Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron

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The Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling Iron's exclusive ultra polished barrel ensures the smoothest and longest lasting curls.


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Mar 25, 2011
4 Star Rating
My Go-to Item!
This iron creates some full luxurious curls that are just gorgeous. It heats up quickly and takes little time to create full curls. Perfect for those nights when you need to get ready in a jiffy. I just love what this iron can do. The sleek packaging that it comes in is great and also provides a protective glove to use with it. It does come in two sizes, but with the 3/4 one, you can create more relaxed curls by using thicker strands or more fuller and bouncier curls by using thinner strands. So versatile.

This item is great for beginners too since it's clipless, there's no wrong way in curling your hair. Just wrap the strand around the base, hold for 10 secs or so and voila, great curls instantly.
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Angela L.
Mar 24, 2011
5 Star Rating
Seriously Worth It!!
My hair is curly and coarse and basically unable to be managed without heat.

I have the 1 inch and I am IN LOVE. I can not say enough good things about this product. Immediately I fell in love with the sleek design, temperature setting, and kick stand. Having something to rest this iron on is really important so it doesn't roll away!!

For beginners, this type of iron takes practice. If you curl your hair often, this is a great investment. You have so much control over how you want your hair to look and with a little practice you can have curls right off the red carpet.

My curls lasted the majority of the day...they fell after a few hours but kept a really pretty wave to them, WITHOUT frizz! dream come true. I have thick, unruly, frizzy hair and I use a lot of heat on my hair to maintain it. I usually just straighten it so that it stays smooth, but now I have the option to curl/wave my hair with this iron knowing that it won't poof up on me.
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Ashley B.
Mar 24, 2011
5 Star Rating
Perfect Long-lasting Curls!!!
I have been using this tool for almost 2 weeks now, and im obsessed! I have been using the same technique with a regular curling iron forever and have been pretty pleased. So I thought buying a clipless iron was a waste of money! Well I was wrong. I am shocked with how much better my curls look using this one. They last all day long and next day when I wake up I actually like my hair even more since its cute bed head waves!!! I also love not getting clamp marks on my hair as well! Heats up FAST, that 9ft cord is unreal! Love it so much!!! There is also tons of variety with this curler. You can do little tight curls or loose beachy waves! I am amazed how well this thing works! The best curler I have ever used!!
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Sarah J.
Orange County, California
Mar 24, 2011
5 Star Rating
Shiny, Long-lasting Curls! Prefer It Over My Enzo Milano!
I am in LOVE with the Sedu clipless curling iron! I also own an Enzo Milano Primo clipless iron, so I was interested in comparing the two. Here are some of the reasons I prefer the Sedu clipless iron over the Enzo Milano:

1. I love how the Sedu iron has 3 adjustable temperature settings. I use the Medium setting for my medium-thick, normal condition hair and it creates beautiful curls that last all day. The Enzo Milano iron doesn't have any temperature settings, just an on/off switch.

2. The Sedu iron has a sleeker, less bulky design than the Enzo Milano, which makes it great for traveling. Also, the Sedu has a flip-out stand which fits down into the base when not in use.

3. I've noticed that where the plastic base meets the barrel on the Enzo gets so hot that I can't even touch it. Not the case with the Sedu iron - the plastic stays much cooler, which results in happier, burn-free fingers. ;)

All in all, I much prefer the Sedu clipless iron for the beautiful curls it creates! I bought the 19mm size, and it can create tighter or looser curls, depending on how much hair I section off. Smaller sections create lovely loose ringlets and larger sections create looser, beachy waves. If you are looking for one curling iron to invest in, I highly recommend this one!
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Mar 23, 2011
4 Star Rating
Great For Curling Iron Newbies!
I have very small natural spiral curls and I rarely ever straighten my hair, but when I do, I don't like it to be totally flat because I am so used to volume. But I can never seem to get those nice spiral/wavy curls with a traditional curling iron. I straightened my hair with the Sedu Revolution flat iron and then used the 1" Sedu Revolution Clipless Curling iron to create really full soft curls. I loved it! I had never been able to achieve that type of curl before but this iron made it easy! I think for my length hair, I would get the smaller curling iron next time. I let my friend with really long hair borrow it and it was the perfect size for her length.

I love that it came with the heat protecting glove and that it has heat control settings.
I would definitely recommend both the Sedu flat iron AND clipless curling iron.
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Siderasuperstar Y.
Mar 23, 2011
4 Star Rating
Flawless Waves Or Curls In Minutes!
I was so excited to get the Sedu Revolution clipless curler because I am always looking for a way to make my hair look fabulous without taking a long time. For me I sometimes have trouble with curling my hair with a spring curler but as soon as I tried the clipless curler it was so easy and so fast. It comes with a black glove I find it easiest to wear the glove on my left hand because I am right handed and hold the rod with my right. There are endless possibilities and I think this is everygirls go-to hair product. You can take bigger sections and create victoria secret waves or take smaller sections and do a taylor swift inspired hairstyle. Its great when your going out to an occasion or just for everyday waves like Lauren Conrad. Just becareful when curling around your ears because the rod is very hot. Also I reccomend to wear longsleeve shirts to prevent getting burned.
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Mar 23, 2011
5 Star Rating
Fast Sexy Curls
I have always been a fan of the Enzo Milano clipless curling iron, but when I saw that Sedu had come out with one, I had to give it a go. I use the 19 mm iron, and I absolutely adore it! At first, taking it out of the box and actually seeing it for the first time, I definitley thought it was way too small and would give me shirley-temple type curls. This is the mistake I seem to make all the time with curling irons; I purchase them at a larger size, hoping to get larger curls, and they end up falling out before the end of the day. With this size, you get amazing ribbon or twist curls right away, and they fall into beautiful playboy-esque curls. I wear clip-in human hair extensions, and prefer to curl my hair with the extensions already in for a smooth transition. Normally I experience problems between the two textures of hair; my hair takes curl and holds it, while the extensions tend to weigh and fall more easily. The heat with this iron distributes so evenly and I felt totally secure all day as my curls looked blended and beautiful. The high heat on this iron makes the curling process super fast; I only need to hold the hair around the barrel for about 3 seconds to get a perfect curl. I use a heat protectant, and no hair spray, and they turn out amazing every time. I have literally worn my hair curly every day since i've had this iron, because it is just so easy that it makes straightening my hair look like too much work! OH also it's super lightweight and the cord is super super long so no struggling with lifting or moving around. And it's got a backup auto turn off feature unlike the enzo milano, so no worrying if you accidentally leave it on when you leave home. Highly recommend, even over the Enzo Milano.
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Mar 22, 2011
5 Star Rating
Amazing Hair Product!!
I love this clipless curling iron! I have the 19mm sized barrel. I absolutely love the packaging of the Sedu hair products! It's a sleek look and so convenient with the swivel cord and the long length of the cord. It creates long lasting curls while giving your hair shine! I have hard to curl hair and my curls lasted me all day. You can't go wrong with this product! Totally worth every penny! Plus it comes with a heat glove so you wont knick your fingers! (:

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Brittney G.
Los Angeles, CA
Mar 22, 2011
5 Star Rating
Perfect, Plump, Springy, Waves And Curls!
I used this iron all over for lots of curls and I'm pretty much in love. You can set the temperature to high, medium, or low and the heat is distributed evenly from the base to the tip of the wand so curls come out perfectly uniform. The wand's enamel really does create more glossy curls as well. The heat resistant glove also comes in handy and I was actually able to hold my curls against the wand without getting burned. As a quick tip, for curls use smaller strands of hair and for waves use larger strands :) This is definitely my new favorite hair tool!
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Erica L.
Vancouver, BC Canada
Mar 22, 2011
4 Star Rating
Long-lasting Curls!
My hair is:
Thick, fairly coarse, naturally straight-ish, and typically doesn't hold a curl for very long.

This is my first time trying a clipless curling iron, and I'm very impressed! I used the 19mm (3/4") barrel, and was worried it would result in curls that are too tight. But with this tool, it is easy to create many different styles by the technique you use and the amount of time you leave the tool in your hair. My curls usually tend to come undone and lost "oomph" as time goes by, but this tool has helped me create lasting curls that definitely surprised me!

How I used the tool in the photo:
1. Apply heat protectant
2. Section hair
3. Curl hair according to instruction pamphlet (I curled all my hair away from my face, but you can alternate directions for a different look!)
4. Light hairspray to lock in curls
5. Run a small amount of wax product through the curls with your fingers to loosen and separate the curls

- Fairly easy to use
- Very quick to heat up
- Low, Medium, and High settings with coloured (I'm from Canada!) indicator lights
- Long 9 foot cord
- Flip-out stand for putting on your counter between sections, but will also stand without flipping out the extra leg
- Lack of spring-clip makes it more travel-friendly / space-efficient
- Results in lasting curls with minimal frizz
- Versatile; can create tight curls or loose waves
- Sturdy and resilient -- I accidentally dropped the iron while hot about 3 ft onto tile floor. Still worked fine :)
- 2 year warranty

- Takes some practice to learn how to use the tool, but it's pretty easy! This photo is only my first time with a clipless iron!
- More risk of skin burns from the nature of how the tool is used (compared to spring clip curling irons). The heat protectant glove is not invincible -- you will still feel the heat! Be sure to use the glove and curl carefully!
- Pricey, but consider it an investment if you're having a hard time finding a tool that creates lasting tools

Other notes:
- I don't really consider the heat protectant glove a "bonus", since I can't imagine being able to use this tool without one. When making your purchase decision, I would suggest you consider the glove as a standard accessory with the kit, as opposed to an extra "bonus" feature.

My results were:
Long-lasting curls without much frizz!

I would recommend for...
This iron is definitely an investment, so I would only recommend buying this tool if:
- Other curling irons aren't very effective for you / don't create curls that last long enough with your hair type
- Other curling irons don't get the job done fast enough for your liking
- You're unhappy with the results of other curling irons you've tried
- You want a curling tool that doesn't take up as much space in your travel bag

Final thoughts:
I would recommend this tool for people who have hard-to-curl hair, or hair that doesn't hold a curl for long. I was surprised at how well this tool worked for me!
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