Jose Eber Pro Series Clipless Curling Iron

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Jose Eber is know in Beverly Hills as "hairdressers to the stars!


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Sep 30, 2010
5 Star Rating
Amazing Buy It!
I bought this at a local fair for a lot more then it is being offered hereâ?¦ but it ROCKS!!! The curls last all day and I do not have to use any products at all in my hair. Just soft amazing bodyâ?¦ it is truly wonderful :-)
Takes a little bit of getting used to as you have to curl your hair around it but after a couple of times I had no issues.
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Sep 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
Very Impressed With This Curling Iron!
I have thick wavy hair and found a lot of success with this curling iron in the 25mm size. I find wrapping your hair around the iron is the best way to get nice curls, so that's why I opted for the clipless curler as I was sick of having to go around the clip handle on my old curling iron. As I have tons of hair, I found this iron to significantly cut down on the styling time; you only need to leave your hair wrapped around the barrel for a short time in order to get a really nice curl (or wave) since this curling iron gets super hot. The curls even lasted really well into the next day (after sleeping on them!) which really impressed me.
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