Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Pro - Rotating 1" Curling Iron

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Sarah Potempa designed the Beachwaver to make it simple to get glamorous waves. By selecting left or right, clamping your hair and pressing 'go", the beachwaver rotates to create red carpet waves. The beach waver is easy on the wrist and creates waves quickly and gently.


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Lindsey L.
Madison, NJ
Dec 21, 2012
5 Star Rating
Finally A Curling Iron I Can Use!
I've used almost EVERY curling iron, waver, hot rollers and even my straightener to create loose natural curls in my long hair. Nothing ever least for me. I know its just as much about the technique as it is about the tool itself, and I could NEVER get the flow right. I saw this on QVC and was immediately hooked!!! (I'm a HUGE advocate for QVC and their products because of their quality and amazing customer service) So i knew for them to offer this it MUST be good. So even though the price was a little steep, I ordered it. And couldnt believe I was ordering ANOTHER curling device AGAIN! Well, i'm happy to say that after i'd say 15 years of being unsatisfied with curling tools, my search has ended! This is SERIOUSLY AS EASY to use as it looks! the idea of switching from "left to right" is GENIUS!!! I've never gotten more compliments on my hair before as much as I do with this. As with any tool, practice "using" this will take some time to get used to the flow... but if you're a novice with hair tools like me, you NEED THIS! (For longer lasting and firmer curls, I spray each bundle of hair first with Tresemme hair spray (anti humidity)...and I finish off my curls with some "headrush" by Bedhead....and a style that took about 35 min looks like its been set for hours! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
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Millie O.
Nov 30, 2012
5 Star Rating
Best Gift Yet!
I bought this for my future daughter-in-law. Never sure she likes the gifts I buy her, but I have to say she couldn't stop thanking me for this one! She loves it!
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New Jersey
Oct 16, 2012
5 Star Rating
Salon Hair Everyday
This is the most amazing curling iron I have ever used. I was never good with a regular curling iron. The special function of pushing the left or right button to choose which side you are going to curl is so effective. I get compliments on my hair all the time and people think I get my hair done in the salon often... Nope I do it myself with the Beachwaver and it looks like I have stepped out of the salon everyday. Highly Recommend it !!!!
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Monica C.
Sep 2, 2012
3 Star Rating
Clamp Not Tight Enough
No matter how much or how little hair I used at a time, it always just slides through the clamp, creating alot more work on my part, and then what curl I do get pretty much falls out immediately, no matter how much product I've used. Could it be that I have a defective one?? How tight is the clamp supposed to be? I've had curling irons that held the hair too tightly, but never one that wouldn't hold on to it at all. Concept is good, but design could use improvments. Obviously, clamp should be bigger and hold the hair tighter. Buttons could also use a new home, as I am constantly looking in the mirror to see where the buttons are!!
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Aug 9, 2012
2 Star Rating
Not What I Had Hoped :(
I really wanted to like this product. I had been debating getting it for a while because of the price but finally caved. I was so excited to try it out, but I found it difficult to use. the clamp didn't hold much hair so I was only able to do very small section at a time, which is not good for me since I have a lot of hair! Plus the way the buttons are placed on the iron was tricky, I kept pressing the go button when I didn't want to. Overall, not what I had hoped. I returned it and bout a regular 1" curling iron and have been happy with the results of that. Sorry :(
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Brooklyn, NY
Aug 8, 2012
5 Star Rating
Sexy Waves
I love this product so much. It gives my long thick hair the gorgeous sexy waves I always wanted. I get so many compliments when I use this iron. I find it very easy and fun to use. Worth every penny!
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Jul 8, 2012
5 Star Rating
I'm Not Sure How Long This Will Last
But I am LOVING this tool. It took a few times (2 or 3) to get the hang of it, but for someone who is really bad at hair in general and in using implements, this is pretty fool-proof. I used it on my 12 y.o. daughter to get the hang of it and then tried it a few times on myself. Her hair is longer than shoulder and mine is just at...I do get a prettier, wavier look with hers, but really love the look I can get with mine at this length as well.

I get what Sarah means by "find the 'go' button" as it can be tricky sometimes as the device rotates around, and sometimes it's hard to find the release button as well, but the basic concept works so well and makes such beautiful waves. It also takes a bit of practice "loading" the hair on both sides as you have to make it go the right way--again, I'm not good at this kind of thing and it may be easier for seasoned people.

I can do my daughter's entire (very thick-haired) head in about 10 minutes and can do my own in about the same--about as long as it takes to flat-iron it. I'm impressed. I read a lot of reviews and watched many YouTube videos before making the purchase, and I'm glad I did, although I do worry about it not working for very long.
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Strongsville, Oh
Jun 25, 2012
2 Star Rating
Great Concept But...continued
Also I forgot to mention that this product might yield better results on longer hair. My hair rests on the tops of my shoulder.
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Jun 25, 2012
2 Star Rating
Great Concept But......
I thought this was a dream come true finally someone had the idea to do what I'd always wished. I don't know if you're like me but I'm one of those girls who isn't a natural at styling hair or using hair appliances. Pretty much all I can do is blow dry and flat iron my hair, I can't make curls or different styles I guess its all in the wrist but I don't have it. I'm african-american with relaxed hair. I watched the video and thought yes, I'm buying it no matter the price. Maybe this product wasn't made for ethnic hair but my results were disastrous. First you have to be careful not to accidentally press the go button when doing your hair(the buttons are kind of where your hands would rest) also the clip that holds the hair is really short so you have to be careful that your hair doesnt slide out. Also it seemed to dry my hair out (my flat iron doesnt do this). It will also only do one kind of curl. All in all the idea is great, maybe with a few design tweaks it can be rereleased. I'm going to try the T3 singlepass whirl wand or the sedu clipless curling iron. If those dont' work I'm going to have to go back to letting my sister braid or twist my hair when wet for that wavy/beachy look. Hope this helps.
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Jun 7, 2012
5 Star Rating
So Easy!!!!
this curling iron is so easy to use. i have thick hair and it gives me sexy waves
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