FHI Heat Glamour Ceramic Round Textured Curling Rod 1 Inch

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FHI Heat Glamour Curling Rod's unique textured barrel prevents slipping and provides more control, making gorgeous results in half the time.


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Curly Girl
United States
Apr 7, 2015
3 Star Rating
Expected More
The packaging in beautiful and the curling rod itself is sturdy and sleek, but I did not get the results I expected. My hair is naturally curly so I thought that my curls would hold very well, but using this rod, for some reason, my curls come out quicker than with a regular curling iron. Also, the diamond shape texturing around the barrel creates awkward crimps in my hair. I will note, that the texturing does help to hold the hair in place and I really liked that. When you first curl your whole head it looks beautiful but it looks different within minutes. I do like this curling rod but it could use some improvement, and I think the temperature could go higher than 410 degrees.
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