AbsolutHEAT Digital Titanium Flat Iron Pink Metallic

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AbsolutHEAT Digital Titanium Flat Iron features Grid Technology that delivers consistent heat distribution while straightening your hair.


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Sandy A.
Phoenix AZ
May 28, 2013
5 Star Rating
Girls Best Friend!
Nothing feels better than a great hair day and now it seems like I have them every day! I am not one to spend tons of money on hair products but this was a good value and the reviews looked great. I'd have to say this is the single most important product in my life! It add so much life to my hair and saves me loads of time. I HIGHLY recommend this flat iron to everyone. It rocks.
Melissa R.
May 14, 2013
5 Star Rating
Fun, Quick And Cute!
I bought this iron 2 weeks ago from my salon purely because of the price and the packaging. I've never heard of AbsolutHeat before but my stylist said it's great and they've been carrying them for a few months and have had a lot of great feedback.
So I gave it a try and was very shocked. It seriously heated up twice as fast as my old iron and flattened my naturally curly hair with just one pass. For $80.00 at my salon this was an excellent deal! I usually don't buy from online because I am impulsive and like to try things right away but folica does seem to have a much better price for these products. Anyway, bottom line it's an excellent value and a great product.
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Heather P.
United States
Apr 22, 2013
1 Star Rating
Never Will I Buy This Again....
My mom is really into hair products and stuff, so a few weeks ago, she had me order this straightener from AbsolutHEAT for her. Neither one of us were very "experienced" in terms of knowing which brands were good and which brands weren't so good. So, we did a search based on the criteria that we were looking for the highest rated titanium straightener. Apparently, this search criteria wasn't very accurate because the straightener we purchased was far from "awesome." The item was packed well, so when I first opened the box, everything seemed to be in order. The next morning, my mom decided to try out her new straightener and it turned out to be a disaster. First of all, the pamphlet that comes with the straightener is very poorly designed in terms of the information listed is a bit hard to read, and important information (such as troubleshooting tips) were not listed. I am a freelance graphic designer, so from a professional perspective, the pamphlet was seriously lacking.

That aside, my mom plugged in the straighter and according to the sub-par pamphlet that came with the item, the product is supposed to take 30 seconds to heat up. This couldn't be more wrong. It took an astounding 10 minutes for the iron to get hot. Any ceramic straightener from Walmart heats up faster than that. Furthermore, the pamphlet states the LED light on the flat iron is supposed to turn blue when heated up. This was also incorrect. The LED light was orange, which kind of threw my mom and I off when trying to figure out why the iron wasn't heating up. Again, troubleshooting tips would have been helpful.

Another problem we experienced was with the temperature of the flat iron. You're supposed to be able to very easily set the temperature you want. This was also a nightmare because the temperature kept jumping around. For instance, we tried to set the straightener at 350, but then the temperature kept jumping around very rapidly from 200 to 450 and it wouldn't stop. Finally, after 45 minutes of trying to get this thing to work, my mom and I ultimately gave up trying to use it and just turned the item off. The only way we were to turn it off was to just unplug it because that button didn't work either.

All in all, my mom and I expected so much more from a $70 hair straightener. My mom ended up buying a titanium straighter from Walmart later on that day for less than half the price of what we paid for the AbsolutHEAT straightener (and it works extremely well!).

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Bridget N.
New Orleans
Mar 19, 2013
5 Star Rating
Absolutmust! My New Favorite Hair Straightener!
I have used SO many different straightening irons. I never want to spend too much money on a hair styling tool of any kind, because i'm a bit clumsy and drop them a lot. I finally decided after buying 40.00 iron, after 40.00 iron that I was going to take a look around and see what was out there. My hairstylist recommended a CHI... but, I wasn't always happy with the CHI she used on me at her shop. It pulled on my hair at times and always took a few passes to get it straight enough for me. So, I saw this new AbsolutHEAT brand and decided to go with this one because it looked so sleek and high tech - and had all the features. It wasn't too much more than what I was already accustomed to paying, and i'm SO glad that I took the leap. I love it, my hair has never felt softer and had less tangles, its humid here in New Orleans and it only takes one pass usually with this iron and its super straight the entire day. I have semi-wavy hair, not enough to be pretty, just enough to irritate you. Trust me, order this and enjoy saving almost half the time you usually spend styling and much softer, easier to manage hair.
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Mar 14, 2013
5 Star Rating
Digital And Pink - What's Not To Love?!?!!
I love my flat iron! I take it everywhere I go when staying overnight so I always look like a rockstar! I love my perfect hair days and I owe it all to this iron! It's perfection at it's finest!
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State College, PA
Mar 12, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love Pink!
I love the pink bc it's not to girlie. This iron totally straightens my hair fast. My sister bought one in purple since it's her favorite color, when I tried her's I bought one right away. It works great, the price for the quality is amazing and it has a lifetime guaranty, can't beat this flat iron. Next I'm going to order the AbsolutHeat curling iron since I love my hair after I straighten it, I'm sure I'll love my hair with soft curls too.
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Mar 7, 2013
5 Star Rating
Just Like The Other Ah Items, Easy Breezy And Beautiful Results!
I love my AH curler so much that I decided to try the flat iron as usual everything with AH works amazingly! Gorgeous hair that I am excited about! I love the pink color, it's not to tween just the right shade. It rocks and now, so does my hair!
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Feb 13, 2013
5 Star Rating
Sooo Much Better Then Solia!
Okay I originally got this because I'm going to Scotland in a month and needed a dual voltage flat iron. When I tested it, to make sure it works, wasn't excepting to be wow'd, but it turned out to be amazing! It totally out performs the Solia that was my go to iron. With the Solia I got tugging on my hair, but with the AbsolutHEAT I get zero tugging. Just recently got a bob haircut and this flat iron keepd it looking fresh and neat. Makes my hair shiny and flat in one pass. Do not hesitate to purchase this awesome flat iron.
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Laura R.
Western Springs IL
Feb 12, 2013
5 Star Rating
My mom bought this iron for me for my birthday. I think she got tired of me spending wads of money on irons and never being totally happy. This AbsolutHeat iron is priced right and straightens my hair immediately. It leaves my hair shiny and sleek in no time. The plates float so I can curl my hair as well. There's a lot of power in this little iron and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. I have told all my girlfriends about it and they are all buying one. I strongly suggest AbsolutHeat!!!!
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Dec 10, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love It!
This flat iron is great, it straightened my hair very quickly and it looked like I just walked out of the salon. It heats up immediately, has an auto shut off and the company backs it with a life time warranty which I have not see before, usually it's 1 year. I called the company to ask about it and the man I spoke to could not have been more informative and polite. They get an A for customer service and quality. This iron gives a lot of bang for the buck. Go for it, you will love it as much as I do.
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