
I was VERY skeptical of trying another Conair product because, to me, their flat irons & curling irons don't get hot enough for my hair. However, I read a review on here that had me interested, so I went ahead and took a risk. I just got done using the flat iron today, and I love it! It got hot enough for my hair, the aragan is a plus on my hair because it smells good and made my hair soft. This flat iron works better than the HAI flat iron that I bought from the website. It was definitely worth the purchase.
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Jul 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Straightener Ever!!!!..... 8)
Never had any intention of writing a review but Folica asked, so I comply...First of all, I am a male with long wavy black hair. One length & a little bit past my shoulder. The texture can be describe as normal I guess. Because of the waviness of my hair, it is extremely unmanageable unless I either, blow dry it or better yet, straighten it...I bought this straightener along with the Conair Infiniti iSeries Cord-Keeper Folding Dryer with the intention of using both on different occasions depending on what I want at that particular time. Anyway, I decided to try the straightener first because from my experience, straightening my hair always give me better control than blow drying it and therefore I prefer it....The result was absolutely FANTASTIC!!!...My hair is as straight as I wanted it to be, but best of all, it is soft, silky & extremely manageable!!....I don't claim to know a lot about different straighteners but man-oh-man, I can't imagine any straightener that would perform better than this one....The multiple heat setting is very precise & fantastic and essentially all I did was follow the instruction...The best part?....Very affordable & will not cost you an arm & a leg...The result I get from this straightener is so good that I haven't even touch the blow-dryer...And I don't see myself using the blow-dryer any time soon either....This straightener is perfect for long hair but not too long....If you have very long hair, I think you are going to need a straightener that's a little bit bigger than 1 inch.....If you have medium to longish shoulder length hair, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT!!..... 8)
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Jun 30, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Hair Straightener!
This hair straightener is absolutely fabulous! I've used a variety in my life time since being introduced to hair straighteners, And this is the best so far! I'm done spending hundreds of dollars on Chi's at my local salon, I'll stick to this forty dollar infiniti! Naturally, My hair is very curly and frizzy, But this straightener left it soft and silky smooth to the touch! And not to mention pin straight! Five stars from me. Love it.
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