Theorie 4inONE Titanium Curling System

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Theorie 4inONE Titanium Curling System includes four interchangeable titanium barrels that ensure accurate and consistent heat transfer, creating long-lasting curls and waves every time.


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Chapel Hill, NC
Dec 17, 2014
1 Star Rating
Updated Review
Originally I gave this a fabulous review. Now I must amend this. After having to send the original back, and then two others, I now find that my FOURTH set is malfunctioning. It will not turn on. Then it turns on and as I put it down to separate hair, it turns off. Then it stays on and turns off while I have hair wrapped around it. I am LIVID! After spending so much money,I have a piece of garbage. I loved that I would have different barrel sizes, but if it will not work, I have nothing. Please do not waste your money. This is an unreliable piece of junk.
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Sep 19, 2014
5 Star Rating
Beaitiful Package And Amazing Product!
Love this, it comes in the most beautiful box! Then you see the beautiful curls. Only one complaint, the hot mitt is horrible! You will burn your hand if you use it. Definitely get another mitt!
May 4, 2014
1 Star Rating
Looks Can Be Deceiving
This curling system comes in a beautiful large leather box and also a smaller leather travel case with spots for each of the 4 barrels. I love the styling variety offered with FOUR wands to chose from. As you can see in the picture, the wand is very sexy and sleek. I like how you can adjust the heat settings and it heats up promptly. For me those are the selling features of the product. I did not notice my curls holding longer than when I used a hot tool curling iron. This product is far superior to the cheap conair ceramic curling wand I owned prior that had trouble getting hot enough to do what I needed it to do.

Now the reasons for my one star review.. The first curling wand set I was sent had a defective wand. Upon receiving the item, I tested each of the wands out. Funny that the defective one was one I have not actually used (other than to make sure it works) upon receiving my replacement from Folica.. Folica would not let me send back the sole defective barrel. I had to send back the entire curling system, which was a hassle since the other three barrels worked fine. Three months go by using the wand iron occasionally throughout, then as I am halfway through curling my hair for a formal event, the wand SPARKS in my hand and then cools down! The "ON" lights on the wand were on and I proceeded to test the remaining three barrels with no success. I had such high expectations for this product considering the steep price and the lifetime warranty offered.
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Apr 13, 2014
1 Star Rating
I was so excited about this wand because of the 4 different sizes. I have a lot of hair and like to switch off a lot. Unfortunately after a week or two of use it would randomly turn off during use. I sent it back twice and each time it did the same thing. Not worth the money. Sad…because I really would like to use this wand if it worked!
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Jan 29, 2014
3 Star Rating
So Sad!
I am SO sad to be writing this.. I had been using the T3 wand which I liked but quit working after only 8 months or so of standard use. In hopes that it would randomly start working again (it would light up when I plugged it in but never heat up) I began flat iron curling my already wavy hair. When it became clear that my T3 was never coming back, I decided to replace it with this very intriguing set.

The packaging is stunning. The sturdy box is beautiful with the pebbled brown leather and the contrast orange stitching. It also comes with a beautiful leather zipper pouch with pockets to store the different attachments. I am totally smitten with the extras included with this system.
The wand itself really delivered great results. Actually, the first couple of times I curled my hair the curl did not hold at all and I was so disappointed, but I kept trying and after a few days I got beautiful curls/waves that lasted the whole day and definitely into the next day as well. As the days went on (I've only had this in my possession for about two weeks) it was extremely obvious that my hair was getting completely dried out. Split ends everywhere stuck out like sore thumbs, my hair started to frizz and itch my skin. I started losing WAY more hair than normal and it was getting so crunchy, and when I just let it air dry it looked so PATHETIC and lackluster, which is not normal for my waist-length hair that I spend a ton of money on shampoo/conditioner/treatments for.. I was using the iron set on 360 degrees. I always had my T3 set on 375.

I am stunned that this tool could have such a negative impact on my hair in such a short amount of time. I am hoping that my hair isn't ruined..

I would definitely recommend this to professional stylist who are using it on clients for special occasions like weddings or whatever - because the look you can achieve is beautiful, but for normal every day use I would not recommend this unless you have an amazing heat protecting spray/serum/whatever for your hair or you don't really care about the overall health of your hair.
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Chelsey M.
Jan 13, 2014
5 Star Rating
In Love With These Curling Wands
I have looked at these curling wands for quit a while, read reviews & then when they were on sale I finally purchased them. I received them quickly & they were packaged beautifully. They are very pretty & easy to switch from one size to the next. They come in an amazing sturdy box along with a bag to put them in & a glove also. They are rounded on the end which I was not use to so I did burn my left forearm twice with the first use. These burns were pretty bad because these get extremely HOT but that is what I need for my thick, naturally curly hair. The next time I used these I put on two wrist bands that I had & used my glove & did not burn myself at all. The curls are amazing, they were exactly what I was looking for! I have told all my friends & family about these wands & how in love I am!
Kat W.
Sep 26, 2013
5 Star Rating
Best Salon Product By Far. Silky, Shiny Hair For Days!
So I didn't get this from because I am kind of a impulse buyer. I like the instant gratification from buying something when I see it. In this case I wish I would have waited and got it from because it was $85 cheaper online. Ugh.. Oh well. I still feel like I got a bargain. My stylist was styling my hair one afternoon as I was preparing for a wedding rehearsal and he pulling this funky gadget out. Within seconds of plugging it it he was off to styling big fluffy curls in seconds! I asked him how it heated so quick and he said all of the Theorie products were super fast. I was intrigued to say the least and by the time I was all styled I knew I had to have it.
Lucky for my they stock all of the Theorie products at my salon so I was able to walk out that day with my 4 in 1 set and sought out to become a master. It did take 3-4 tries to get that same look as my stylist left me with but I was patient and have mastered the art of clipless curling.
This set is incredible!!! From the cool travel case to the intense leather box it comes it. The finish on the handle and even the titanium on the barrels seem like something you'd find on a mercedes benz interior. It's really well made and the finish on my hair is unbeatable. I literally use this thing daily and it's great fun. I think I am ready to upgrade my GHD to the new Theorie flat iron. If it's anything like this 4 in 1 system, I know I will be impressed.
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Aug 15, 2013
2 Star Rating
I decided to give both Theorie's straightener and curling system a try because of all the positive reviews, but sent both right back within a couple weeks. This curling system is nice because you have the ability to change the barrel sizes and I prefer a clipless curling iron, but Theorie's tools dried my hair out immensely! I have medium-thick wavy highlighted blonde hair that usually isn't too difficult to style. Even though these tools delivered a polished look right after styling, the curls became frizzy and my hair was damaged quite a bit (with lower heat settings nonetheless!) In the past I've curled my hair with either ceramic barrels or my straightener and the curls last me a couple days, frizz free! This just created more work and damage than anything else.
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Aug 12, 2013
5 Star Rating
Curl Expert
Excellent product. gives you every curl that you can imagine.
Chicago, IL
Jun 12, 2013
4 Star Rating
Better Than Your Average Clipless Curling Iron
I purchased this item when it was on sale with an additional $35 off so I feel that the quality of the item I purchased for the price is spot on. You get several different curlers for the price of one which is great since most people don't need 3 or 4 different irons in their cabinet. Heats up fast and consistently. I have super fine hair and it normally doesn't keep a curl NO MATTER WHAT. After using this tool, my hair curled better than ever and actually kept a curl longer than any other time I can remember. It doesn't stay all day but for most of the day it's a break-through. For you fine haired gals, curling your hair the day after you wash it (ie wash at night and let air dry) is best and apply flexible holding mousse to your hair prior to curling is key to longer lasting curls (make sure the mousse is dry before curling). My only critical comment is I wished all the barrels were 'cone-shaped' because the bigger ones sometimes give you the 'prom/wedding' look.
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