Cortex 4-in-1 Interchangeable Clipless Curling Iron

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Cortex Professional Digital 4-in-1 Ceramic and Tourmaline Clip-less Curling Iron Set is an improved version of the previous 4-in-1, with digital temperature, tourmaline barrels, improved locking mechanism, and non-melting rope-cord.


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Dec 9, 2011
5 Star Rating
I recently purchased this item and I love it. It has four different barel sizes and its easy to switch from one to the other. I get lots of compliments on the curls I get with this iron. It heats up very fast and you can choose different temperatures up to 425. It comes with a glove as well so you dont burn yourself and you can curl up to the tip of your hair. I would purchase this again or as a gift for anyone as well. Would have done a better review but one my phone and its hard to type.
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Dec 8, 2011
4 Star Rating
Really Useful
First of all when I was gonna buy this product I was looking for the 2 in barrel, but in all the information it says that this 4 in 1 does not contains the 2 in barrel but in order to be sure I call Folica and they told me that the biggest barrel was the 1.5 in, so I order the 4 in 1 and the 2 in pro curling. When I received my product I was surprise the 4 in 1 that has a price of 149.99 does contains the 2in barrel and the 4 in 1 that costs 99.99 does not contain the 2 in barrel the biggest barrel of that box is the 1.5 in.

It is a very good product an it is wonderful to have two of the same. I highly recommend it!!!

Be careful with your neck and hands, always use the hand gloves.

Cortex got an A+ with these products,
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Nov 14, 2011
4 Star Rating
Pleasant Surprise
I'm usually not a big fan of curling irons, but this was a pleasant surprise. It comes with four different sized wands which you can interchange to create a myriad of styles. It has easy to control temperature settings with a screen that flashes green when the desired temperature has been reached. All in all a great curling iron designed to cause minimum hair damage while creating stylish curls!
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Debbie R.
San Diego
Oct 24, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Interchangeable Curler Yet!
I didn't buy it here but I do have one. I must say, this is the most versatile curler ever! It's much smaller than all of the others available and has a much better range of sizes too. I love that it gets to 450 degrees, I use it with the keratin treatments that I do to add body and waves to hair... Big hair is back!
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