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Harrodsburg, KY, USA
Feb 19, 2010
5 Star Rating
I have the 1/2" & 3/4" sizes of this curling brush and been using them for about 3 years. Just ordered two of the same size because I can't be without them. If you're not coordinated with curling irons that have a "sleeve" you have to manipulate your hair around and close before curling, this is the right item for you. Just so you know, this curling brush doesn't get as hot as the curling irons I've used in the past, but it does the job and causes less damage to my hair.
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Wethersfield, CT 06109
Feb 9, 2010
3 Star Rating
Wasn't To Pleased
After reading the reviews I was excited to receive this iron, I have very straight hair & use a curling brush every day to give myself a little body. I found this iron to be on the flimsy side & pulled my hair alot. I was going to return it but my husband through the box away by mistake.
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Wautoma Wisconsin Usa
Jan 31, 2010
4 Star Rating
Very Good
i read other reviews but i really like my l" curling brush no problems make mt hair very sleek and not so curly
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Va. Beach, Va.
Jan 20, 2010
5 Star Rating
Great Bargain
Terrific bargain, I love the fact it has settings, and heats so fast, I'm very satisfied with this product and would highly recommend it.
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Jan 17, 2010
4 Star Rating
Nice Curls For Fine Hair
The mini brush does a great job curling mom's baby fine hair. Only problem is ... I'm afraid to let her use it herself. The tip gets VERY VERY HOT.
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Dec 15, 2009
5 Star Rating
Couldn't Live Without It!
When my hair was short, I used the smaller brush and loved it. Now it is longer and I use the largest size. It lasts forever and the price is so reasonable that the value is tremendous! I am pretty good at styling my own hair, but still get that kink in it from a regular curling iron, so this is perfect - and so easy to use. I have two back ups just in case....
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Dec 15, 2009
5 Star Rating
Hints For Use
I read some reviews that it doesn't get hot enough. I plug it in when I get up and it is hot when I style my hair 30 minutes later. The tip does get very hot, so watch out. I have longer thick hair and I section it so I don't have a lot of hair in the brush at once and it works perfectly. I have found that it does catch the hair, but with smaller sections and careful rolling of my hair, it works fine. As for the on/off switch, the comments are correct, especially in the largest model. The switch is in the spot where I usually put my fingers and it kept turning off, which led to some not too happy words. So, I taped it in the "on" position and now I just plug it in. If it was a $50 item, this would not be OK, but for the price, it is a minor inconvenience. Overall, it's still 5 stars in my book.
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Peru, Illinois USA
Nov 14, 2009
1 Star Rating
Tip Too Hot
The Model #1512N is the size I wanted......but the tip burns my fingers.......That is to dangerous for anyone to use !!!!
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Oct 19, 2009
5 Star Rating
Curling Brush Is Great
I have been enjoying my new curling brush and I love the half inch size.Perfect for my short hair.Everyone thought I had gone to the beauty parlor.The shipping was so fast I ordered it on Wed. night and it was at my house on Fri. night.THANK-YOU so much. Pat from Ma.
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Jul 18, 2009
5 Star Rating
Love My Half-inch Curling Brush!!
I have been searching for over 6 years for a new half-inch curling brush for both myself and my mother. We have baby-fine hair and nothing over a half-inch holds our hair in order to give it some lift and curl. I saw your July 4th special and immediately ordered 2 brushes. I received them at my door within 4 days, which was very fast. My mother tried her brush immediately and loved it. Needless to say we through out our old toothless brushes and are happier than ever. Thanks to Helen of Troy we can launch 1,000 ships with our newest hairstyle! You are great,folica!
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