Brocato VibraSTRAIT Oscillating 1" Flat Iron

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Brocato's VibraSTRAIT Oscillating 1" Flat Iron creates smooth, wavy or curly styles without snagging hair thanks to their vibrating tourmaline ceramic plates.


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Jane B.
Marietta ,Ga.
Aug 12, 2016
5 Star Rating
Brocato Perfect For My Hair.
My Hair Dresser uses this Brocato Flat Iron. It works so well with my short silky hair. I could not wait to have one of my own. I may not be a professional Hair Stylist but, I know a quality product when I see it. Waiting for its arrival !!
Jun 25, 2016
3 Star Rating
After reading all the reviews on this flat iron, I couldn't wait to try it. I am very disappointed in it's performance. My 3 year old straighter I was replacing worked better than this one. It does not do a good job of smoothing my hair. I can't figure out what the oscillating thing is supposed to do. It doesn't help smooth my hair. I would not recommend this. For the price I expected something that would work better.
Penny W.
Lebanon, PA
Nov 5, 2015
2 Star Rating
Stopped Working
I was so excited to receive this straightener and I worked well to straighten my frizzy, coarse hair. I actually didn't have frizz when I was finished. However, I only used it 3 times and the vibrating part stopped working. No mater what I tried there was only a very slight vibration compared to the first 2 times I used it. So disappointed and I am afraid to exchange it for another one since it broke after so few uses.
Aug 10, 2015
4 Star Rating
Great Upgrade For My Thick Hair
I was honestly nervous to switch over from my 2 in. HAI Classic Pro to this 1 in. Brocato but it's been smooth sailing so far. My hair is long, thick, frizzy, curly -- you name it, I've got it and for the longest time, I thought the bigger the flat iron, the better it was for my hair type. But the Brocato has changed all that. I don't even need the highest setting; at 390 degrees, my hair is done and flat in 20 minutes. I've gotten pretty efficient over the years at straightening but 20 minutes is like a record. All in all, I'm very happy and I'm glad I tried it out even when it didn't have a ton of reviews.
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Aug 15, 2014
5 Star Rating
Fabulous Flat Iron ...
I just got a Keratin treatment and wanted to make sure that my hair appeared as such ... well I purchased this flat iron and it Blew me away. It is well made and you can't beat their warranty. I love it, I love using it. It heats up really fast and is really comfortable.I would recommend it !!!
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Aug 11, 2014
5 Star Rating
Love This Flat Iron
This flat iron is the best! Very easy to use, and makes my hair very smooth and soft! I would defiantly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about ordering it.
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Stacey D.
United States
Feb 22, 2014
5 Star Rating
This Iron Is A Miracle!
I have used CHI flat irons only for my extremely thick, course, wavy hair. I was in need of a new iron and stumbled across the Brocato. Never heard of it and was very skeptical.... very. I watched the video and decided to try it.. if I did not work like It said it would I could always return it.

Last night I washed my hair and dried it (takes me about 15 minutes to dry and about 15-20 minutes to straighten.) Turned the Brocato on and it instantly heated up to 390.

Well, let me tell you... ONE PASS on a section of hair and my hair was straight as can be... silky and smooth.. Just ONE PASS.. My whole head (chin length hair) took me about 10 minutes tops to straighten. I could NOT BELIEVE IT!

I am amazed at how well this flat iron worked on my type of hair. I STRONGLY recommend it to anyone with hair that is as time consuming as mine..

And NO, I am not getting paid by the company to write this review.. I am a middle aged mom from Mass. I am picky when it comes to hair products and flat irons. If I am writing an excellent review on this product.. it IS EXCELLENT!

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Missouri, United States
Feb 19, 2014
5 Star Rating
Amazing Results From An Amazing Product!
I love this straightener. My cousin and I have had one for 2 years so far and first one we purchased for $200. On Folica, I saw that it was only half the price so I decided to get one for my other cousin for her birthday because she loved how this vibrated and how silky soft it made her hair. She has frizzy, dark curly hair and it made it look like she just got a straightening perm! This is the best product my cousins and I have used for our hair! Any other straightener is in our past!
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Stephanie K.
United States
Dec 31, 2013
5 Star Rating
Awesome Straightener And Fast Shipping
My mother in law bought me this straightener for xmas about 3 or 4 years ago and I loved it. It heats up fast, it works great even on my thick curls and it gets close to the root. It even works great at creating big curls if you twist the flat iron as you go down the hair. It finally went out a few months ago after over 3 years which to me is an incredible time for a flat iron to last, before I would get lucky on a year and a half. So I went to go purchase this iron online and found that it was really expensive! This was the cheapest sight I found it on, listed at $165 and I got lucky with a Holiday deal listing it for $99! I even found a coupon code that brought it down to a total of $74.95 with free shipping! I was ecstatic!!! I bought it early in the day (10am) and it shipped out by that evening! I got the product less than 5 days later! I was really impressed with the shipping since it was across country and how great everything turned out! Only thing I could rate down on, which I wont, is that it didn't come with the heat resistance bag to put the iron in, that my old one came with. BUT I still have my old one and You can't beat the deal I got on this product considering its over $200 on most online sites :) Its is the best straightener I have purchase and i don't think I will ever go back to another.
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United States
Dec 12, 2013
5 Star Rating
There's Nothing Not To Love About This Flat Iron!
My stylist has been using this on my hair for over a year. I finally got curious about it when someone asked her about it while she was styling my hair. I've had this for a little over a month and I can get results almost as good as my stylist. I have never been able to master curling my hair with a flat iron until this one arrived. There's no pulling involved, the temperatures are thoroughly controlled, and it cut a lot of time styling my hair. The digital display makes it very easy to get the right temperature and there's no way to accidentally move the little dial most flat irons have since it's digital with buttons that are covered while it is in use. It really does glide very easily and gently to help minimize breakage. When I use it for curls, they stay for days instead of hours. I never thought tools could make this much difference until I got this one. This flat iron works quickly, makes my hair smoother, my curls bouncier, and heats up very rapidly. I can't imagine going back to a regular one after using this one myself.
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