BaByliss Pro Professional Porcelain Ceramic Curling Iron

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The BaByliss Pro Professional Porcelain Ceramic Curling Iron features ceramic barrel technology to create silky, sleek curls without damaging your hair. The patented instant heat technology allows you to curl your hair almost immediately after turning your iron on.


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Nov 1, 2010
4 Star Rating
A Must-buy For Anyone Wanting A *good* Curling Iron!
I chose to buy this straightener because I saw it being used by several people on youtube and I loved the results they got with it.. Just see the beautiful curls achieved by this curling iron here:

Since I have naturally curly hair, I first blowdried it to get it straight and then started curling it with the iron. and omg.. it heats up real fast, and curls really well! I first purchased the Hot Tools Spring Curling Iron but was not pleased with it at all! It didn't curl well at all! The curl was verry loose and blah. I could actually create a better "curl" with my Solia Straightener! Anyways, when I tried this curling iron, I was soo happy with the results! It created beautiful, silky, smooth curls (probably because of the ceramic).

Overall, I loveee this curling iron and would recommend it to anyone who wants a very good curling iron which will create beautiful, perfect curls.

Love, love, love it!
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Salt Lake City, UT
Aug 13, 2009
2 Star Rating
I bought this curling iron to replace the BaByliss one I had before and really liked (the cord wore out b/c I was wrapping it around the iron to store it, probably my fault). I have been really frustrated with my purchase because the iron has a strange power problem or something--it has a red light when its off and a green light when its on and hot, but mine constantly starts flashing both at the same time and the iron goes cold. Ive tested it in different plugs in my house and in hotel rooms, and it does it in all of them, making it very difficult to use. I wont purchase another BaByliss product now because Im worried Ill get another one like this. However, when it actually works, it is a great curling iron.
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Jun 12, 2009
3 Star Rating
Heats Quickly...not Durable
I liked this curling iron--heated quickly, very hot, didnt stick to my hair. My hair holds curl well anyway, but this was perfect for days when I wanted to straighten my hair--Id blow my hair out with a round brush, then use this to smooth and curve ends under. After 2 years, it broke--the heating element must have fried or something. I paid quite a bit for mine (from a salon), and expected a lot more life out of it. Its ironic that one of my old drugstore curling irons from 10-15 years ago still works great! Guess you dont always get what you pay for.
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Mar 24, 2009
4 Star Rating
Babyliss Pro Curling Iron
I was really impressed when i first got this it was cheap and better than my old curling iron! it curls really good and fast .. it does damage my hair after a while
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Toronto, Canada
Jan 13, 2009
2 Star Rating
Clip Very Weak.
Was very disappointed with this iron. The clip is very weak and does not provide a secure grip when curling hair. Thought it was just the iron I received but other reviews confirm same problem. Sending it back right away.
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Dec 25, 2008
5 Star Rating
Great Curling Iron
I highly recommend this curling iron. It gets hot quickly. It grips the hair very well, so I dont have to go back and redo the parts that fell out. It never rips out my hair as some other irons do. Overall I am extremely pleased!
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Omaha, NE
Dec 3, 2008
4 Star Rating
Worked Great, Then Broke.
I bought this curling iron (3/4" barrel) about two months ago. I loved it - it curled my hair wonderfully, even at the top, and without products, my wavy hair stayed curled for 2 days without needing touch-ups.Then I travelled with it, plugged it in at the guest bathroom, got one curl in and heard a pop. It cooled down and hasnt worked since. Im giving this brand another shot because I LOVED how it curled my hair, and hoping I just got a fluke iron. Will update with a review when I get it!
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Baltimore, Maryland
Nov 2, 2008
4 Star Rating
Great Tool
Im a cosmetology student in Baltimore, MD and this curling tool came in our kit and it works wonders for your hair if you know how to use it, as well as the products you use with it. If you already take you care of your hair and want a good curling iron to go with, this is the one for you. Not intended for everyday useage.
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Jeanne In Naples
Aug 6, 2008
2 Star Rating
Not That Great...
Based on the reviews, I ordered this "cheap substitute" of a CHI. Do not be deceived. I dont believe for a minute it gets hotter than a CHI and it certainly doesnt have the spring grip of a CHI (the spring is weak, requiring less hair per roll = more time). Im going to return and hope they still have one of the discontinued CHIs laying around!
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Avalon, CA
Jul 27, 2008
1 Star Rating
A Very Disappointing Curling Iron.
My decision to purchase this curling iron was based the great reviews. So needless to say I was pretty shocked when I finally received my curling iron and used it. I was so looking forward to receiving a nice and reliable curling iron that would fit all of my basic needs.(get hot, be easy to use, and make my hair pretty)I was so disappointed. Here is a specific list of why makes this curling iron a challenge to use and an inferior curling iron overall.The top clamp doesnt hold down the hair tightly in place very well. It is pretty loose so my hair easily slipped out.The iron gets very hot which would be a great attributes if the "safety end" was even remotely cool enough to touch so you can maneuver the iron though the process of curling your hair.The thumb rest is too large to quickly take your finder on and off so by the time you get a hold of the thing your hair is toast. (I dont have small hands so this is really odd)My hair was getting more and more static cling as I was doing my hair in sections, it wasnt my $200 Mason Pearson brush creating the cling. This has not happened before.The result, I spent more time trying to create a nice hair style with disappointing results.I am not going to reveal my favorite curling iron because I dont want anyone to write off my review as a promotion for a different brand. I just want to prevent someone from making the same mistake as I did.
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