Babyliss Pro TT 1 1/2" Steam Straightener

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Babyliss Pro TT Steam Straightener is not just a flat iron but a total conditioning system that infuses hair with deep moisturizing ionic steam as it straightens!


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Dec 10, 2010
5 Star Rating
Love It!
This flat iron straightens my hair so well. The steam helps to break down the kink and curls. I only do one pass and thats it. and I used temp 15 (310 degrees) which is way lower than what i use with other flat iron to get the straight look that i got with my babyliss. I'm so glad it has a 5 yr warranty.
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Las Vegas, NV
Sep 16, 2010
5 Star Rating
Soft And Silky
I went to the a new salon and the stylist used this on my hair. It was incredibly soft and silky. I went to get my hair trimmed, I usually straighten my own hair. The visit and cost was worth it, but this iron does something so simple but great. My hair was silky for days. She did not put any special conditioner in my hair, it was the iron. It is not available in many stores. I will definitely purchase this product in the future. I have African American wavy/curly hair and use a lot of heat sometime to get my hair looking good. This iron uses water/steam, it just sounds better. This iron is better than the Chi for all those addicts out there! : )
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Nitka G.
Sep 9, 2010
5 Star Rating
Steam Striaghtener
My stylist used this straightener on my hair today and I love it. It is hard to find flat irons that truly work well with African American hair, especially when you are doing the natural look! My hair feels soft and silky. I am going to have to purchase one of my own.
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Apr 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
This Straightener Is Amazing !!!!!
i love this straightener is is so good my hair gets straighter and softer and shinnier when i use and makes my hair look and feel great i love this straightener and recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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