Solano Spring Professional Curling Iron

Solano Smooth Curl 450 Professional Spring Curling Iron features a smooth touch handle, ergonomic finger rest, and adjustable thumb press making this the most comfortable and effective curling iron to suit your needs as a stylist.


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Feb 18, 2016
5 Star Rating
Really Nice!
This curling iron is really great, heats up really quick and you can set temperature up to 450 degrees! The iron is alittle on the heavy side so if you have a lot of hair or weak wrists this might be a problem for you. The iron has a great clip spring and grabs thick hair to form a great curl! Professional quality!
Jun 21, 2014
1 Star Rating
Waste Of Money....
I purchased this curling iron after reading the glowing reviews. I was looking to upgrade from my Hot Tools ceramic curling iron. What a disappointment! I have fine hair - a lot of it- and I've never had a problem with it holding a curl. With this iron my curls last for about 2 hours before they disappear. No matter how much hairspray I use I can't seem to make my style last. I usually believe that you get what you pay for. Not in this case. I'm going back to Hot Tools.
Feb 8, 2014
5 Star Rating
Smooth Curls
Did not expect the result that I got. Thank goodness I decided on this Solano curling iron. Excellent - smooth - curls
Feb 13, 2013
5 Star Rating
Excellent Curling Iron
I love the fact that I can curl my fine hair at a lower temperature (300 or less) and not do damage to my hair! This iron is excellent and curls great!
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Jul 3, 2012
5 Star Rating
Amazing Results
I have thin damaged hair and I can never get my hair to hold a curl but this curling iron did it for me. I have the 1 inch and I would really like to have the 1 1/4 too! I've had it for about a year and it still works great! I recommend this to everyone I know looking for a curling iron. It isn't too expensive either :)
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Jan 3, 2012
5 Star Rating
Love Solano Products!
My Revlon curling iron recently died so I decided I had to get a Solano. I have had the Sapphire flat iron for several years and love it. It is the best flat iron that I have ever used. My hair is thin and fine with a slight wave so I have to force it to be flat or wavy. When I use the Sapphire my hair glides right through the plates as opposed to crunching and pulling through ceramic or other types of plates. But enough about the flat iron! I ordered the curling iron and had pretty high expectations based on my flat iron experience. Well it completely met and exceeded my expectations! The heat can be set by actual temperature (350F), not just random levels (1, 2, 3, etc.). It curls so well, probably because of the precise heating, maybe also because of the barrel coating. This is a great curling iron that gives great curl (I got the 1.25" barrel) that actually keeps my hair curled and it takes less time to curl my hair than with my old curling iron. I highly recommend this curling iron! Folica also had good discounts and shipped it out very quickly!!!
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St. John's, NL CANADA
Dec 12, 2011
4 Star Rating
Heats Better Than Expected!
I bought this as a replacement for my ancient small curling iron and I'm very pleased with the results. It's easy to use, gets hotter than I had anticipated, and generally works well. Good product!
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Vicky W.
Nov 14, 2011
1 Star Rating
Lasted One Month!!
I bought this curling iron and a month later the handle begins to heat up - hotter than the iron itself - and then the curling iron quit working FOREVER!!! I loved it while it worked, but needless to say it was disappointing it only lasted 4 weeks. Now I have to decide if I should buy another one or go elsewhere ...
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Aug 4, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Curling Iron I've Ever Used!
This was the third curling iron that I tried and by far the best. I have fine naturally curly hair, but a lot of it. I have to either blow it out, or use a flat iron or curling iron after it air drys before I can leave the house. My hair was never able to hold a curl with a curling iron, instead I would have to roll it in curlers after blowing it out & let it sit for an hour. When I got a keratin treatment, it was even worse. No matter what curling iron i would use, my hair would always fall limp. I'd either let my hair air dry & then use a curling iron or blow it out with a flat brush & then use a curling iron, but still the curls would fall out within an hour. However, when I tried this curling iron, the curls lasted all day and I even had nice body the following day. I have a Solano professional blow dryer & I love it, so I decided to try this curling iron. I will never use another one! It is super easy to use, although the spring is really strong so I have to hold it open slightly to avoid a "crimp" in the hair. It heats up very quickly and has a vaiety of settings. I use the 375 setting which is what I use with my flat iron. For softer waves I hold it briefly 3-4 seconds and run the hair through the iron, slowing pulling it down. For tighter curls I hold it for 5 seconds making sure the hair is wrapped around in a spiral fashion and then slowly pull it out. I also have used it with my clip in extensions and they curl beautifully. The curls are soft & have a lot of movement and hold natrually for a long time. I would highly reccommend this product for anyone who wants a reasonably priced product that won't damage your hair!
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