CHI Wet To Dry Flat Iron

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The next generation of CHI Advanced American Technology styling tools.The CHI Auto-Digital Wet to Dry Ceramic 1-1/4" Flat Iron is an innovative, ergonomically designed styling tool created to provide professional salon results with every use.


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Jul 24, 2012
2 Star Rating
Rebiew On Chi Wet To Dry
I was super excited to find out my sister had this iron as I had just been eyeballing the babyliss one on amazon but wanted to actually try one first. I have normal hair with a bit of a wave. I do have a regular one inch CHI which I love but it's older and doesn't get as hot as the newer ones. I washed and conditioned my hair then dried throats a bit so it was damp but not dry. The iron did dry the hair but took several passes. It is very light weight and glides smoothly much like any other chi but I did end up with puffy frizzy hair even though I did put on heat protectant and Moroccan oil. I will be giving this back to my sister as it did not leave hair glossy but was dry and frizzy. I had to smooth it down with my normal old CHI. I wonder though if the babyliss is better as it does say it gets hotter. Not sure yet if I am going to buy one of these or if they generally all the same.
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Jul 11, 2012
3 Star Rating
Wet to dry works, but it made my hair dry and strawlike (I used it on damp, almost dry hair). I never used wet to dry again, so already my money was wasted.

Straightening my hair normally it works as good as any CHI. This iron broke after only 2 years though.

Wet to dry sounded awesome - but in my opinion, it is too good to be true. Stick with a regular straightener.
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Jan 14, 2012
1 Star Rating
Dont Buy
I like the other chi straightners they work great. This does not work good even when your hair is dry. Do not buy it is not a good product.
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Nov 26, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever
I have medium length very curly hair. It is fine but there is a lot of it and I have not found anything that works really well to tame it... until I bought the Chi Wet to Dry flat iron. I used to dry and style my hair using a brush for 15 + minutes and it would still not be totally straight. I would have to use a flat iron when it was dry to fully straighten my hair so it took me over 20 minutes to get my hair completely straight.

Before using the Wet to Dry iron I dried my hair until it was damp. I didn't style it at all with the dryer... just bent over and dried my hair until it was damp but totally curly which took about 5 minutes. I then used the Chi Wet to Dry flat iron and in about 5 minutes it was perfectly straight and very silky... cutting my hair prep time in half. I live in Florida and the humidity would always turn my nicely straightened hair curly/frizzy in a matter of minutes. After using the Wet to Dry my hair stays straight for a very long time and doesn't frizz... when it is super hot and humid some of my hair gets a little wavy. To me the Chi Wet to Dry is significantly better for straightening my hair than any product I have ever used.

It works as well dry as it does wet. I section my hair and straighten a portion at a time which speeds up the process and separates the damp hair from the dry straightened hair. I think it is the best flat iron ever.
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Kristin W.
Jun 28, 2011
4 Star Rating
Im Confused?!!
Umm... I have read these reviews and i am bafuled about how many say that it is the best product but some say its the worst... i want to be able to read an honest report about the chi hair straightener before i purchase it... Please take it into consideration to write the truth in these reviews, i dont want to wait about $160 on a bad hair straightener.... Thank You(: Of course my hair is curly and THICK so i want something to help me fix the aperance of my hair and make it STRAIT and thin and i hope this product is the best way to goo;D
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May 23, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Iron I've Found
I have been a hairdresser for 25 years...have been through a bizzillion flat irons. "This by far is the best hands down. It is worth the investment. I have very naturally curly hair and it works awsesome!
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Dec 27, 2010
1 Star Rating
Damp? To Dry. Hardly
I have thick, coarse and very curly hair. I read other reviews and couldn't wait to try this product. I tested it by sectioning my hair and using a blow dryer to create different levels of dampness depending on the section. The only section that actually became straight was the one that was basicly dry already. About 5 more minutes with the blow dryer would've achieved the same results. Plus this flat iron has ridges on either side, called "channels" in the product description to supposedly keep the steam from burning your head. While I was apparantly saved from unfortunate steam incidents, these "channels" are rather deep and served to crimp the hair closest to the scalp. This resulted in hair sticking in very strange directions almost like a "cowlick". The actually damp hair did become dry after about two passes with the flat iron but they were poufy, frizz filled and far from straight. I ended up having to use my other flat iron anyway so it didn't really save time.
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William S.
Dec 27, 2010
5 Star Rating
"great Product"
"This is an amazing product. I bought this for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. I was very pleased with the fast shipping and the overall shopping experience on the web site. We look forward to shopping here in the future."

Thank you Folica
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Sabba S.
Dec 23, 2010
5 Star Rating
Most Amazing Thing I've Ever Used.
When i first heard of the chi damp to dry straightner i thought it was just a stupid excuse to make the cost even higher then it already was. But then my mom bought it for my christmast present and i just had to open it early, i had a previouse straightner. It was with premier. It worked nicely for the first couple of months. But now it just makes my hair frizz instead of straight. I turned the Chi on and waited for it to turn on. which didnt take that long actully, i took one clump of hair i damped it ran it trough my hair.And im just blown away. It might it so nice and dry, smooth and straight. I decided to do the rest of my hair which only really took 13 mins when it usally took 45 with my other one. And i have short hair so it shouldent take that long. My hair has been soo smooth and shiny im just in love. I definaltly recommend this product to anyone who wants amazing hair. The price may be a little high, but at least you wont need to buy more then one cause this will last u for a awhile!
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Nov 18, 2010
5 Star Rating
I love it, I have very curly hair and it leaves it straight and smooth without having to blow dry it! My hair is very dry, but when I use it, it looks healthy and shinny!
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