CHI ARC 1" Ceramic Curling Iron

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The CHI ARC Ceramic Curling Iron is a rotating ceramic curling iron that makes styling faster and easier.


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Jul 28, 2015
2 Star Rating
Poor Quality
I got this curling iron last year and immediately I was really impressed with it. It heated up super quickly and was pretty easy to use and I'm not a big girly girl who’s good at doing anything cute to my hair so this seemed promising. Within a couple months of very, very light use the ceramic plating was already chipping off. Not too big of a deal but still not happy since this was supposed to be a good quality brand. Conveniently a couple days after my warranty was up the product will no longer heat up and says it is at 12°s. Once again it was used very lightly during the year and was always properly stored when not in use. I would not purchase this product again or any other Chi product for that matter. They are too expensive for the quality and longevity.
Feb 14, 2015
5 Star Rating
Once You Get The Hang Of It!!! Spectacular
Okay, at first I was frustrated because I didn't feel like it "gelled" right for me while maneuvering and playing with the buttons. I gave it another shot the next day before planning to return it. After paying attention to the buttons and memorizing the middle button puts the clip back at "home base" it was a whiz to use! Not only that but I was done in no time. I curled my hole head and got so many compliments. I recently died my hair a honey blonde, now rocking matte red lipstick and immediately I look like a beauty from the 40s, (Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth) so much so that my 10 yr old son complimented me and said "mom I like your new look, very nice like the 70s or something."

I think this is a great curling iron. Give it a few tries you will be set. Oh and the curls just curled up very fast ( i used 260 heat setting) I do have mixed girl hair, half black and white and it is semi coarse but also semi fine.

I would like this in the 1 1/2 inch size barrel as well. I hope they make that size in this.
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Zulma M.
United States
Sep 17, 2014
4 Star Rating
I Wanted The Beachwaver, But I Got This Instead
I spent many months watching Chi ARC tutorials and it's main competition the Beachwaver by sarah potempa. I really wanted the beachwaver, but since the Chi Arc was cheaper I bought it instead. Also I had read many reviews that said the beachwaver breaks down after 6 months. When I first saw the Chi Arc barrel compared to the Beachwaver barrel, I noticed instantly that the beachwaver barrel is a lot longer. the handle in both items is very large, more then I thought it would be, or at least bigger then your average curling wand handle. but that's because of the motor that is built in.

The first time I used the Chi Arc, It was a little bit difficult to handle. But it is always hard the first time in anything, I knew the second time I would try it, that it would be great. And I was exactly right. I did my hair again today with the Chi Arc and I did it so fast in almost 15min for all of my hair. it was so easy to use after the second time. It went by fast because I knew which way to rotate my hair and all of that. The end result was splendid.

I still have a thorn in my side though because I really want to try the beachwaver, but I feel like it would be a lot more heavy and hard to use because it is a beast of a machine. Anyway, for now I'm happy with my Chi Arc. Hurrah for Beautiful Hair!
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Aug 12, 2014
1 Star Rating
I have thick wavy hair. I have an old hot tools curling wand that works wonderful. The only problem with it, is that it takes a long time for me to curl my head. I heard about the CHI rotating curling iron, and I thought it would save me a tun of time!!! Well.... it did, but the curls looked like crap and did not last. My old want held the curls for 2 or 3 days easily. This was a huge disappointment especially since it was $150!! My curling wand was like $20 and works way better. Don't waste your time or money.
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Jul 31, 2014
2 Star Rating
Great Concept But The Clip Is Too Small
For some reason instead of having a normal sized clip, the one on the arc is about 2 inches long. It would only hold very very small sections of hair so curling my long hair would take an eternity. I am returning the iron today.
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