Tigi Bed Head Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

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Get shine. Get Curls. Tame frizz and have it all with the Tigi Bed Head Light Me Up Styling Iron.


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Apr 8, 2014
5 Star Rating
Love It
When I got this product I was so amazed! I have the pink one. I used this as a wand and it gives me these beachy waves! I would recommend this product to anyone!These curls last all night!
Feb 26, 2012
2 Star Rating
this product just bend my hair. i have thinkish slightly wavey hair, and all it did was bend it. it looks horrible and im going to try to return it.
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Jul 8, 2011
5 Star Rating
My Fav Curling Iron
I love this curling iron! I have the 1 in and the curls come out smooth. Most curling irons tend to give me a frizzy curl which I hate but this one is perfect. The curls also hold all day and many times are still there the next day. When I used this curling iron, I normally do not use any hair spray b/c the curl holds by itself. I saw a lot of complaints about burned hair. All I have to say is you need to turn down the heat because I never have this problem. The curling iron does reach 400 degrees at the maximum setting so if you have thin easy to curl hair, this is way too hot for you. A heat protector is ideal for every hair type. And also, to the review where it says there was no instructions on what heat setting you needed, you need to read your manual that came with the curling iron. If you don't have your manual, the fiber optic indicator changes colors for the different settings; yellow for lower setting, and green for the high setting.
Sarah B.
Oct 10, 2010
1 Star Rating
You Will Be Bald
I have never written a review in my entire life. Whether i like the product or not, I never took the time. I am not only warning you because the hair results were horrible, I am warning any consumer for your HEALTH. My hair JUST came out in CHUNKS. 3 or 4 inches at a time it just fell out of my hair. My hair smells burnt even after I washed it. I need to get extensions now because it looks like I have gone through cancer treatment. Please PLEASE do not get this curling iron. Do not ignore this review. PLEASE
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May 8, 2010
5 Star Rating
This will work great for you if you know how to curl hair the right way. All the people writing bad reviews its because you don't have very nice hair, and it is very thin. That is why it burns. If you have thin hair, just get one from walmart that doesnt go up to a high heat. If you have thick nice looking hair it will wrk GREAT.
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Lauren W.
New York, New York
Dec 27, 2009
2 Star Rating
In Between
I brought 0.75 curly iron for special event so when I got home, of course I had to try it so i did. It worked fab for the first day but when I went to the salon all my hair was coming out and my hair smelled like metal. Dont try unless you have thick hair!!! I learned my lesson and my hair is growing back.
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Nov 17, 2009
1 Star Rating
Bed Head Styling Iron Rates A Big Zero...
After burning up my hair and giving it a terrible smell, my hairdresser could only keep cutting bit by bit, til it all was off. There are also no instructions for the care and cleaning of the ceramic barrel.....because you can't! Any product will burn on and never come off. Even if you dry the mousse in before styling, beware, there will be burning! I use the gold barrel Hot Tools and never have any problems like this. This styling (ruining) Bed Head by Tigi tool should be recalled!
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Sep 7, 2009
5 Star Rating
Amazing All Day Curl!
The Pro's: -Comes with styling guide -Great heat up time, and heat down time -Wide range of temperature for the iron -Curl holds until my shower -Cute packaging (Nice pink color, flashy lights) -Anti Tangle Cord The Con's: -Extremely hot to the touch -My first two uses it smelled a little burnt This is by far one of the best curling irons I've ever used. I know a lot of reviews said that it burnt their bangs, it ruined the hair, heating troubles. But I don't experience any of that! My hairs really thick so I use this on 400 degrees (highest setting). I think a lot of people underestimate the heat settings on this, so they set it extremely high to ensure it'll curl their hair, but i curl my friends with thin hair I use this on about 250 degrees, at the highest. This is a deff. awesome curling iron! Id recommend it to anyone!
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Warner Robins Ga
Aug 12, 2009
5 Star Rating
Bang For You Buck
i have had my iron for about a year and I am shocked how good it works. Its a cheaper item so I figured it would be o.k., but its great and cute and cheap. Its great for thick hair, and curls last!!
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NJ, Old Bridge
Aug 7, 2009
4 Star Rating
Not So Bad!
I bought this iron a long time ago, about a year and it works perfectly fine. I have the pink 1". It never burned my hair off or anything. It heats up really fast and the curls last a long time. The only problem that I have is that it leaves your hair with a kinda burnt smell to it.
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