Cortex 4-in-1 Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron Set

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The Cortex Professional 4-in -1 Ceramic Clipless Curling Iron Set includes 4 interchangeable ceramic tourmaline barrels for a variety of curls with a single tool.


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Jul 25, 2011
5 Star Rating
Must Haveee!!
Absolutly amazing, heats up fast, curls fast, and barrel size options are great. However would suggest purchasing a better heat resistant glove. Love it thoooo!
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Humid Florida
Jul 21, 2011
5 Star Rating
I Have Never Gotten So Many Compliments On My Hair!
I love this curling iron, and I hope it never dies! I have long, mostly straight blonde hair. It will take a curl, but that curl will usually fall right when I step outside. I have tried many other curling rollers, traditional curling irons, caruso hair setters, you name it. But with this tool, my curls are just beautiful, natural looking, shiny waves (I could go tighter with the smaller tip...but I like the loose wave) that stay in all day long. There are a few drawbacks to using this tool though...there is a learning takes a while to get used to using a clipless curling iron. My first time, I burnt myself in three places. However, I am very maybe someone else would not have that problem. Still, my hair did turn out gorgeous! My curling iron came with a glove, but I found that it was almost impossible to work with it on...but after several times doing the curls, I got to be an expert, and I don't get burns any longer. The other drawback? It is time consuming. To get long lasting, shiny curls, you really need to separate your hair into sections and work slowly, sectioning off small pieces of hair at a time. Now that I practice, if I have completely dry hair, it takes me 1/2 an hour or a tiny bit longer. Not a huge price to pay, but still time consuming! I figure the price and the wasted time is well worth it for such beautiful hair that will seriously and truthfully last for two days! All I can say is that the people who say that the curl is similar to what other irons can do, they must be doing it wrong! Make sure you watch some youtube videos...and put the temperature on its highest setting and get to curling! Another tip...after curling my entire head, I use hairspray and then just leave it alone and let those curls set and cool. I tousle my hair gently right before I leave the house, and whenver I do this, it is pretty much a guaranteed compliment from at least a few people during the day! If you are considering investing in a really good curling iron, look no further. This is you secret weapon!
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Allie K.
United States
Jul 15, 2011
5 Star Rating
Amazing So Far!
i got my new curling iron today and i love it. The many different sizes can give u great results. I'm in the process of becoming a hair artist and im trying different products to explore the field. The largest size is best for curling extremly long hair or loose waves The next size down is my personal favorite, tight curls but not shirly temple curls The next is good for prom hairstyles or updos or if you like really tight ringlets, along with the next size down which i have not tried yet but im sure it also works amazing just as the other sizes. i would recommend this for people with medium to long hair and who knows what they are doing (it will burn you bad). If you already have curly hair this is not for you, why would you need a curling iron anyways. The temp settings are good if you have fine hair, don't push it, keep it in the 300's. Great product!! DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY!!!
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Jul 6, 2011
3 Star Rating
It's Okay
Nothing spectacular. You can get the same results with a curling iron just don't use the clamp. I'd return it but I can't justify paying for shipping which would probably come out to half of what I paid for for this.
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Los Angeles, CA
Jul 5, 2011
5 Star Rating
Best Clipless Curling Iron!
Just received this in the mail today and immediately did a test run on my hair. I have very thick, medium wavy hair and this clipless curling iron works wonders! It curled my hair without hesitation. I must admit as with all the other reviews, you must be very careful or you will get burned badly. This curling iron produces the right amount of curl that I've been aimlessly searching for. I will definitely be buying from folica again with their speedy shipping and awesome discount codes! Thanks again!
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Jul 4, 2011
5 Star Rating
Love, Love,love!!!
I absolutely love this product! It is exactly what I was hoping for and gives the most gorgeous,frizz free, shiny curls. I used to use the same technique with a hot tools clip curling iron and never came close to getting the result I get with the Cortex 4 in 1. It's so easy to use! If you aren't familiar with the technique and are nervous to make the purchase because of that, I recommend you check out a youtube tutorial and you will be a pro in no time. This iron is so versatile and creates a long lasting natural curl. I have never gotten so many compliments on my hair. I have very unruly, fine,frizzy, thick hair and if I don't style it it's a total mess. I'm like a before picture from a John Frieda frizz ease's that bad. But this product is so amazing I don't even have to blow dry before I use it because it's that efficient at taming frizz, I just air dry and feel like I am saving my hair from more damage by being able to skip a step. Seriously, try this product you won't be disappointed!
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Jaime G.
May 25, 2011
5 Star Rating
Beautiful Curls
I love this Iron!!!! I have fine thin hair and have always had a problem curling my hair with a curling iron. I was away with a girl who had one and i loved her hair so I came on here and read the reviews. I figued it was worth a shot and Im glad I took it. It taked me 15 min to do my hair and the curls are beautiful and they last all day!!!
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Sinthuja R.
May 20, 2011
5 Star Rating
Love This Curler
I first saw and heard of this product on the Luxy sisters youtube channel. I was convinced that I needed this curler and I got it. It works very well and I have thick hair. There are four different size barrels to fit what type of curl you are going for. I havent tried all the barrels but I did try the smallest and the second biggest one and they work great. It is definatly a must have and I would recommed it to everyone. The only problem is that is takes a little getting used to removing the barrels and changing them because they are put on so tight, other than that It's my favourite.
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Alma A.
May 18, 2011
4 Star Rating
Looooooove It!
I love pretty much everything about this curling iron. It creates tight curls or natural looking curls. The box the barrels came in comes in handy for organizing the barrels. Interchanging the barrels is a kinda difficult but not impossible. I do advise though that you practice before curling your hair with the barrel off because you will burn yourself. & when you use it on, use the heat protectant glove it comes with. I burned my shoulder badly and my wrist. It left medium sized, brown scars on me and it hurt alot! But other than that, this product is amazing(: so worth what i payed for!
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May 10, 2011
5 Star Rating
All Around Amazing
I was so excited to get this curling iron. When I finally got it, I was surprised to see how well packaged it was. It comes in a box that you can store your curling iron in as well as all of the other barrels. My initial reaction was: "Wow, this DOES look quite professional!" I immediately ran into the bathroom to use it; and it is by FAR the easiest and best curling iron I have ever used. I usually use the 1.5 inch barrel, because I have quite long hair and it gives sultry, beautiful, lush, voluminous waves. My hair naturally is stick straight, so the photo below is done completely with the Cortex 4 in 1. I love this product and recommend it to people who ask what products I use on my hair. If you have been hesitant to purchase this before, don't be hesitant anymore. The curls last DAYS, unless of course you wash it, and the iron makes your hair beautiful and shiny. It is also so EASY to use, I was surprised how quick I did my hair- took me 10 minutes to do my whole head whereas it usually takes around 35-40 with a normal curling iron. I completely recommend!
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