Babyliss Pro TT 1 1/2" Steam Straightener

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Babyliss Pro TT Steam Straightener is not just a flat iron but a total conditioning system that infuses hair with deep moisturizing ionic steam as it straightens!


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Mar 25, 2015
5 Star Rating
Best Flat Iron Ever!!!
This is the only straightener that will get my hair board straight and will stay that way. I have naturally wavy hair, and this works wonders. The one i've had for years is just now starting to go out, and i can't find this same make and model ANYWHERE and i'm starting to panic!! It's THAT good. Leaves my hair shiny and silky, and super straight!
Dina G.
West Coast
Jan 22, 2014
5 Star Rating
Gentle! Straightens Even At Low Temps!
The more I use the Babyliss Steam Straightener the more I love it. I have been trying to find the lowest temp that is effective for my hair, and I think I am down to the very low 200s, and it works superbly. (Of course low temps=less damage). My hair is thick and wavy, I really use this for "finish" or polish on air-dried hair (which would frizz up, ugh). Air-drying plus low temps and one pass (perhaps two passes for styling, max) leaves hair in much better condition, and the straightening seems to last. Less work too, because when I straighten with the Babyliss, I can go 5-7 days between washing. I have a Babyliss Portofino hairdryer too, and that is superb as well.
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Dee G.
Aug 14, 2013
4 Star Rating
Babyliss Steam Flat Iron
LOVE IT! it three tries to get one that worked properly BUT, the third time was a charm!! Folica was very awesome to work with me with the defect issues. Thank you Folica because I totally love this flat iron for my already damaged hair! Working great!
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Apr 21, 2013
5 Star Rating
4b/4c Hair
African American 4B/4C hair with severe shrinkage upon contact of of any liquid form. This flat iron is Amazing! I was a Maxiglide user and abuser for several years it finally broke down and the company no longer makes the XL addition ( large 2 inch plates). However, I considered this a blessing because I have discovered the flat irons of all flat irons the Babyliss steam straightener. It work well on natural hair textures. This particular flat iron does not snag or pull on the hair strands. I do not write testimonials, but I thought it would be the right thing to do because many testimonials persuaded me to make this very needed purchase. Look guys if you don't like it you can always return it! My daughter and I are very pleased with the results and the performance of this exceptional flat iron. Better than the Maxiglide by a mile.
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Brandi H.
United States
Oct 2, 2012
5 Star Rating
Soo In Love!!
I have 4b/4c type hair and I have been natural since 2009. I have tried in vain to heat train my hair, I Love my natural look but I also Love wearing my wraps. My problem is that I am a sweater so pressing my hair out got real pointless after a while because it would kink up hours after pressing it and in the end causing more damage than necessary to my hair. My best friend originally purchased these flat irons and I instantly noticed a change in my hair after using them. My curl pattern isn't soo tight (which is what I wanted) and my hair doesn't sweat out nearly as fast (only have to use 2-3x a wk Vs everyday w/norm flats). I was in Love so I had to purchase them for myself! This is a great product for African Hair types especially if your trying to heat train. Just be careful about excessive use, and make sure to keep up with your deep conditioning and hot oil treatments to help keep hair healthy and moisturized!!
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Apr 25, 2012
3 Star Rating
Pretty Good
Im a hair stylist who specializes in textured Natural hair. This flat iron is great at pressing the the hair before you style it. However it's not a good styler. I was a little disappointed about that but like I said, its great for a "first press". You don't need much, if any product to get the hair to be soft and shiny. You just have to go back over it with a regular flat iron to get a more polished result.
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Karla M.
Nov 11, 2011
4 Star Rating
Better Than Sedu!
Have own this for 6 months now, and I will never go back to my Sedu. This works faster and gets my hair straighter too. I really like this one! I gave it four stars, because I don't find the steamer all that useful for my hair type.
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Oct 16, 2011
2 Star Rating
This Is Not A "steam Curling Iron".
Each time I try finding a steam Curling Iron it keeps coming up with a Steam Straightner.
I had a steam curling iron for almost 20 yrs. Best Iron that I had ever had. Now I can't find anything except for this. Mine only cost 24.00 dollars not in the hundreds. why is this so expensive? Why does the advertisment say curling iron instead of curling straightner? Just saying.
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Aug 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
Effective At Low Settings
I am using this Babyliss Pro TT 1 1/2" Steam Straightener on my transitioning African- American hair once a week, following deep conditioning. I'm going natural but don't want to big-chop. I find that keeping the same texture between my natural and relaxed hair is the best way to prevent breakage at the demarcation line, and this flat iron does the job with great results. I have a mix of hair types and use a setting of 5 (~265 degrees F) on my 3C hair and a setting of 10 (280 degrees F) on my 4A hair to get relaxer-like straightness, without going bone-straight. I haven't seen any breakage so far and am maintaining length (BSL), and attribute that to the steam and low settings. I do blow dry my natural roots first using a ceramic dryer on the lowest temperature. This keeps me from needing higher temps when I flat iron, as opposed to air-drying and then using the flat iron. During blow dry, I use a little coconut oil on the roots, which acts as a protectant when I use the flatiron down the length of my hair. The iron is smooth and I don't use the retractable teeth since I've already shower-detangled and done a little smoothing during blowdry. Reversion is minimal unless I have a hard workout and sweat a lot, and if that happens, I wear a protected or curly style until the next flatiron session. I think I'd cave in to the creamy crack during this transition if not for this flat iron's ability to turn three hair textures (relaxed, natural 3C, natural 4A) into one.
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Jul 26, 2011
3 Star Rating
Not Impressed
I'm not a big fan of this flat iron. I;ve given it a good couple of months to break it in, but I just don't really like it. Even on the hottest setting, it doesn't seem like it gets that hot. Rarely do I only have to pass my hair once, and it's not curly. Because of the shape of the plates on the inside, it doesn't seem to give very good control of where you want your ends to go. The water reserve seems to get used up extremely quickly. I have to refill it at least every time. My hair is a about 2.5" passed my shoulders. The housing is supposed to never get hot, because it is Ryton, but mine does. It gets very hot.. So hot that I can't touch the ends when it is on. Prior to this flat iron I had a Chi Elite, a Karmin, and a Croc 2 Infrared. I really liked all of those! They are are all much better than this one in every way! Except! It seems that I have less damage. Which iss a great thing!
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