GK Hair C880 Curling Iron

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The GK Hair C880 Curling Iron creates smooth, shiny curls on any hair type.


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Colleen S.
South Florida
Jan 19, 2013
5 Star Rating
No Cord Mess Easy To Use
I've been using cheap curling irons all my life. However I've always wanted to see if a salon curling iron or more expensive curling iron would make a difference. It is so frustrating to spend the time to curl your hair only to have the curls fall out immediately. The first thing I loved about this curling iron is the cord. The cord rotates with the curling iron so you have none of that "twisty" cord after multiple uses. At first I wasn't quite sure how to turn it on, but simply hold the on button (which is to the right of the up and down arrows on the side of the curling iron). Once on it will heat up in seconds. You can adjust the temperature up or down using the arrow buttons, surprisingly it goes up one unit at a time. While this is great if you want a temperature of say 186. However if you are trying to raise the temperature a lot it will take a little time. I left the curling on 180 when using which is the temperature it is set to start at. The clip on the iron is perfect. It is not so tight that it leaves crimps in your hair but is tight enough to hold the hair in place. I have never tried the curling irons with no clip and honestly don't want too. One unique feature about this curling iron is that the barrel itself twist. This is great for the easy of letting go of the curl and easy removal. Over all I am very pleased with the curling iron and have now thrown out my cheaper counterparts. I do believe that putting a little bit of investment into your beauty products well result in products that last longer and give better results.
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