Amika Downtown Graffiti 1.25" Ceramic Styler

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Get all the quality of the Amika Ceramic Styler in a fun and funky print with the Amika Downtown Graffiti Ceramic Styler.


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Jun 21, 2014
5 Star Rating
All I Can Say Is Wwwwooooww<3
ok so i have never fallen in love with a straightener before but boyfriend might have some competition now lol. I am mixed african american and spanish but hair hair is definetly realllllyyyyyyyy curly like the curls are extremely tight plus my hair is dyed so its really dry. I bought a cheap conair infiniti pro iron after reading the reviews and you get what you pay for. It sorta straightened out my hair but it was really frizzy at the ends. My issue was i bought this flat iron but it wouldnt shut on so i went with my back up. So i decided to give it one last shot before i dumped it and boy am i glad i did! first off this doesnt dry out your hair! or at least not mine probably due to the heat protectant i used which was the one that goes with the kqc flat iron which i highly reccommend also! this iron made it like melt into my hair and took any frizz i had and made it silky and shiny it was EPIC. the only other flat iron that could do that was a titanium one that i got called the croc but titanium burns the hair alot easier so i was afraid to use it. GET THIS FLAT IRON ITS THE TRUTH! I never thought id write a review about any product but with this one i just HAD to. :)
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Jan 8, 2014
5 Star Rating
Cuts down on straightening/styling time hugely!!
Hair is so soft and shiny! Highly recommend this!
Ronja A.
The Netherlands
Aug 5, 2013
1 Star Rating
Damaged Hair And Curls Gone Â?? Worst Buy Ever
I've always had curly hair, beautiful spiral curls, but since my hair usually is a bit frizzy at the top, I've been using hair straighteners for years to smoothen out the frizz.

I bought the Amika straightener at the airport in Amsterdam after the seller convinced me that the infra-red heat would do no damage to my hair, and even though it was way more expensive than any straightener I've ever bought, the life time guarantee sounded great.

What I have found now, sadly, is that this one has done more damage to my hair than anything I've ever used. Some places are burnt and crunched up like hair that gets to close to fire. Some parts of my hair got burned and simply fell off.

But the worst part: all my natural curls are now gone. My hair is just kind of wavy in a weird way. Every day is now a bad hair day :(

I'm gonna see if I can return it and get my money back â?? but how to compensate for the damage? I guess I just have to wait for a few years until new hair has grown out.

(My first negative customer review ever, but I really mean it. I don't recommend this to anyone, especially not if you have natural curls and want to keep them.)

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Kate S.
Ventura, CA
Jul 8, 2013
5 Star Rating
I just love this! My hair is very fine and very frizzy, the worse combination in the world! I researched for months the best straightener, and found that a 100% ceramic straightener is the best for fine hair. I use it at a very low temperature, about 140 degrees, and with a single pass, works just great. I still only straighten my hair about once a week, to keep the damage minimal.
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St. Louis, MO
Jul 2, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Straightener Money Can Buy
This straightener is literally like a magic wand. It instantly makes your hair soft, shiny, straight, devoid of flyaways, and healthy looking! I have used amika straighteners for three and a half years and I will never ever use another brand. My roommate has very curly hair and she borrowed my amika one time before she ended up buying one of her own. Good purchase. One thing, I had to switch shampoos and products because the straightener was making my hair greasy. Weird I know, but I switched from a shampoo for dry hair to a shampoo for normal hair and the problem stopped.
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Jun 28, 2013
1 Star Rating
How To Burn Beautiful Platinum Silver Hair
I bought this after watching a demo on tv where it looked like it would be wonderful! I had tried to get it delivered before we went on vacation BUT I AM SO GLAD IT CAME AFTER!! After using it several time I set the temp up a little higher to get a more defined curl. When I took the hair out of the styler I noticed my silver hair was browned!! I had to cut off large sections of the top.

As an older woman I have been growing my hair forever attempting to achieve a long wedge so that the sides go under my chin. Well, I may end up having all that effort wasted when my hairdresser tells me what my options are!! I didn't want to get a haircut yet but I cannot leave this multi-color hair like it is.[ I am past the age of multi-color hair!] But I was quite happy with it and searching for a way to keep it healthier. I am dreading this haircut. And, I did read the directions and have been years curling and coloring my hair. Just the last few years I finally was allowing the God-given silver color to show. I had so looked forward to a styler that could do all that it said it could do but IT WAS N O T this one!!!!
An extremely unhappy consumer
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Lady N.
Jun 27, 2013
4 Star Rating
Great Iron That Lasted For A Really Long Time
I bought this flat iron in 2008 at a mall stand and I consider it a great investment. It did a great job getting my hair straight and sleek in no time. This iron lasted me a good 5 years before it started dying on me. The plates just weren't heating up like they used to and I couldn't get the product build-up off of the plates anymore no matter how hard I tried. I have since switched to the Sedu Revolution, which I am absolutely in love with, but the Amika was an awesome iron that lasted for many years! I would recommend this iron for straight styles and curly styles as well.
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Happy C.
Jun 6, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Straightner Ever!!
I have thick hair that was always hard to straighten really good and this straighter makes it look like I have Japanese straightening !!!! All the other straighters caused frizz and make it look like i didn't straight my hair and took forever. But this one makes my entire head beautiful in just 10 mins with no yanking or pulling. :)!! LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best purchase ever.
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Caitlin S.
Apr 4, 2013
5 Star Rating
Amazing For Fine Hair!
This straightener is amazing. It heats up fast, and gives multiple heat settings which is great for those of us with fine and/or thin hair. The 100% ceramic plates are the best option for people with fine hair, and it does seem to make my hair look healthier and is definitely softer. Because of my fragile hair, I only use heat appliances one or twice a week, so I cannot speak about using it on a daily basis. I highly recommend this product, anyhow. I have been very careful with it, because I understand ceramic is more fragile, so I haven't had any issues with the ceramic chipping or breaking. I would buy this product time and time again.
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Mar 8, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love Love Amika
I had the ceramic hot pink Amika styler since seventh grade and I loved it to this day (I'm entering my first year of college in September). Unfortunately, after dropping it 20 or more times it finally broke the plate in half. I loved my old Amika styler so I figured I'd order another one and I liked this lace pattern. The lace pattern looks really nice I thought it might appear tacky in person but it doesn't :) It heats up so fast and I can straighten my butt length hair in about 30 minutes (it took an hour or more with other straighteners!) The floating plates didn't tug at my hair like other straighteners did so I loved that. My favorite thing about this styler by far is that I can make curls and waves along with making it perfectly stick straight. I bought a really expensive curling iron and ended up never using it because I loved the results of this styler so much more. It's perfect if you like "flowing curls". I also discovered recently how to do waves with this styler on youtube I'm in love with the beach waves I can create in a flash. Get this styler. It's amazing. There's nothing negative I have to say really at all.
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