TS-2 Style Stick Clipless Curling Iron 25mm

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The TS-2 Style Stick Clipless Curling Iron 25mm creates long lasting luxurious curls!


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Jan 27, 2014
2 Star Rating
Curls Would Not Hold
Sadly, this curling iron woudl not curl my hair. My hair barely curled and what did curl fell into a loose wave. I have a cheap conair clipless curler that I paid $20 and it curls way better than this. I wanted a better quality curler and this was not it. I'm returning it and thinking about tryring a the Amika. Way more than I want to spend but I really love the clipless curl look.
Yelitza T.
Mar 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
Love It!
Simplemente me encanta!
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Jan 16, 2012
4 Star Rating
So Glad I Bought This
I only curl my hair at most on weekends so this iron was perfect. It is less than half the price of the expensive clipless curling iron and it does the same thing.

Also- the glove you recieve with this iron goes further down your arm then the glove that the more expensive, Sedu iron, comes with.

I highly recommend this iron.

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Nov 7, 2011
5 Star Rating
Works great. I kept reading that curls using the clipless curlers "last for days!" With my regular curler (clip kind) my second-day curls are not cute so I was intrigued by that idea.

I'm not sure why curls ought to last longer when curled with a clipless curler - how is it different, does anyone know? That said - yes. Second-day curls are almost better than the first day with this curler. I love it. It's that I-live-on-the-beach, oh-this-old-hair? look that I've been dying to have since I was 12.

The curler's cheaper but I don't see any sacrifices. This is just a deal.
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Kristy M.
United States
Oct 26, 2011
2 Star Rating
Thin Shiny Hair
i tried this because a co worker of mine got a clipless curling iron and said it worked great for her, well my hair is thin and fine and did not even budge when i used the curling iron. my coworker has thicker hair and it works great.
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Sep 21, 2011
3 Star Rating
Great For The Price But...
The price was right but I feel like the iron doesn't have the same heat index throughout the stick. If I try to curl my hair around the top or bottom of the stick i dont get the same results. The glove was nice and the iron gets the job done but a longer stick would have been nice
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Sep 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
Long Lasting Curls
I ordered this curling wand because I got an amazing deal on it and was having a hard time justifying spending the money on a Sedu (although I love Sedu products). So when the curling wand arrived I was really excited but truly wasn't expecting to be blown away with it, but boy was I wrong. I LOVE this curling wand and I just can't believe how long the curls last. When I curl my hair with it the curls always last for two or three days or until I wash my hair. The second day curls are my favorite! By the second day they are more relaxed and so beautiful. I am constantly getting compliments and people are always asking how I fix my hair. My husband is particularly fond of the way my hair looks after using this curling wand. I have long, straight, normal hair and my hair really responds well to the set heat level on this curling iron. I would recommend it to anyone! :)
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Aug 12, 2011
3 Star Rating
Worth The Price
I orginally purchased the Sedu iron, which was $119.99 and I bought it for a special promo offer at $95.99. This was much, much more than I still wanted to spend, but I expected to be wowed by the results. I wasn't. Definitely not for the money. I was really mad that I was charged $18 to ship the item back to Folica, especially when UPS told me Folica receives an 80% discount on the shipping to the customer. So while I spent nearly $20 on shipping the Sedu iron back to them (after paying $96) they only paid $5 to send it to me--max. I had already ordered the TS-2 iron and was hoping they would credit my account since what I was doing was more of an exchange. They still said no. So, this will be my last purchase from Folica until they change their return shipping policy. The customer should pay the same shipping that the company pays, and no more. When Folica wants to start including a pre-paid return shipping label with their orders, I'll consider buying from them again.

Okay, so my review of this curling iron. Obviously, the Sedu had some nicer features. It allowed you to control the temperature setting (the TS-2 does not. It only has one heat setting you turn on and off. I don't even know what the temperature is, because it doesn't tell you). Sedu also had a little flip out stand you could set on the vanity counter top, so the heat from the iron doesn't touch it. It was a nice feature, and the TS-2 doesn't have one. You can easily solve this by placing the hot part over the sink, while the handle rests on the counter. The features that the TS-2 has that is cool is a long, swivel 9 foot cord. The Sedu's cord is also 9 feet, but it doesn't swivel. Both include a glove to place on your hand so you don't burn yourself (obviously, the Sedu's glove is a little nicer, but the TS-2 works just as well). My review is, if you aren't going to be using this curling iron every day it's worth the money (I paid $40). The negatives and positives even out. If you are going to use it every day, I would pick an iron where you can control the heat setting, so you aren't parching your hair. Do I recommend the Sedu if you are using it every day? Tough call. I still don't think it's worth $100, but if you make lots of money, go ahead and splurge.
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Jul 25, 2011
5 Star Rating
Curls That Stay
This curling iron takes some time to get used to, but it is possible to learn. If you are right-handed, put the glove on your left hand. As far as performance...I have long, thin-to-medium hair that is naturally curly. With cheaper, clip curling irons, the curls stay bouncy for 10 minutes and then go flat. This iron is extremely hot and the last time I did my hair with it, the curls lasted in relatively high humidity and heat which was unheard of with previous curling irons! I was skeptical but now am very satisfied with my purchase. Just a note - you will not get the typical ringlet curls with this type of curling iron. The curls are long and fluffy and if you have long hair, the curls will not shorten your hair like typical ringlet curls. I would say that this is a definite plus if you are going for a longer, fluffy look.
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Jun 12, 2011
5 Star Rating
Tried my friend's and my curls lasted for so long!! Made them look so shiny aswell I Am buying it today cant wait !
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